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Transformational Leadership Encourages Innovative Workplaces

Leadership requires the ability to not only develop new organizational functions to meet market needs but also develop employee empowerment to create higher levels of synergistic energy. When leadership creates innovation, an organization continues to develop, invent, produce, and overcome market challenges. Transformational leadership are seen as influential, inspirational, motivational and humanistic (Avolio & Bass, 2002) and have the highest chance of create great levels of change. The article below will highlight the nature of transformational leadership and its impact on innovation within the modern workplace. It is beneficial to understand what innovation looks like within the workplace. Innovative work consists of 1.) Recognition of the problem, 2.) idea generation, 3.) promotion, and 4.) realization (Janseen, 2000). Solving problems in the organization creates higher levels of performance. The larger the problem the more difficult it is people to become “tuned in” t