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Parents Finding New Ways to Pay for College

The cost of education has been hitting national airways for some time. Tuition and boarding costs are rising and parents are trying to find new ways of paying for their kid’s education. Changes have occurred over the past decade indicating additional reliance on tax benefits and grants. A 2013 report entitled Trends in Higher Education by the College Advocacy and Policy Board helps highlight how parents and students are paying for education and making ends meet.  The report outlines the results of a study analyzing trends of how parents and students are paying for college. An average of 2002/03 fees and tuition for full-time students were $8,760 and rose to $11,960 in 2012/2013 marking a 37% increase. The addition of room and board raised the cost from $16,480 to $21,030 respectively. In 2012/1013 tax benefits and grants covered 36% of total charges, 26% were covered from student loans, 38% of the costs were covered from other sources. Over the past decade their out-of-pock

2013 Academic Resource Conference San Diego California

The WASC Academic Resource Conference has ended as a positive success with new research and approaches being presented. The conference focused on new education models, student assessment, competency based education, and many other aspects of the modern educational experience. Academic administrators and leaders piled into the Hilton Hotel in San Diego between April 10 th and 12 th , 2013 to learn about the latest trends.  Of interest at the conference were the results of a number of studies that included student assessment, preparedness of current students entering college, teaching values, and a push to graduate students within four years. These concepts fit well within the genre of the conference topics and provided some insight into some of the struggles that modern colleges face.    The research on student preparedness indicated that a large percentage of students entering into college are unprepared for the academic work at the college level. Somewhere along the lin