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Five Miracle Foods that Support Weight Loss and Health

Food provides the essential vitamins and nutrients our body needs to function effectively each day. It is difficult to know which foods are really beneficial and which are just part of the latest fad. I have provided five foods you should consider incorporating into your diet to enhance your other activities.   Most of us know that foods like pizza, processed hot dogs, and pasta primavera are not that good for us. Then what? It is not enough to know which ones should be avoided without knowing which foods are beneficial for swapping.   Some food protects our bodies from diseases, others provide the right chemicals we need to function well and others regulate our fat storage. Eating foods that improve health, support muscle growth and help control fat storage is helpful in achieving fitness goals.   Eating the right food can make a lot of difference. Image if you were provided food that burnt calories simply by doing something natural to us. The five foods below help

The Benefits of Drinking Green Tea for Fitness Health

People who work out often reach for supplements. The problem with many supplements is that they can damage other areas of your body even though weight loss is increased and muscle building enhanced. Some supplements may cause heart attacks, hypertension, joint damage and more. However, green tea is a great supplement for fitness buffs and those who simply want to eat for better health. Implementing green tea into one’s diet helps in many things that range from weight loss to working memory. There is no such thing as a wonder drink but certain types of tea can be beneficial across various aspects of one’s health. Green tea is known to have an effect on weight loss, cell resistance, cholesterol levels, working memory, blood sugar stability, and fighting cancer cells ( 1 ).   The benefits of green tea are solid and help the body in multiple ways.  Green tea is known to reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels ( 2 ). Research indicates it lowers risks of cancer and heart dis