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Streets of Gold or Pathways to Poverty: Reviving America's Cities

Streets of gold look a little more like pathways to poverty . American cities have been on the decline for decades as investments diverted from urban areas to emerging countries that rolled out the red carpet . The infrastructure that was built when American cities were at the height of their economic might is still mostly intact waiting for visionary investors. Getting investment interest and better city governance can lead to mutual growth for business and job-hungry residents if the two can come to a mutual understanding . Pick any major city in the country and follow its historic rise and fall . You may notice that as people moved to the city , built homes , and invested their resources these collections of people grew in wealth and influence . The collective action of small and large investors created a synergy of growth that pushed profit margins to higher levels. Money , gove

Branding Clusters and Cities

Economic development is an important part of keeping the nation moving forward on its economic and social goals. The way in which clusters and cities are branded is important for helping its citizens understand their place within it all while helping people of other places formalize a concept of the area. A paper by Brian Crombie discusses the benefits of branding cities and clusters for greater growth (2011). Clusters are branded in much the same way as products and services. Branding can apply to any mass communication that include companies, political parties and nations to create success on the market (O’Shaughnessy & O’Shaughnessy, 2000). Branding is a process of creating greater awareness of the offerings of an area. Such brands should do the following (Crombie, 2011): -Target opportunities in high growth sectors such as life sciences, sustainable technology, life sciences, financial resources or advanced technology. -Create a supportive business environmen