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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Benefits of Drinking Green Tea for Fitness Health

People who work out often reach for supplements. The problem with many supplements is that they can damage other areas of your body even though weight loss is increased and muscle building enhanced. Some supplements may cause heart attacks, hypertension, joint damage and more. However, green tea is a great supplement for fitness buffs and those who simply want to eat for better health. Implementing green tea into one’s diet helps in many things that range from weight loss to working memory.

There is no such thing as a wonder drink but certain types of tea can be beneficial across various aspects of one’s health. Green tea is known to have an effect on weight loss, cell resistance, cholesterol levels, working memory, blood sugar stability, and fighting cancer cells (1).  The benefits of green tea are solid and help the body in multiple ways. 

Green tea is known to reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels (2). Research indicates it lowers risks of cancer and heart disease. By drinking three cups of green or black tea a day the total risk of a heart attack is lowered by 11%.  Don’t be afraid of those herbs.

There are some differences though. Green tea as a drink and green tea as a pill can be two distinct products. Green tea as a drink is generally unprocessed and therefore contains the variety of benefits while green tea as a pill sometimes is most beneficial as a weight loss supplement (3). 

Health food stores offer green tea in pill form that has not been processed. Most green tea pills keep the catechin EGCG which still maintains the health benefits of the product (4) even though some of the benefits may not be available. They also maintain other positive effects so the pill form is still a strong alternative if you don’t like the actual taste of the tea or live a fast paced lifestyle. 

As a weight loss product green tea works well. It can counter the sugar to fat storage, stimulates metabolism, and encourages muscle building (5). The overall use of green tea as a fitness supplement is positive with few side effects. You can find green tea pills in most super markets, health food stores, pharmacies, and online.