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Including Emotional Intelligence In the Real Estate Profession

Emotional intelligence may be the primary difference between those that are successful and those that are not. High emotional intelligence has been touted as an important predictor of a person's ability to master their environment from an emotional standpoint and continue to work on their goals through effectively engage those around them. The higher the emotional intelligence the capable the person is at understanding themselves and others. The following presentation offers insight from Dr (s) Swanson, Hamilton and Zobisch into the very real benefits of developing higher emotional intelligence among real estate professionals: Establishing Best Practices for including Emotional Intelligence in the Real Estate Professionals from AC Swanson Group

A Current Study: An Evaluation of the CEIS Study

Purpose/Significance Dr Andree Swanson and Dr Paula Zobisch, research partners, are conducting a qualitative study is to evaluate the CEIS as a predictor of emotional intelligence in consumers.   The researchers believe that current measurement of Emotional Intelligence is not an accurate predictor of consumer behavior.   Kidwell developed the Consumer Emotional Intelligence Scale (CEIS) to determine consumer emotional intelligence in place of using the Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT) (Kidwell, Hardesty, and Childers (2008a).   The qualitative study will seek consumers and marketing professionals over 18 years of age who were recruited through social media to evaluate the accuracy/effectiveness of the CEIS.   Significance Statement The significance of this study is that impulse buying, in its extreme, can cause financial hardship.   Kidwell, Hardesty, and Childers (2008a) designed an instrument to measure the effect of emotions on consumer buying