Friday, March 21, 2014

Wine Review: Toscolo Cianti 2011

Toscolo Chianti is a medium bodied wine holding the flavors of cherries, spices and flowers. It has a strong fruity taste and dark red color.  A touch dry with high acidity. It is a nice wine for drinking with spicy and meat based food. At a price of around $12 dollars a bottle it is both affordable and exotic. You will find this wine as a great food lover’s option.

Meats go well with Chianti type wine due to its higher acidity. You may consider a number of different pairing offerings from Hello Vino.  Each type of wine and food offering shows a possible wine pairing that will work well.  Lasagna, leg of lamb, and pizza are great pairings (1). Think of high protein and greasy to get the best palate coating.

Originally from Tuscany it is a wine that has a little history that dates back to the feudal system. It was originally invented in the 1850’s by Baron Ricasoli at his Broline estate (2). The Italian government had codified his new formulation in 1966 which included some white varieties. Chianti still requires certain standards as a number of farmer’s damaged the quality in the 60’s. Today’s offerings are fairly solid. 

Americans still don’t make Chianti on a significant level. The reason being that Americans think of wines through grape quality while Europeans are into the locality. There is a difference in culture. Americans are practical and Europeans a little more cultural and traditional. Chianti appears to be associated with Tuscany Italy and anything outside of that area is still considered lower quality.  

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