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San Diego Attracts Investment Capital. Could more be Done?

Investment is the lifeblood of our economy that provides nourishment for our cities. Without investment we don’t grow, business doesn’t expand and people don’t get hired. Everything comes to a standstill and in and good fortune ceases. Cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego are attracting investments to their unique industry clusters.   Letting the world know what San Diego has to offer in terms of investment opportunities can be a catalyst to greater growth. Nationally, the last quarter experienced $13.4 billion dollars in investments and about a third of that took place in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Orange County (as cited in Somerville, 2015).   According to the Venture Capital Association and Price WaterhousCoopers a total of 19 San Diego companies received around $270 in late stage venture capital funds (Money Tree, 2015). Not the largest share but certainly a sizable one. Much of the money comes from large institutional investors that are looking

Small Business Owners Optimistic but Still in Need of Financial Resources

Small business development is an important contributor to national growth. Recent polls by the Fargo/Gallop Small Business Index and the HR services company TriNet show that small businesses are more optimistic than at nearly any time since the recession started. At present the trend appears to be growing and small businesses will need additional access to credit, investment, and other financial services to ensure their businesses continue to grow. A Fargo/Gallop Small Business Index of 600 small business owners conducted on March 31 st , 2014 indicates that small business owners are more optimistic now and for the next 12 months than at any other time since 2008. The numbers help support the idea that small business owners feel their chances of growth are improving and may be willing to invest more of themselves into their businesses to further their opportunities.  The numbers have been generally rising since 2010 but are now at a level that indicates optimism is growing