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Improving Online Brands with Contextual Advertisement

All businesses must advertise to survive and those that do it effectively are likely to draw more business. Building a brand image and getting the biggest bang for your buck can be difficult in the online world where millions of companies are competing for similar markets. However, by engaging in contextual advertising it is possible to raise brand image and purchase rates through pre-selecting candidates that are already interested in your product or service (Chung, et. al. 2014).  Contextual advertising uses content matched with an advertising display such as a banner ad, video, music, etc… to attract visitors. It is most commonly offered through companies like Google AdSense, Amazon, and others that provide contextual advertising on web pages. Those who are reading a page exposed to similar advertisements that are more likely to draw their interest. The authors found that there are two factors in successful contextual advertising. The contextual prime and stimulus a

Fostering Economic Development Through Industry Clusters

The development of higher economic states requires linkages between like minded individuals and their resources to start a generative process. A paper by Popa and Vlasceanu (2013) highlights how clusters, policies and sustained economic growth work together to prove development. There is a natural lack of trust between economic elements as well as business and government. It is important for economic actors to find shared perceptions and work together on common principles and goals. Regional clusters should understand their strength and weaknesses and find  competitive strategies. They should also understand how their cluster fits with other clusters and regional economic development. When clusters develop they do so within a wider network of companies and economic activities. Their core competencies and tighter connections separate them from other hub clusters. To develop stronger clusters, policies will need to have the wisdom to work with economic actors to create pro gro

Transformational Leadership Behavior Enhances Employee Performance

Research by Dr. Adam Grant helps to highlight how transformational leadership can transcend people’s self-interest. The leader is seen as the enhancer of performance to create the reality of performance. His work focuses on understanding how transformational leadership's influence is enhanced with follower contact and how pro-social perceptions mediate this performance. Organizational leaders should understand how their behavior enhances that of followers to achieve higher level outcomes. The fundamental responsibility is for all leaders to motivate their followers to achieve new heights (Vroom & Jago, 2007). Without motivation there cannot be action. The transformational leader can elicit inspiration to rally motivated effort around a vision. Effectiveness comes through the ability to motivate the most followers as possible to do and be more in the process of change. Transformational leaders have certain behaviors that impact their ability to be successful. They ca