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Call for Papers-The Journal of Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness

Call for Papers - The Journal of Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness - December, 2013 Edition.  Deadline for submissions is November 15, 2013.  ·          Leadership ·          Business Management ·          Economics ·          Accounting ·          Negotiation ·          Marketing ·          Organizational Change ·          Educational Leadership and Management

Call for Papers Advances in Management and Applied Economics Journal

Call for papers for the Advances in Management and Applied Economics Journal. An electronic version Volume 3, Issue 5, 2013 has been released. The journal is free for interested parties to read and it is possible to simply click the links below to peruse the writings.   You will find interesting articles on mutual funds, staff evaluations, HRM, manufacturing innovation, and much more. The purpose of such open journals is to offer an opportunity to share knowledge and research with interested parties that may want to put such works to good use.   You may open the journal   HERE. An Empirical Investigation of the Price Relationship between Open-end Mutual Funds and Amman Stock Exchange Index         Mohamed Khaled Al-Jafari, Hussein Salameh and Khalid Al Asil Evaluating Staff Performance: A Markov Chain Approach         Trong B. Tran and Steven R. Davis Investor overconfidence: An Examination Of Individual Traders

Business and Entreprenuership Journal Call for Papers

The Business and Entrepreneurship Journal has an open call for papers.  They are an open access journal that has peer reviewed articles available to anyone who desires to read them. They expect the papers not to have been published before and do not want the paper to be submitted to other journals at the same time. They seek publications that show depth, rigour, originality and high standards of presentation. They are seeking papers in the following genres: Entrepreneurship theories and conceptualizations Entrepreneurship research methods Innovation and technology entrepreneurs Family entrepreneurship, networks, teams and alliances Venture capital and angel investor groups Entrepreneurial communities, hubs, clusters and public policy Social entrepreneurship International and emerging market entrepreneurship Corporate entrepreneurship Law and entrepreneurship Microeconomics analyses of economic development Development planning and policy Innovation and inventi

Call for Papers in Management and Applied Economics

The Journal of Advances in Management and Applied Economics (AMAE) recently announced an open call for management and economic articles. Their application process is simple and includes filling out an online form and uploading your research. The articles are peer reviewed and move through an approval process designed to maintain quality. Once accepted they are published within the journal for others to see.  Even if you are not a person seeking to publish work you can browse their recent journal (Vol. 3 Issue 4). There are a number of articles of interest that include Common Sense Leadership,   External Debt and Economic Growth, China’s Chaotic Growth Model, Steady Manufacturing Processes, and more. You can access their free journal at ScienPress LTD Free Journals are one way in which executives, researchers, and managers can continue to keep up on current literature. Such literature helps them update their understandings of the fields in which they work and encourage mor