Sunday, April 14, 2013

2013 Academic Resource Conference San Diego California

The WASC Academic Resource Conference has ended as a positive success with new research and approaches being presented. The conference focused on new education models, student assessment, competency based education, and many other aspects of the modern educational experience. Academic administrators and leaders piled into the Hilton Hotel in San Diego between April 10th and 12th, 2013 to learn about the latest trends. 

Of interest at the conference were the results of a number of studies that included student assessment, preparedness of current students entering college, teaching values, and a push to graduate students within four years. These concepts fit well within the genre of the conference topics and provided some insight into some of the struggles that modern colleges face. 
The research on student preparedness indicated that a large percentage of students entering into college are unprepared for the academic work at the college level. Somewhere along the line public education failed to raise their skills to an adequate level. They were weak on math, reading, writing, and other basic skills forcing some colleges to provide remedial education to pick up their levels. Such students were at risk for dropping courses or becoming academic causalities when they couldn’t overcome the challenges.
In addition, a presentation on basic value systems and its assessment were included as one of the presentations. This assessment included a self-assessment and instructor assessment of student values such as integrity, leadership, honor, and other constructs. As a methodology I believe this is beneficial to teach students what these concepts are and encourage them to think of their career development upon that line. Today’s students become tomorrow’s managers and leaders and should have developed the right personality characteristics.
Furthermore, modern analytics and software are used in student assessments that encourage better levels of learning performance. These new assessment tools are used to help encourage growth and development across a number of different vantage points. Colleges, who feel the economic crunch, are seeking ways to encourage stronger and more accurate learning assessment to justify their approaches and societal value. 

Hosted at the Hilton San Diego Bay Front the facilities offered an
amazing view of the bay where ships of every type make their way to port. Coast guard cutters, military battleships, private yachts, and sail boats all come in for docking, supplies, and maintenance. From the upper floors of the Hilton one can see a great distance and get a pretty nice view of maritime happenings and ocean front.

The Hilton hosts a number of restaurants which include Bay Breeze,  Fox Sports Grill, Odysea, Vela, Starbucks, Sweet Things, and more.  There is enough variety to satisfy just about any need. For conferences the hotel offers over 1,100 rooms, wi-fi, and plenty of conference room. Staff are well trained and willing to provide excellent service, directions, or help. You may view the hotel at

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