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Collaborative Investing in Local Clusters Leads to Economic Development

Group investment is not a novel idea but can be significant in developing stronger local growth models . A “ hot ” market is one that draws substantial investment interest that encourages growth among market relevant businesses . Pack investing offers opportunities to create multiple points of capital infusion that lead to the growth of a battery of related companies . Companies do not work in a vacuum and rely on different local stakeholders to feed the building of their business . They need resources , human capital , science , facilities , suppliers, partners , and customers to develop momentum . If they lack the right environment , their business is doomed to failure before it gets started . Pack investing offers the opportunity to take a local core competency with a solid industry base and infuse large amounts of capital at various points to encourage mutual growth . Multiple investors may

Confidence in the Economy Grows as Holidays Near

The holiday season is nearly upon us and people are a little more optimistic about the economy then they were just a few months ago. People are slowly starting to feel good about their future prospects and the potential for their incomes. According to the Gallop Poll a -6 is a significant improvement over the -20’s experienced throughout the year.  Economic confidence is a beneficial metric but isn’t a very conclusive one. Much of economic confidence is based in how people perceive the environment and their opportunities within it. New reports and the general impressions of reports does have an impact on economic impression (Barsky & Sims, 2012). Some have called positive economic beliefs part of our animal spirits.  Animal spirits are more psychological images and impressions than objective data. If you buy more on days when you feel good than on days you don’t then this is your animal spirits coming to play. What we read and how we read the environment will natural

The U.S. Moves Up in Global Competitiveness but Still Needs Improvement to Claim #1 Spot

The U.S. is becoming more competitive according to the Global Competitiveness Report 2014-2015. For two years in a row the U.S. has been improving and has moved into 3rd place with improvements in institutional framework, business sophistication, and innovation. The process of development is moving forward but lags behind due to perceptions of governmental efficiency and decision-making. As the nation aligns around core principles and values, it will better be able to foster the right pro-growth environment. Strengths :  The U.S. has strong infrastructure, flexible labor, advanced business, and a progressive use of new information. The report cites the willingness of businesses to work with universities to create innovation and development. This innovation turns into new products, services, and operations that strengthens the entire system.  Weaknesses :   The business community is skeptical of government, believe that government officials play favorites, and waste

Small Business Owners Optimistic but Still in Need of Financial Resources

Small business development is an important contributor to national growth. Recent polls by the Fargo/Gallop Small Business Index and the HR services company TriNet show that small businesses are more optimistic than at nearly any time since the recession started. At present the trend appears to be growing and small businesses will need additional access to credit, investment, and other financial services to ensure their businesses continue to grow. A Fargo/Gallop Small Business Index of 600 small business owners conducted on March 31 st , 2014 indicates that small business owners are more optimistic now and for the next 12 months than at any other time since 2008. The numbers help support the idea that small business owners feel their chances of growth are improving and may be willing to invest more of themselves into their businesses to further their opportunities.  The numbers have been generally rising since 2010 but are now at a level that indicates optimism is growing