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Disruptive Technology in Higher Education 2014

Technology is seen as an important tool in reducing costs and improving educational outputs. Dust covered books, professors walking hallowed hallways donned in tweed jackets, and scholarly debates in the backrooms of higher educational institutions seem to be fading away into history. Perhaps someday we will talk about “traditional education” as an ancient educational system practiced relatively unchanged since the Dark Ages. New technology will adjust and transform the cost structure of higher education and provide greater access to a diverse group of individuals. Tradition may not be over but is likely to change to the Information Age.  I was reading through an article entitled 10 Hottest Technologies in Higher Education and was impressed by the changes higher education will experience this year. Changes ranged from campus wide Wi-Fi to Small and Private Online Courses (SPOCS) that are likely to put pressure on higher education institutions, in the same way as online educ