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The Development of Collaborative Entrepreneurship in Organizations

Entrepreneurship comes in many forms, methods, and pathways. Most often it is discussed in terms of small business development but also includes important aspects of developing stronger products, services, and proactive problem-solving. Research conducted on a Finnish consulting firm helps to highlight how internal organizational entrepreneurship can exist within the team framework of the organizations leaders. It is this leadership inclusion and culture of discussion that can turn reactive management into proactive problem-solving that improves performance.  Entrepreneurship within organizations should be honored and encouraged to foster stronger performing companies. The main task of organizational entrepreneurship is to improve economic performance through better developed strategies and operations (Rauch, et. al., 2009; Ireland, Covin & Kuratko, 2009). Such activities encourage innovative development of both the decision-makers processes as well as the operational str

Innovation Factors in Brazilian Industries

Innovation is often seen within the vantage point of knowledge sharing networks and technology. However, the decisional process that creates innovation may include other factors that can provide competitive advantages for organizations. There are a range of complementary capabilities that improve upon organizational innovation ( Yam, et al., 2011). According to the neo-Schumpeterian models there are four areas that help to create sustainability ( Nelson and Winter, 1982) . Technology, account operations, management, and transactions have an influence on the success of the entire business. Each of these concepts interrelates and influences the overall innovation standards.  The factors that lead to higher levels of market performance are often embedded in other functions within the organization. For example, the personalities of the management team will determine management innovative capabilities. Research helps to improve upon the overall development of appropriate cons