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Wine Review: Toscolo Cianti 2011

Toscolo Chianti is a medium bodied wine holding the flavors of cherries, spices and flowers. It has a strong fruity taste and dark red color.   A touch dry with high acidity. It is a nice wine for drinking with spicy and meat based food. At a price of around $12 dollars a bottle it is both affordable and exotic. You will find this wine as a great food lover’s option. Meats go well with Chianti type wine due to its higher acidity. You may consider a number of different pairing offerings from Hello Vino.   Each type of wine and food offering shows a possible wine pairing that will work well.   Lasagna, leg of lamb, and pizza are great pairings ( 1 ). Think of high protein and greasy to get the best palate coating. Originally from Tuscany it is a wine that has a little history that dates back to the feudal system. It was originally invented in the 1850’s by Baron Ricasoli at his Broline estate ( 2 ). The Italian government had codified his new formulation in 1966 which inc