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Higher Customer Restaurant Retention and Purchases through Customer Focus

The million dollar questions in the restaurant industry are, “ how to encourage more patrons to frequent my establishment and spend more while they are there? ” New research helps to identify and establish important factors for restaurant owners to consider when operating their businesses. Understanding which factors relate to consumer decision making is important for adjusting restaurant operations to highlight particular benefits and capitalize on the potential rewards. The restaurant and service industry is growing faster than any other major industry in the country. When compared to other industries in the sluggish economy the food service arena has maintained sales increases (National Restaurant Association, 2009). This makes the restaurant business one of the best investments during tough times as volume continues to increase. To maintain that volume and profit level requires a focus on core business offerings. Most of us know that improving customer satisfaction can

NLRB and Arbitration Analysis in the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry has drawn new interest due to the economies dynamic shift into a service society. Such industries employee a large percentage of employees and have become ripe for unionization. With attempts to unionize hospitality workers employers are seeking methods of avoiding such practices. Once unionization has occurred both the employer and the employees, become bound to the collective bargaining agreements (CBA). Research by LaVan and & Katz helps to understand some of the strategic considerations employers may ponder when involved in contract interpretation disputes. The hospitality industry is growing at a rapid rate and has drawn additional interest from research. Since 2002, the hospitality industry has been expanding at appropriately 12% a year while other sectors of the economy were on the decline (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2012). The food and beverage industry is also expected to grow at this same rate until at least 2020.  With such growth,