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Book Review: Classical Fencing Rule Book

Classical Fencing Rule Book by Grant Shymske moves into the rules and intricacies of classical fencing. If you stand on the side lines and watch the referee move their hands in multiple directions and don’t know what it all means then this is the right book for you. As with any martial art sport there are rules and in fencing these rules have developed over hundreds of years. Fencing is stylized in the sense that it isn’t a knock down drag out sport. It requires considerable practice and precision to master. It also moves at lightning speed which makes it difficult to judge when parries and counter-parry's start to mesh together. Seasoned referees can judge the blade and the body positioning to call the right points. Chapter 1: Glossary of fencing terms. The referee is known as the President. Chapter 2: The measurements of the field known as the piste (2 X 14 meters). Chapter 3: The fencers gear and armament. Items cannot be modified and can be rejected by ju

Practicing the Lunge in Saber

The lunge is a fundamental move in Saber that engages the arm, legs, and torso to make a breaking action forward. The lunge helps quickly close the distance between the attacker and defender using forward momentum. When done well the lunge can offer a powerful attack without offering much time for the defender to respond.  There are a few steps that help make an attack possible.  1.        Start in the En Garde Position. The right arm should be forward with the saber, the right knee slightly bent and pointing forward, and the left leg extended backward with the left food at a 90 degree or perpendicular angle.  2.        Extend your arm forward creating a pointing motion with the saber.  3.        Push off with the back leg while springing forward with the right leg. 4.        Lunge to create a perpendicular front leg, a straight extended back leg, and the arm point straight forward for maximum reach. 5.        Reposition back into the En Garde position in