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Six Sustainable Steps for E-retailer Businesses

Developing successful online businesses is important for entrepreneurs, investors, and industry stakeholders. A multitude online businesses fail to reach a sustainable level for comfort-zone and growth-oriented companies. Research by Ashworth, et. al. (2013) helps in understanding how a six-stage approach describes the development of e-retailers and differentiates those that are successful from those that are not.  It should first be understood the differences between comfort-owned businesses and growth-oriented business.   Comfort businesses are developed around the needs of the owner while growth-oriented businesses seek to maximize revenue. The two are fundamentally different businesses based upon the personalities and goals of the founders.  A comfort-business may never reach full maturity as it is focused as a lifestyle or personal income generating of the owner. We may find an example in a boutique clothing store started by a person who enjoys fashion, a small gara

Developing E-Loyalty through Websites

Websites are a major source of commerce and revenue in today’s business world. Business without websites suffer loses of potential revenue and fewer market share prospects. It  isn't  only those without websites that are losing but also those who have poorly designed websites that suffer from a lack of loyalty. Developing e-loyalty can reduce lost customer revenue and increase customer satisfaction drawing more revenue into the future. All websites should be well designed and planned out. Designing entails, “ the process of creating an artifact with structure of form which is planned, artistic, coherent, purposeful and useful “(Cato, 2001). When the website is designed well it will be both aesthetically appealing to the customer as well as provide two way communication features that develop solid relationships (Ramani & Kumar, 2008). Customers should be able to enjoy the experience of engaging with the company on their website, have their interests maintained, and b