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Bearing the Time it Takes to Learn New Skills and Become a Life Long Learner

Learning new skills is not easy and comes with a level of stress. It doesn't matter if discussing sports, work or college as the process of learning requires the ability to work to new levels of mastery. The difference between those who are successful and those who are unsuccessful are the ones that bear the difficulties of the learning process. Think of when you started a new job or tried to do something you never did before. It took some time for you to learn how to complete the task. At first you were lost and then you were able to complete the function a few times with each subsequent time becoming easier. With more effort you will eventually reach a point where many of the actions became automatic. Learning comes with stress and frustration for many because it requires significant energy to continue trying after failure. Yet failure is not really failure unless you stop trying. Each time you put effort toward something you will learn from that effort regardless of the ou

How To Write for an Academic Journal

Having a paper accepted for publication in an academic journal is an exciting event that comes with a personal sense of achievement. Not only does it validate an academic’s knowledge but it is also a source of industry exposure. Writing in a journal is not impossible but does take preparation like other types of writing. Those who publish in journals not only offer a sense of expertise but also a level of academic writing skill. Writing at a level that will be published by a peer-reviewed journal requires a significant investment of time. It will take at least a month to write a solid piece of academic literature. The quality must be near perfect depending on the genre of the journal. The topic should contribute a unique perspective or piece of knowledge to a wider body of literature to create relevancy. (Step 1) Pick Your Topic  Having some sense of your topic before writing will make a huge difference in the amount of effort and time it takes to complete your work.

Book Review: Business Strategy by Jeremy Kourdi

The book Business Strategy-A Guide to Taking Your Business Forward by Jeremy Kourdi offers insight into understanding, developing and implementing strategy.   Each of these aspects is important for overcoming market difficulties that challenge and create difficulties for businesses. It is the ability of leaders to develop strategy and then implement that strategy in ways that are more likely to raise the success of an organization.  The author provides a definition of strategy as it, “…is the plans, choices and decisions used to guide a company to greater profitability and success”. Strong strategies create higher levels of outputs while poor strategies often fail in their ability to meet defined goals. Such strategies should be well thought out and the alternatives should be weighed. Henri Fayol, who established the classical school of management around 1910, developed some general management activities that fit within five sections: planning, organizing, commanding, co-