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Tips for Improving Work Performance Through Changing Task Patterns

Each of us works a great portion of our day on autopilot moving from task to task without thinking much about those tasks and why we are doing them. Over time the pattern of behavior becomes so embedded that we can't see beyond routine to their essential purpose. Eventually we lose touch with alternative actions. In the workplace this can cost you and the company a lot of time if you don't think through your daily activities and focus more on the important things. We have all seen the "busy bee" worker that fills up their time with so much work that they have barely a minute to spare. The problem is that they aren't getting much done. It is just spinning wheels to look like their important that in the end drains both the person and the company of time, resources, and energy. Think of how adaptable companies require change in their processes & procedures to meet market challenges. Companies spend a lot of money to get consultants in that can take an outsi

The Benefits of a Positive Personality On Career Success

Be a Star -Murad Abel Daily life can be hard but those who have a positive personality are likely to go further than those who don’t. Being positive has significant benefits for your career and for your psychological well-being. Those who master the art of looking for the best possible outcomes also come to find that they make friends easily and are able to move up the career ladder faster than those with negative dispositions. We have all met that grumpy person who tears down everything they talk about or focus on. They chronically complain; food, clothes, job, life, money…anything! Their negative behavior becomes catchy and the more time you spend with this person the more likely you are going to start thinking like them. Don’t live by their example. Seek to develop your own positive outlook on life. Doing so will lead to greater career opportunities and more friends. A positive personality will help you develop resilience when life does become difficult. Looking for the

Emotional Intelligence Can Make or Break Your Career

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) may just make or break your career. You earned that prestigious MBA, sowed the deals, and mastered your job but did you master yourself? If your not sure you may want to take a look at your emotional talent to see if it can take you to the next level of performance.  Having the right skills is important but may not be the deciding factor in long term success. It is an ability to handle the day-in and day-out emotional aspects of work and life. This is not easy as multiple pressures and issues seem to attract and distract our attention raising stress levels. That isn't always easy as life is messy and comes with many ups and downs. The extent of our peaks and valleys and how we deal with them defines our emotional resilience. At times we are better than at others. There may be a few days that we feel like we are at our brink. Emotional intelligence influences our ability to interact effectively with others and understand the origins of our