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Nano Nano! Are there other Earth Planets? Scientists Think So!

NASA scientists discover potentially billions of earth like planets. In 2009, after the Kepler space telescope was launched, interesting data indicates there may be other earths in our solar system.   According to proceedings from the National Academy of Sciences nearly one in five of the 11 billion planets have at least one earth-like planet orbiting it.   It has opened a new perspective to scientists, researchers, and space buffs. These planets are within 12 light years away which is not that far once the right equipment is available. It should be remembered that Columbus first proposed the idea of finding a new Asian route in 1485 and on his third voyage hit mainland South American in 1498 (13 Years). 1492 was the year he discovered the islands and he did not move at the speed of light. Around 2011, scientists discovered the Kepler-22b that contains stars within appropriate orbits around the sun. This means they could contain water and possibly be within the human habi

Scientists Find the Interconnectivity of Einstein's Brain

Albert Einstein was unique in that the corpus callosum that connects both sides of his brain had high density connections that further led to a higher level of thinking and creativity. Researchers from Weiwei Men of East China Normal University and Dean Falk from Florida State University studied his preserved brain and found that the thickness of his corpus callosum was much greater than others, indicating additional nerve connections.  Previous research has shown that the interconnectivity of the brain and the ability to process from differentiated locations can create higher levels of thinking and creativity. It is considered a gifted trait whereby the holders have higher than average ability to learn and can use this processing power to create new and unique connections among various forms of information. This is what leads to scientific breakthroughs.  Research on intelligence has also shown the varying forms in which some people excel and learn is based in their proc