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Using Social Media to Converse with Customers

Relationship marketing is still a new concept that hasn’t  yet been explored to its fullest extent. The purpose of relationship marketing is to ensure customer retention and satisfaction by fostering conversations about products and services. A paper by Jung, et. al. (2013) discusses how relationship marketing can improve upon value and retention by augmenting traditional advertising methods through the use of informal conversation. Relationship marketing is still a somewhat unstructured approach lacking a cohesive theoretical model. Those models are in the process of development. The goal is to improve customer satisfaction, improve relationships and foster an important message but how that is done in an effective manner is difficult to define.  Getting right into the middle of people’s online conversations certainly has its advantages in changing the nature of those conversations. It is a direct focus tactic that provides a level of debate and discussion about the prod

Poem: Consumer Choice of the Subconscious

Consumer choice is more than a fleeting boast, Subconscious Marketing and Consumer Behavior It carries the wonderment of a self-toast. Buying the right product here and there, Is better than hoarding with nothing to spare. It is the art of self expression can’t you see, It expresses the deep secrets of you and me. Retailing should not run wild or on high-speed rail, It is more like a treasure hunt for that right sale. In your pocket you might not have much, But there is no need to use your credit card and such. Frugal shopping is nothing like a trick or stunt, It is the rare find that gets you the goal post punt. Back to that secret I spoke highly of, Well...that’s your subconscious that just went above! Author: Dr. Murad Abel