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Book Review: The Brain and Emotional Intelligence: New Insights, by Daniel Goleman

Dr Daniel Goleman, a scholar and a scientist, with a passion for emotional intelligence and applying it to different disciplines has published an update on some of the research that is being done in the field of emotional intelligence. Goleman has posted the question: “Is emotional intelligence distinct from IQ?”   “Now brain researchers have identified distinct circuitry for emotional intelligence in a landmark study” by Reuven Bar-on. This study provides convincing proof that EI is located in a distinct area in the brain, different from IQ (Goleman, 2011). Social Brain Goleman (2011) also wrote about the social brain.   A study was done between doctors and their patients during psychotherapy sessions. What was found was that there is a physiology of rapport.   Three elements of rapport exist:   1) “paying full attention” (p. 57), 2) “being in synch non-verbally” (p. 57), and 3) “micro-flow, an interpersonal high” or a positive feeling (p. 57). “These moments of interpers