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Book Review: An introduction to Scientific Research by E. Bright Wilson

An introduction to Scientific Research by E. Bright Wilson gives an overview of the modern scientific method. The book focuses more on experimental laboratories, useful formulas, and commonly used instruments than on social research. The book seeks to collect in one place the general principles, techniques, and guides for proper procedures. It is a necessary read for those interested in conducting hard-core research. The book is written through the eyes of a physical chemist and this helps to explain its detailed and hard scientific approach. The concepts offered in the book are valid and it is worth reading even if one is not working in a physical laboratory. It will provide an understanding for graduate students that may work in biology, medicine or other physical sciences.  It also provides a strong overview of pure science and some of the issues it faces. It moves into other concepts such as cost, morality, scientific literature, observation, cause and effect, hypoth