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How Online Learning can Foster Global Perspectives and Leadership

The world is changing and the interconnected nature of cultures and information is moving forward at a rapid pace. The need for global perspectives and education that meets those global needs is particularly important if difficult problems will be solved. Research by Gibson, et. al. (2008) delves into fostering higher levels of global perspective within the gifted population to ensure that there is a stream of leadership abilities available for the future.  Globalization is seen as related to the interconnectivity of trade, technology, and the environment (Adams & Carfagna, 2006). The elements within the system begin to create higher levels of influence on each other and new ways are thinking are needed to handle the constant stream of information. The end effects of globalization include interdependence, interconnectedness, and culture diversity (Anheier, et. al, 2001).  Global learning provides new opportunities for human advancement and skill development. Business

Book Review: The Gifted Adult-by Dr. Mary-Elain Jacobson

The Gifted Adult by Dr. Mary-Elaine Jacobson discusses the unique nature of geniuses and gifted adults. With over 30 years of working with the highly intelligent she has become an authority on the subject. To her, there are many misconceptions about the gifted nature; where and when it is shown. She makes a distinction between savants who can master one skill and are limited in their other abilities with gifted geniuses that can master many skills with limited training. Their skills are innate to their abilities and part of their biological development. According to Dr. Maureen Neihart the book, “ takes readers beyond the myths and stereotypes about talent and genius…everyone interested in maximizing intelligence, creativity, or productivity will want to read this book. “ Geniuses are not always easy to find because they run with pacts of average people for social acceptance even though their intelligences and skill may supersede the people they know.   Furthermore, such