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Six Sustainable Steps for E-retailer Businesses

Developing successful online businesses is important for entrepreneurs, investors, and industry stakeholders. A multitude online businesses fail to reach a sustainable level for comfort-zone and growth-oriented companies. Research by Ashworth, et. al. (2013) helps in understanding how a six-stage approach describes the development of e-retailers and differentiates those that are successful from those that are not.  It should first be understood the differences between comfort-owned businesses and growth-oriented business.   Comfort businesses are developed around the needs of the owner while growth-oriented businesses seek to maximize revenue. The two are fundamentally different businesses based upon the personalities and goals of the founders.  A comfort-business may never reach full maturity as it is focused as a lifestyle or personal income generating of the owner. We may find an example in a boutique clothing store started by a person who enjoys fashion, a small gara