Monday, June 3, 2013

Call for Papers in Management and Applied Economics

The Journal of Advances in Management and Applied Economics (AMAE) recently announced an open call for management and economic articles. Their application process is simple and includes filling out an online form and uploading your research. The articles are peer reviewed and move through an approval process designed to maintain quality. Once accepted they are published within the journal for others to see. 

Even if you are not a person seeking to publish work you can browse their recent journal (Vol. 3 Issue 4). There are a number of articles of interest that include Common Sense Leadership,  External Debt and Economic Growth, China’s Chaotic Growth Model, Steady Manufacturing Processes, and more. You can access their free journal at ScienPress LTD

Free Journals are one way in which executives, researchers, and managers can continue to keep up on current literature. Such literature helps them update their understandings of the fields in which they work and encourage more sophisticated thinking processes. As such, journals were expensive and most decision-makers read from newspapers and magazines missing much of the deeper importance of the findings and methods of strategic implementation. 

Free journals offer an opportunity to find a broader audience for the findings and help to foster a level of practical utility to new information. It is a way in which industry and academic research can move faster into the market. Prior to this, like book publishing, great research didn’t always make it into publication. Those that did get published had a few other academics look at their work. Nothing special happened and academics to business integration were slow.

Scienpress Ltd provides free access to a number of journals, their research, and content. The journals are freely distributed and available out of multiple locations. Their journals are peer reviewed and scientific by nature. They also publish a number of related books. Their current journal offerings are:
-Business & Entrepreneurship Journal: Primarily concerned with management science.
-Advances in Management and Applied Economics: Applied economics and management science
-Journal of Applied Finance & Banking: Finance
-Journal of Finance and Investment Analysis: Investment analysis and Finance.
-Journal of Statistical and Econometric Methods: Statistics
-Communications in Mathematical Finance: Finance
-Journal of Applied Mathematics & Bioinformatics: Mathematics and Informatics
-Journal of Computations & Modeling: Computer Science
-Theoretical Mathematics & Applications: Pure Mathematics
-International Journal of Computer Systems and Applications: Applied and theoretical aspects of computers.
-Journal of Earth Sciences and Geotechnical Engineering: Earth Science
-Journal of Applied Medical Sciences: Medical
-International Journal of Health Research and Innovation: Any health related issues from agriculture to medicine.

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