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Mental Models of the Prodigy and Gifted

Researchers have often what makes the gifted and child prodigy different from the rest of the population. Memory, intelligence, sensory perception, etc. are some of the explanations. A paper postulated by Larry Vandervert (2007) discusses that the learning power in the gifted is based on collaboration between cognitive functions and memory to create “acquisition of superior power, control, and speed of motor activities”. This results in better selection of potential actions based on representative situations. In this case, practice makes perfect.  As feed forward cerebellar control models are fed back through working memory areas of the cortex the thought processes of working memory become faster, more focused, and optimally timed (Ivry, 1997). It is the process of developing models, sending through memory, and creating a performance outcome. The models continue to develop with experience and reflection (memory) to create stronger models.  What is a feed forward cerebel