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Do You Have an Opinion or a Persuasive Argument?

What makes the difference between an opinion and a persuasive argument? People love their opinions, but are based on thoughts, feelings, and wishes of the individual and don’t always have validity. It doesn’t matter if one is in college, a seasoned manager or running for political office, creating a persuasive argument leads to credibility. Their emotions may drive people, but it is their logic that makes them worthy of your ear. Persuasive arguments are reinforced by substantial information that is reasonable and logical in its construction of the conclusion. The average person can see the argument as reasonable based on shared knowledge. They can follow the information and make the same conclusion as the speaker. Opinions based on emotions and quick judgments often lack enough supportive information to be worthy of attention. They can use emotions to draw a crowd into a frenzy but lose their appeal once people start to question the logic. Over time, the emotional appeal f

Call for Papers-Advances in Business Related Scientific Research

ABSRC 2014 ROME - Advances in Business-Related Scientific Research Conference When: September 24 th to 26 th , 2014 Location: Rome, Italy ABSRC is an important international gathering of business and business-related sciences scholars and educators. In addition to scientific papers, the focus is on various best practices and solutions, which are important for business activities. Topics: Business and business-related issues are covered including the following topic groups: Business strategy Change management and organizational development Conflict management Critical management Economic growth Entrepreneurship Gender, diversity and social issues Human resource management and career development Humanities and arts and business Industry, area or region specific studies Industrial organization International business Language in organizations Law and business Macroeconomics Management consulting Management education, training and development Managerial and or