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The Value of Applied Research and Alternative Publishing

Ask a crusty old academic and he / she will tell you that unless research is in a peer-reviewed journal it has no value and should be discarded as “ junk ” work . In contrast , talk to a seasoned CEO and he / she will tell you that if university research has any value in the market it will need to be applied to solve business problems . This divergence of thought and perspective is changing the way universities and corporations disseminate and use information . There are some academic traditions that unnecessarily restrict the value of education and hinder the growth of the business community . Corporations are end users of information that apply research build products , enhance services , and improve operations . Failure to see the value of alternative methods of conducting , publishing , and using research beyond elitist journals defeats the purpose of academic studies . CEO’s, executives , a

Call for Papers: Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Advances in Management and Applied Economics is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes original research articles as well as review articles in all areas of Applied Economics and Management Sciences. They are seeking papers within their related genre.  Their most recent publication focuses on marketing, product development, manufacturing, supply companies, etc… The journal articles are free and open access. Executives, professors, and students can consider reading other’s publications to update their knowledge. You may read this publication and/or download papers HERE. As you prepare your paper keep in mind the following: To expedite the review process, please format the manuscript in ways as follow: 1. Prepare your manuscript as a single PDF or MS Word document. The file should include the complete text, references, tables and figures. 2. Manuscripts should be written in English and include a 100-250 word abstract. 3. All references should be numbered