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Gucci or Coach? National and International Purchases of Self-Identity

Why did you just buy that Chevrolet and the matching Levi jeans to go with it? What we buy is an expression of who are and the way in which we view ourselves. New research helps highlight the concept of national or global self-identities on consumer purchasing behavior. The reasons why we purchase certain products and services is an expression of who we are as a person and the way we view ourselves in the national or global context. Personality traits of consumers often influence their perception and willingness to purchase certain national or global orientated products. The association is  because personality traits shape people’s worldviews and ideological attitudes (Sibley and Duckitt, 2009). How people view the world has a natural influence on their purchasing behaviors as they seek self-identification through the obtainment of products. Understanding people’s perceptions of themselves within their environments is helpful for understanding how to develop advertisemen