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Simple and Convenient Breakfast Dining at Kono’s Surf Club

Kono’s Surf Club isn’t really a surf club but does serve popular beach food for those enjoying their day on Pacific Beach.   Across from Crystal Pier and offering both inside seating and cliff side dinning you can still watch the waves as you quench your surfing appetite.   By design Kono’s is not a fancy restaurant but does fit within the age and lifestyle of Pacific Beach lovers. Items are offered under $6 and include a short list of egg burritos, scrambled eggs, and pancakes.  Having a large menu isn’t always a benefit. A growing trend in slicing offerings in casual dining establishments is growing (Coffer, 2012). Restaurants are finding that large menus increase cost, are complex, confuse customers, and don’t allow staff to focus on what they do best.  Restaurants are known for only a few items on their menu. Kono’s Surf Club is best remembered for their breakfast foods. Customers rave about their scrambled eggs and egg burritos. When they think of Kono’s they wi