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Malaysian Knowledge Management and Innovation

Nations seek to develop new ways of competing on the market. As the world economy sputters along the race for development continues at a renewed pace. The Internet has afforded new ways of using information and those industries and nations that can capitalize on knowledge acquisition the most are likely to see growth in their revenue and subsequent GNP.  Malaysia has increased in financial and social prominence throughout Southeast Asia. Many of the organizations have capitalized on the new knowledge based technologies to create international competitiveness and improve on national output (Özçelik & Taymaz, 2002). They were able to find methods of gaining, sharing, and implementing such knowledge.  Yet such gaining, sharing and implementing is not a onetime event. Effective innovation requires a cultural change that creates sustained momentum (Davenport and Prusak, 1998). People should become accustomed through their daily routines to this sharing and developing new

Innovative Companies Localized into Regional Hubs

Innovation is becoming a concept that nations hope to foster as their financial situations become more dire. Research in national innovation helps to highlight how the concepts of regional hubs can help further this development by creating hives of innovative knowledge sharing. Companies don’t work within isolation and often share knowledge, people, and ideas throughout a region. Research into the development of the pharmaceutical industry furthers this concept of demographic influence. Innovation is a necessary component of organizational growth and development. Theoretical and empirical literature helps establish an understanding that innovation responds to consumer demand (Schmookler, 1966). In other words, that as customers have needs they desire to be fulfilled, organizations will often develop products and services to meet those needs. The stronger the feedback loop the more likely such customer to company interaction will lead to new innovative insights. All innovati