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The Benefits of a Positive Personality On Career Success

Be a Star -Murad Abel Daily life can be hard but those who have a positive personality are likely to go further than those who don’t. Being positive has significant benefits for your career and for your psychological well-being. Those who master the art of looking for the best possible outcomes also come to find that they make friends easily and are able to move up the career ladder faster than those with negative dispositions. We have all met that grumpy person who tears down everything they talk about or focus on. They chronically complain; food, clothes, job, life, money…anything! Their negative behavior becomes catchy and the more time you spend with this person the more likely you are going to start thinking like them. Don’t live by their example. Seek to develop your own positive outlook on life. Doing so will lead to greater career opportunities and more friends. A positive personality will help you develop resilience when life does become difficult. Looking for the

Book Review: Start with Humility: Lessons from America’s Quiet CEOs on How to Build Trust and Inspire Followers By Merwyn A. Hayes and Michael D. Comer

He who speaks without modesty will find it difficult to make his words good.   ~~ Confucius Do you struggle with humility?   Are you a poor listener?   Do you forget to acknowledge others?   If you want to improve your leadership skills, pick up this book with an open mind and read. The authors, Hayes and Comer, look at five leaders who represent humility: 1.    Craig Weatherup, former Chairman and CEO of Pepsi Cola Company 2.    Alex Gregory, president and CEO of YKK Corporation of America (the zipper company) 3.    General (retired) Frederick Franks, former Commander of the US Army XVII corps, leader of Desert Storm Main Ground Attack, and Commanding General, Army Training and Doctrine Command). Yes, he was the former head of the Chief Intelligence Agency, who later forgot about humility. 4.    Linda Combs, former Controller, Office of Management and Budget 5.    Jim Thompson, former CEO of the Federation of State Medical Boards. (Hayes & Comer, 2010, p. xii)