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Using Business Intelligence to Make Business Strategic Decisions

Business Intelligence (BI) improves through the use of analytical data streams that help companies overcome market challenges and create internal growth mechanisms. Because the international business environment is complex and large it needs improved analytical tools to be successful. Small, medium, and large businesses are increasingly relying on BI to help them make strategic decisions. A paper by Khan & Quadri (2014) discusses the growing use of BI in everyday business decisions and how to improve on exiting models.  Proper BI requires the collection of data, analysis of that data, and providing a conclusion on the meaning of that data. BI uses proper analytical methods based in scientific research to achieve its goals. The same principles that apply to any research study would also apply to the business intelligence and strategy formation; in theory anyways.  BI has been defined as, “ The process of collection, treatment, and diffusion of information that has an ob

Poetry Analysis: Palm Tree and Ocean Wave

Poetry is not common in the American culture as more immediate forms of entertainment takes precedence. However, poetry is a system of understanding and an effective method of learning. A poem according to the American poet Williams Carlos Williams are “machines made of words”. The ultimate goal of all poems is to create an image and feeling in a readers mind. The more skilled the poet the more successful they are in sharing their experiences and emotions with others. Poems can be analyzed by taking apart the words of this machine for closer study. A poem can be studied by looking at which lines match with other lines in the sequence. This rhythm is denoted by letters such as AA, BB, CC, etc.. which means there are pairs of rhythm. ABAB would mean that the rhythm augments. There are various types of highly structured and free versus poems. Each has their benefits and detractors when developing this art form.  As you can see from the poem below there are sequences being