Saturday, December 31, 2022

2023 Would a New Year Bring New Insight Into Freedom and Democracy??

Social and political decline is often associated with economic decline. So far there are enough people and momentum to keep our American engines pumping forward with full force. At some point we might outstrip our human capital where some of our institutions struggle with managing for a more diverse stakeholder group. We are in a new world and the U.S. has to adapt like every other organization; that includes a number of institutions. We are in historically unique place to do that through organizational learning and appropriate implementation of that learning.

Apothéose de Voltaire conduit par la Vérité et couronné par la Gloire

An early philosopher of democracy
Voltaire once said,
"All men have equal rights to liberty,
to their property, and to the protection of the laws."
We protect those rights by acting with honor and integrity!

Extremism and hate are demotivators for societal growth. It retards the democratic process and incentives for engagement. It alienates people and intentionally divides communities. Something we can avoid in future if we have the right values and are willing to enact those values.

We have gone through a few years of obvious and in your face inappropriate behaviors that nearly ended our national experiment. As a nation of minorities (meaning lots of different types of people), many are very aware of domestic extremism for sometime and how it impacts communities. They were not seen as dangerous because of false root assumptions of what it means to be an American/"American".

Our politicians became vividly aware once they were targeted and forced to huddle for fear in the first initial loss of our Capitol. Our judges, governors, and politicians have become even more aware once their voicemail boxes were loaded with death threats and their driveways full of angry protestors. 

There are elements and groups out there that support these extreme behaviors and misuse their official positions for illegal intimidation tactics that often default in support of their ethnic, social, political and religious clans. In many ways, the third world mentality is sickening the full functioning of some of our institutions and further poisoning our abilities to recover.

It becomes concerning from an essential values point of view when we fail to hold extremist in official positions accountable. The term extremist as a default root assumptions of racial, religious, political and social entitlement/worth that results in gross or systemic harm to others. Entitled actors of hate! In their warped logic they can do no wrong!

Free passes occur for many reasons that range from ability to collect evidence to an unwillingness to step up for those American values when inconvenient (...or you will loose an election.). Each situation has it's own unique merits and should be judged by those merits. (For now let us hold before making too many judgements.)

In 2023 let's push to create a more universal inclusive high functioning society that walks the talk in its values in a way that attracts other societies also striving for the fulfillment of expectations of free and fair democratic nations (Mouthful but important. Yes? 💇)! 

There are no free passes when it comes to intentional hate and misuse of institutional resources. Free societies draw talent because they provide free and fair opportunities in ways that helps people be the best they can be (Their God given talents). They can also use that talent to overcome community and national challenges. That won't happen if only the skills of specific people from specific backgrounds are allowed to compete freely and fairly.

It isn't free passes that made us great in the past, and it isn't free passes that will make us great in the future. Free passes will likely be a drag on growth and generally make excellence difficult or impossible. They are waste and mismanagement of the entire system. When I say free passes I don't mean people necessary need to go to jail but that some level of correction is needed to ensure the system doesn't continue to support bad behaviors. 

In 2023 let's pass the proof of pudding test where the 'would have, could have and should have' arguments are not in hindsight squashed by the indisputable need for truth and integrity in our choices.  I believe as a nation we can get through this mess but not everyone is willing to do their part. Some of us will do the heavy lifting and most will get a free ride (Its normal!)

To make America great again means making our people great and living by shared transcendental values that maximizes togetherness and cohesion for a meaningful and fruitful democratic work. Think about those values and why they are so important and why so many people around the world believe in them. We don't want to be the ones who throw it away for fear of change (Change that is likely to bump us up to the next civic and economic platform.)

Human capital management is the same thing as national asset management.  Those who stand for their American values, and willing to assume the risks associated with those deeper duties, would be more valued in a merit based system when compared to those who gag their own own and the mouths of others (nepotism, toxic environments, and group think.). Let 2023 be the year of meaningful national New Years resolution toward healthy and positive change! 

Whether we are pre or post extremism era is determined by our seriousness of dealing with these issues. At the end of the day, I have a Muslim sounding name and Black kids with light R leanings so you know how that sometimes goes and what risks we face for having a moral conscious. It's a duty on all Americans to ensure freedom of speech and freedom of religion are respected (We don't want to default on religion and speech as the rest of the system will quickly dissolve.)

We have to step beyond the superficial to see the benefits of what is being said. Right now it appears many of us are confused what those oaths mean. I have a few ideas if our stakeholders have the courage to listen and make meaningful change for ALL Americans. We cannot have two societies functioning in parallel so let's make one nation under God with liberty and justice for all.  Many of us still believe! Its still a pretty good idea. Just saying it sounds fair to me. 🤷

I do believe the collective conscious will adjust but there will be many avoiding and undermining those efforts through foot dragging and pretending they can't see when crimes are committed. We each must decide who we are what we leave behind for the next generation. There are differences between standing up for values when it counts, and sitting down for fear of a missed taxpayer lunch.  We need more quality leadership in key positions. 

Love for community and country is the right thing when it is focused on our ideals.  From bottom to top (in that order) we could do some amazing things if we had more people who believed in those values enough to hold hands together as we pass into this new year (Democrat and Republican, Black and White, All faith's together), Old and Young, Past and Future. Consider, Do Younger Generations have Commitment to Democracy?

* This article should help our leaders think about what's most important. I believe I have a pretty good idea what actions lead to organizational improvement and which ones won't. No need to check the polls to find out what I believe today. We were targeted because we had Muslim sounding names, because my children were Black, there was financial incentives present and because they didn't understand us. They feared what they didn't understand so they attacked it!

As far as I know, we didn't do anything wrong to anyone, didn't deserve targeting or ostracization, and certainly don't expect a free pass for it! We could of course reform but that require a level of effort and willpower; something that is in short supply in our "sane" political process. That again doesn't mean a single person should go to jail as long as the reforms are made to protect the public; "crazy" as it sound. Unlike, them I don't think everyone different, or even those who do wrong, should always go to prison. Its dependent on merit. I have empathy for them and their families. 

{I bet some of the "super cool" people part of the initial targeting group would now probably agree that no one should go to jail. Especially, after a number of false complaints were launched in an effort to cause serious and dangerous pressure and chaos on the family. Amazing the change of heart when situations change! That applies especially to the one's who were lying. Just saying! 💔}

We are not like them nor do we want to be like them! Who wants to be "crazy" with hate? I would however suggest having mental health diagnosis for the people who started this problem as one has already been diagnosed and the other two appear to have enough mental health symptoms to be of concern. I'm not qualified to diagnoses but if I was a betting man I could think a clinical diagnosis would occur with a positive finding. I kind of think I know what those diagnosis might be. I'm kind of curious if I'm right. 🤔

Contrary to public opinion being Muslim {or Jew, Christian, Buddhist, etc..} doesn't make one "crazy". Likewise, having multiple documented gifted individuals in the same family also doesn't make one "crazy" either {...and the solution certainly isn't violent targeting even if we were crazy!}. P.S. having Black kids doesn't make you "crazy" either. So I'm confused about how loosely the term is being used here. Must be a new diagnosis in the layman's DSM V or something. 🤷  I looked and didn't find anywhere it said Muslims and Black is an indication of insanity so it must be some other clinical diagnostic index they are using. 😬💨

What does make us "crazy" is to feel its ok to act on people because 1). you don't understand, 2). you lack the IQ to understand, 3.) because they uncovered corruption and it poses a risk {not the first time I was right, not even the second or third.}, and 4.) and you have an entitled sense of your race and religion. Furthermore, it isn't "crazy" to disagree or feel upset someone just tried to cause your child some trauma in an effort to manipulate 💸 for self gain thereby creating moral dilemmas and large amounts of pressure by this group and their law enforcement officials on a very young teen. Fair? {Most of the other departments appeared to have realized they were being triangulated and stopped. This one did not and persisted and that appears because of not only close association but also because of prior history. }

Trust me I can go on and on about the aggressive behaviors and how everything we said was discounted as irrational because of the limitations of the capacity to understand by others. Fair in your mind? I know1 I know! nothing like that could happen in our society that would be impossible.\! What is insane is a free pass if even the smallest fraction of what dribbles out of my mouth is coherent enough to be considered rational. In my mind, the most rational definition of insanity is for them to use that term to get help and keep themselves out of jail (i.e. why I said get checked out and get help as a mercy to the initiating group. There are deeper forms of responsibilities.)

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Einstein 👆👌 Happy New Years!

Friday, December 30, 2022

Where are we currently in the pursuit of justice? Not Really Sure

Justice is important. Its one of those things that people come to expect and its one of those things that is required by democracies that want to survive into the next era but also the ability to bump up to the next economic platform. They can do that by having stronger human capital management, professional administration of societal issues, and increased trust. 

Here are a few observations thus far.....

I should mention the background first. A Muslim family with Black kids was targeted by a fairly large group of people based on what appeared to be racial and religious motivations mixed with a good old boy network. Most of the officers from various departments learned that the information was false/manipulative/misleading (Whatever that information was. I'm still trying to figure it out. No one has actually told me anything other than it was well known that the targeting occurred because we were Muslim. That is the message the clan leader sent to me through one of their associates and supporters.). 

Most of the people who did this didn't know they were violating Federal laws (Assuming they function in that way.). It was blatant, obvious, potentially violent, and corrupt. Lots of paper trail and lots of witnesses as people (Maybe 100+) from that ex sports group that got themselves involved. In my mind, there are limits as to what should be acceptable by society. You can't just cleans your community of the "icky" people (i.e. meaning if they don't fit within a particular cult or clan.).

The behaviors have opened up a can of worms. It was a problem because there was pre-existing bias in the heuristic quick reactions, opened up indication of potential corruption, other uninvestigated serious community complaints came forward, and a few within that persisting department after it was no longer reasonable to do so indicated potential for future targeting (Most of those law enforcement members are great people but it looks like they have an embedded group that may not be willing to follow the law!). 

At present, I can say it appears someone told them they can't continue to be aggressive or violent. It appears most of the other departments have come to understand that someone was trying to triangulate them into targeting minorities within their community. I believe most of the officers within that initiating department have also come to understand that as well but the need for reform and further protections would be helpful. 

The hate narrative still exists of course. Everyone loves to spread rumors!  I have seen a few of the  initiators of hate post chaos and you can tell they are stuck in their own story. They continue to spread their story as a vindication of poor behaviors, have enriched themselves from false police complaints and targeting (If you read the other posts you will notice that there are some open questions of missing money prior and a new opportunity presented itself to enrich again. It appears they repeated a pattern.) and don't really feel any serious level of remorse over their behaviors or the potential harm it could have caused others.

Furthermore, I should add an important factor. The vast majority, save those closest to the initiating group, have rejected the hate narrative and have been wonderful and warm people. The "clan" continues its process of ostracization as expected. A few members have continued to cause issues through rumors, talking louder when they see us, and ensuring they put in place society dividing rules such as , "Anyone who is nice to "those people" is not allowed to talk to us!".  (Classy, mature and definitely a sign of innocence! It could also be signs of hate targeting as a method of dehumanizing the victims, spreading false information, and ostracizing to ensure they have no recourse. That is the way it started anyway.

I have advocated for what I felt was the best way to handle it so that all of the justice systems can function with integrity and focus on their essential purpose in a way that various community stakeholders can support (Remember there are numerous complaints against some of the members of the "clan" from various backgrounds so there is a lower level of trust in general by some community members; these are not minorities. These were for the most part, except in one case, unsolicited. The only time I asked specifically is because it appear this person was in the know of one of the members and they were voicing concerns. I just wanted to make sure that we were discussing apples to apples. It doesn't mean any of it is true. I really hope none of it is true. Its just an indication that not everything is rosy for everyone.)

My suggestions seem to be a little bit too much for some to swallow but I think they are helpful and necessary. The goal isn't to get people in trouble. It's actually the opposite. Help where help is possible. Its also purposeful in debunking the intentionally spread hate narrative that increases the long term risk of "lone wolf" fights and further acts of intimidation (In this case, not truly lone because the goal was to sort of get people to pick fights with the family.). It is also to help the mental health suffering of those who started the problem in the first place (one is diagnosed and the others need an assessment.), address community complaints through an investigation (some people feel there isn't accountability), and reform the department that doesn't have enough internal controls to self manage (I will discuss my thoughts on how that department can do that in the future. They are just thoughts but I have some knowledge of management that would apply here. There are others who have more knowledge on such departments and that can be good or bad so mine are just for exploratory understanding of essential needs of reform. In other words, what would make sense in other places.)

Where are we at right now? Yes someone told them they can't act like that and for the most part the participating clan isn't maintaining the level of aggression first realized. Many members of the clan have backed off and become wiser to the flying monkey manipulations of their leaders. There are still some whom I believe will persist as soon as they are given a green light of coast is clear from clan associates within the initiating department (The one in which fraternization and community association rules should be implemented to ensure their social networks aren't creating incentives for corruption and other inappropriate behaviors.)

It opens up a few questions that I think will eventually be answered. Its important to answer them. Right now the answers are a mixed bag. It could be that someone is fact checking and collecting evidence and it also could be that there has been a settled upon internal solution. What I can say is that for the most part I'm ok. I'm upset that we were put in this situation because of the dysfunction of others and I'm upset that other Americans have to deal with these issues with little recourse. 

1.) Are there different rules for different people? We should all be under the same banner.

2.) When corruption does happen is there any mechanism within the system to reform it and bring it back in line with American values? (The need for some changes within that department to protect the public. There are some indications that it does happen after lots of chaos but can it also happen proactively, when it makes sense, and when it sort of does as a consistent learning organization.)

3.) Do some officials feel their primary focus is to help only some races and religions? (Try not to get political here as this isn't the goal. i.e. a potential sign of extremism leaning sentiment within the ranks of some members of that department. 

Considering what appears to be a weak state of internal affairs many of the officers that work with the initiating clan members should ask themselves, "Do these officers really have the personality to be trusted to not use grey areas of the law to help themselves or their friends?" 

If they know something, heard something, or part of something they may want to report it to federal or state authorities in line with their oaths. Breaking the Blue Code is difficult and dangerous but its important. My complaints are never against good officers, I'm very forgiving of genuine mistakes, but am concerned about the intentional "mistakes" and their likelihood of repeat when the circumstances present themselves again.)

4.) Is there a willingness and are there mechanisms in place to help those with mental health? Extreme hate, rage, manipulation, and dishonesty are mental health issues. It was an issue that could have ended in people killed, harmed, arrested, hurt, and damaged young lives for decades/perhaps generations through intentional trauma creation. (involvement and targeting). 

We have come to accept that and the dangers as long as they are projected on the "wrong/unAmerican" type of people (i.e. those of minorities and people "worthy" of hate. Not actually defined by merit, history, or loyalties. Defined by very surface judgements that have nothing to do with being American/"American".)

It is not fair to focus only on the potentially negative as there could be some good information in there as well. I'm happy that we are talking about these issues on a national level and we have had the opportunity to see extremism for what it is. Its is about time and it has been brewing for the past 15 years I suspect. 

We have seen the dangers of mental health and its impact on society (Extremism can come from any political party, race, religion or ideology when the logic defaults back to a very poor root assumption.) We still don't have a strong method for dealing with things like corruption, hate/racism, and mental health manipulations but we can continue to work toward future solutions. 

So I'm putting my 2 cents in there in case in history someone looks back and says, "You know...even though that guy had a Muslim sounding name......he may have been correct. Impossible!"🤔. Of course that doesn't mean I'm actually correct but it does mean that my input could be helpful (I know very little but have seen a lot. "see" or see. See/"see" below. 🤓). 

When it comes down to the "proof in pudding" arguments we should be assured that the system maintains the ability to correct itself toward its stated goals and mission (In other words, we should ensure our actions are in line with our Constitution, protections and other social contracts.) and whether hate is given a free pass. 

(Indicating two different systems of justice at work, as a reflection of two different societies. Not official society but one in which there are two versions of America/"America" and two versions of Americans/"Americans" with two semi-associated operating systems and rules. We can also look at examples in history to see if these divergent shadow societies with different social networks contribute to social upheaval. Those examples might also tell us what we can do to reintegrate members of society around shared American principles; assuming that is everyone's goal.🤷 )

The next time you take an oath of allegiance to the flag consider the deeper and often unseen/not understood meanings. To me, "my Flag" represents the United States. That "flag" also include its Constitution and my perception of God. i.e. for "God and country". I rally around that banner and no other banner. If my name confuses some people so be it! 

I might be a liberal R (I'm a little more Republican) or a conservative D, but my loyalties lie with my nation, God, and family. Then look at our pledge "one nation, indivisible" indicating we should have the same rules (except differences on merit) that apply to everyone. 

The words "liberty and justice for all" indicates to me we should be seeking universal justice in a universal society. You cannot have liberty without freedom to be born as God (racial, religious, cognitive differences, etc..) made us and in turn we cannot have justice if officials entrusted public power is used for clan or personal gain.

Let's ponder our oaths and see sort of where we should fit with it to be true to ourselves and true to our oaths. 

"I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."  (Notice no exclusions for race, religion or clan have been presented within the oath. I'm a little confused at people's ability to just put it in there and then call it nationalism and patriotism. Must be a different Constitution. 🤔)

Contrary to popular current political values, there are still merits and honor in staying loyal to those principles. They supersede our parties and our grievances (Where rationality and critical thinking exist). If you ever want to understand where I am on these types of issues, I can say that I fall where I think it is the most helpful in fulfilling that oath.  I cannot tell you where others stand....that is an individual choice. 

*We might want to explore the concept of shadow society and shadow markets. There is research that supports how official rules and application of such rules disparately through society creates different rules for different people. They are not judged on their individual merit but on social class, clan, race, religion or really anything else that differentiates them. A shadow society, their social networks, businesses, law makers, etc. is not good or evil. It is a result of different application of rules and the need for self preservation. i.e. ending segregation but keeping the networks in place that maintain divisions by limiting access. The only way to merge the two is through a single vision and consistent equity in treatment. 

Failure to bump up to the next universal (civic and economic) society runs risks that at some point in history the shadow societies will clash for resources. Can I say any of that is true? Nope. I have seen some studies that indicate the possibility but how many studies support that would be sort of interesting and I will keep it in my idea list. Right now I'm preoccupied with economic clusters and bringing new opportunities to my community despite our family being rejected by a core clan as "icky people" and "not the right type" that should not have any protections under the law (especially if they want something or the religion and skin color are embarrassing to be around). 

** These articles are to get people to think. They are meant to be thought inspiring. These are not "facts". These are "truths". Don't get caught up in what all that means right now. There is truth and "truth" depending on the capacity of one to see and one to understand. Seeing as a capacity to understanding and not the actual stimuli. To "see" one must critically examine and understand the situation based not only on personal experience but also through the scientific observations of others as based in scientific literature. This is where science and the current practice of law may be different. There must be a middle ground between societal issues such as allowing violent criminals free and misusing the law to support one's ethnic/social/religious clan. They are very wide goal posts. 

Thursday, December 29, 2022

George Santos for Congress? Vetting and Deeper Critical Thinking

George Santos is in a difficult situation and of course we are shocked! 😮😱Yet, we really shouldn't be so horrified when people have been doing this in politics for a long time. That doesn't mean I don't think some level of action should be taken if found guilty of gross dishonesty. It is more of a comment on the importance for Democrats, Republicans and citizens in general to have the highest standards for those who will be making decisions over our nation and lives. 

Our parties might want to put in place some basic vetting and checks for accuracy (Even if there are accidental mistakes) so as to ensure their candidates are worthy (I don't mean this in a negative way but just that there are standards for support) of the support. Likewise, some basic level of vetting and fact checking will help serve voters because they can search out these candidates and obtain accurate information for accurate decision making (Its hard to understand the candidates now and it would be impossible if everyone lied!). 

Let us see what happens. I think he won't get a free pass. People feel a little sensitive that it was very blatant. It wasn't as though he had the wrong date or misspelled a word. Its an issue of ethics at this point. Ethics and Leadership

Riverside Officer Shot and Suspect Killed: Guns and Criminals

This is a sad event. We want our officers to be safe and we want them to be effective. When people have access to guns when they shouldn't, we often run into situations like this (As its investigate we will hear more.). Our society has a violent underside and we should consider ways in which we can live safer (Why I support police 100%,...). We should feel respectful for the sacrifice of that fallen officer and his family. 

Crime is destructive to everyone and it is as much a community affair as a police affair. As a point, it is primarily a community affair and we entrust our police to fulfill that function. When officers fall in the line of duty we should bestow our respects and honor. 

I think the officers handled this situation the correct way. They didn't need to get involved in shooting volleys and they didn't need to chase the car through busy streets (There are probably times when that is absolutely necessary for the safety of the public and when a safe opportunity presents itself.). 

According to a statement by the Riverside Co Sherriff the person had a history of violence and should have been prevented. Kidnapping and assault with deadly weapon would indicate a level historic aggressive behaviors during multiple times and incidents.  

The pursuing officers successfully cleared the area and allowed an armored vehicle to end the chase.

If you feel motivated to donate please do so to at 

Riverside County Sherriff Organization (Please review for yourself) 

Riverside Police Officers Association. (Please review for yourself.)

The first video is of the stop and the other is of the live procession. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Cutting another 20 Seconds Off of My Rowing: Off Office Chair and Into Row Boat

Rowing is serious business and requires a fairly high level of conditioning to do well. In the past year I have started rowing again, not that I was that good in the past, but I am rowing more regularly now. My starting numbers for the 500 meters were pretty high and then I dropped 20 seconds quickly based on some body mechanic advice. This morning I dropped another 10 playing around with some movements. That puts me above the bottom numbers of the team's/groups slowest rower (i.e. meaning its not me!). I have to still drop about 20 seconds more to go before I really fell good in a way where I would be on the upper half.

Anyway.....this sport has some benefits that I like that include....

1. Short and long muscle fiber. Using bursts of power leads to muscle growth and the cardio aspects of rowing lead to endurance. 

2. It requires a level of discipline. I like things that require one to sort of get on track and stay consistent because you can monitor the results. 

3. Its on the water. You can't beat being on the water.

4. Group work. Getting into a group makes a difference in maintaining fitness levels.

Another motivating rowing video (I will need to switch around with some other sports I think.). Good health is helpful so you should consider getting involved in a sport or two to get away from your desk and focus on something else for a while. 

This one is from an investment firm/bank so its actually kind of a commercial. 

What Do We Tell the Next Victims? How We Handle Hometown Hate Is An Issue of Integrity!

We have a responsibility to continuously improve our institutions and systems to make them more effective for a modern world. It is in the best interest of society for our systems and institutions to reasonably update based upon modern thinking and certain core national values. That willingness to change when it is needed leads to institutional relevance and future trust among the American population. That can have a positive effect on society (Failure to change and update will likely have a negative impact on society as we have seen in recent civil unrest, acceptance of domestic extremism, and other issues.)

As some of you know my family and I have been targeted by those who had something to gain by exploiting bigotry and hate in a way that created dangerous situations (In more than one instance) that could under the wrong circumstances led to serious death or harm. Yet this isn't really as much about me as it is about our value system as a society and how we apply our core social contracts and rights equitably (In some ways indicating whether we are a nation of universal peoples with a single purpose or two large nations thinly connected by window dressing. I advocate for a single nation with shared purpose but there are those that are intentionally trying to create separations in our communities and on a national level by exploiting hate for personal gain.)

Its not so much that there are individuals out there that hate those with Muslim sounding names and Black kids because they have always been there in one form or another lurking in the corners (The targets of hate done matter and can include Asians, Jews, Mexicans, Whites, etc.. Anyone can hate! Its easy. Just project everything you feel frustrated about life onto some poor suspecting soul that is trying to take care of/protect his family, or buy groceries, or perhaps just driving to work.). The concern is that they (They is an important distinction here. What does "they" mean? An embedded network?) are willing to do it on a coordinated level, with approval of some local officials, within an existing narrative of hate (language) and within a social context of support (group supported hate). 

We sort of run into a situation where if I'm only a tiny, small, sliver 10% correct that still comprises real risks for others. There are higher risks for future targets and victims (In history I'm usually closer to correct then wrong but that doesn't mean I am right. The data indicate that there is more going on here then just poor values and bad manners.). From what I can tell these behaviors didn't just get invented/learned in this situation because the observed reaction had a different root. They existed prior, they were good at it, and they knew just how to engage in a campaign to delegitimize and dehumanize others (Likely this group has gotten away with bullying, stepping on the rights of others, and setting up their own local good old boy networks for some time. It would also be an indication that such behaviors were not addressed prior because of lack of knowledge, fear, malaise or something else. The social benefits of being "super cool" and connected to sympathizers and supporters!)

There has been an atmosphere among some local ex-sports groups and socially associated local officials that is ripe for these behaviors to continue to occur without being addressed adequately (There is lots of research on patterned behaviors.) Its a context that I believe most of their members are not fully aware of how their behaviors are impacting others and are caught in a self-justifying hate narrative and likely to continue down the same/similar path  (...of course by ensuring the victims are as much responsibility for their behavior as they can make them. That becomes increasingly more disdainful if any closely associated officials acted like a legal counselor in support of that friend network. That would be another indication that such behaviors were willful and there is a good chance there are lots of other people who may have experienced something similar. The perceived morality of using official authority and powers entrusted by the community to 1. help ones friends financial gain, 2. set up racial/religious stratification, and 3. circumvent the intention of law.)

 A study in the Journal of Governance helps us better understand the dangers of permissive attitudes and lack of accountability and its inherent dangers. "Corruption is associated with permissive attitudes to violence even after controlling for the perceived legitimacy of the police and courts." (Fillanders & van der Werf, 2021). The study uses a concept called Moral Foundations Theory which tries to explain the social foundations of some values and perceptions (This is related to "Moral Conscious" of systems I talked about prior. Meaning we always try and do what is best, fair, and right.). It is one study and isn't the whole story. However, its findings are interesting and it has rung somewhat true in other areas (i.e. corruption around Detroit and associated markers of that corruption.). The problem is inherent within the disparate treatment itself (I cannot vouch for the study and just searched it out. It does sort of raise a hair on my neck. People in our world justify all types of behaviors but they don't always think of what the long term goal is. )

Here is one essential issue. I want to be clear that my goal isn't to put anyone in jail, ruin anyone's career, or make some anti-police comment (I support police 100% and civil rights 110%. Unless someone comes up with a better system then I continue to support in general the institution of policing as long as it has the capacity to correct itself when blatant violations of purpose occur. That may include training, policy changes, community adjustments, removing "bad apples" or any thing else.)

(As a side note: The mending of perspective through adequate problem solving and resolution on policing is something our politicians haven't figure out yet. Its a problem that is hard to solve because of the highly skewed and often combative nature of American politics that sometimes feels less about serving the American people and more about promoting one's political position through "yes sir" and "yes ma'am" integrity of individual thought. In other words, its likely the problem will linger for some time until their is a change of heart.....)


Here are my morning thoughts while I'm having coffee. The next time someone is hurt, has a complaint, or some other calamity should happen then upon whose shoulders should that fall on morally? (The standard approach of blaming the victim is contributing to the problem.) We talk a lot about community but then sort of fail to take into account the long-term health of that community by having systems based on shared values instead of good old boy networks with racial and religious exclusionary overtones (BTW there is some research to support that good old boy networks like this could be one explanation why some localities are not growing as much as expected. Seriously, there is studies on it. ). If we are a community, then we should be a single community (Someone has already said we are not a single community and the reason why my kids are being put in harms way is because we are Muslim. They say that with little knowledge of who we are and even less knowledge of who they themselves have become. Community is important so lets not split it based on shallow loyalties and shallower values!)

There is a path through this racial and religious mess on a local and national scale. It is a path that I believe allows for healthier social learning of appropriate transcendental generation-to-generation values, better ensures that certain elements within the community (..and its institutions. i.e. local college hiring practices and local policing practices of at least one department.) are redirected toward their stated purposes (While I understand that those who caused the problem might not be gleeful that the free train ride of doing what they want to whomever they want is coming to a close it is a necessity in a system that seeks to increase public trust.)

Here are a few suggestions. Of course there are likely other solutions, ideas, thoughts and comments by others. 

1.) The initial perpetrators have mental health review and counseling. They have shown they are a risk to others and willing to coordinate targeted behaviors. Its not about jail, its about accountability and helping them in the long run to deal with the underlining issues that led to hate (Contrary to modern legal opinion, while someone may have the choice to deal with mental health issues "when they feel ready" that should change when you put your mental health issues on others in a harmful way. If that projection is little they still have an obligation to deal with it but if they are highly manipulative in a way that seeks to cause harm to others I no longer believe they should get help "when they feel like it". i.e. MI Track and Solve. The problem is such people often avoid accountability and they are unlikely to ever "feel like it" but still pose a risk. The more they don't feel like it, the more they might need to go.  Variance of opinion isn't an issue, it is aggression that needs mental health help. 🙊)

2.) The departments that were initially misled but corrected should draw as many improvement lessons as they can from the situation. The department that persisted in supporting their friends and engaging in seriously dangerous and questionable behavior should go through a series of reforms to protect public interest. I'm making a leap of faith assumption that societal stakeholders have a vested interest in ensuring institutions function in accordance with our first world constitutional standards versus third world clannish mannerisms.

3.) An audit of the financial incentives of hate. I have said this prior about local and national hate. Those who promote it not only likely have mental health issues but also there are other incentives. Financial incentives often being an obvious one. There are those who blindly rage their hate on others and there are those who are strategic and/or subtle about their hate. The strategic hater being the more dangerous of the two. The raging hater can be detected and helped. The strategic hater hides their values for fear of being publicly chastised but then misuse their positions to make decisions that harm many people systemically over many years (Systemic bigotry).

4.) The local college that based hiring decisions on these good old boy networks, hate narratives through rumors, and what appears to be highly discriminatory practices (From what I can tell the school initially called to hire me for a adjunct position teaching Business Law but once they found out I was the "Muslim guy" with Black kids their friends didn't like, they ghosted me. No one has told me any different and it looks like that is a leading explanation. I followed up through email to the president and HR department but like many minorities "stone wall" is the method of choice. Its funny, most of the people who have known me for years find me to be a pretty nice guy. While I'm upset people can blatantly violate our laws and norms with impunity, my goal is to help improve the functioning of the system from future defaults. I'm saddened that we can't walk the talk in our values and that we are limiting the future of our youth and college students because some of the administrators have hiring preferences that have little to do with qualifications.  I don't even really care about the position but I do care by how they handled it and what decision led to an abrupt 360 degree change and how that might be harming other applications and in turn their student population. It shows a serious lack of professionalism and appears to be associated in tertiary with a wider psuedo-cleansing campaign. Let us not fail in correcting that for other future faculty that may be abruptly discarded based on superficial and illegal criteria. Its a solid enough explanation for a good look. 🤷)

5. Review of other community complaints. There are some pretty serious community complaints and issues as it relates to some associated members of this clan. I think its important not to force a hand over victim's mouths and smother their voice just because we don't want to take a cursory look into the problem (I cannot tell you if they are true or not. I can only say some of them sound plausible.). 

The law is the law but the moral question remains, "Is this ok"? Whether or not they actually succeed is a different argument. It is an issue that they tried to cause harm and they were within a social network of people who supported such behaviors without question (Showing their own values and capacities.) That same network acted on misinformation and didn't stop to think about the targets in anyway (They even got kids intentionally involved). More important, some of these people were officials with duties and that led to the default of more than one institution and possibly tainted the long-term value of a third.

There are no legitimate laws, in the spirit they were created, that would allow such behaviors to be sanctioned and normalized. There cannot be different rules for different people (i.e. minorities know they sometimes get short sticked on justice. Not every time but enough poor decisions to create collective conscious awareness of the occasional misuse of some of our institutions. Don't believe me? Get out of the homogeneous world in which you live and go talk to some "other" people; the other half of society. Just listen.). What also bother me is that the kid they involved in harmful behavior is a black genius and it was their racism and bigotry that nearly derailed that because they wanted something selfish and low (They discounted his life with the tacit approval of some officials and then covered it up by double down on cleansing behaviors and delegitimization of the concerned parent. Delegitimization is such a common strategy in whistleblower and fights against corruption.). The law is a tool. It is a written codification of our values in tool form (carrot or hammer). How we use those laws to either build a more inclusive society or reinforce the exclusive ones of the past is a long term legal and social negotiation. For example, one might end segregation officially on a legal level but two systems may continue to function in shadow of each other (i.e. one indication might be the recent civil unrest during the last protests based on slightly different expectations of justice.). I advocate for the law to be married with wisdom, moral conscious and truth to ensure its compass always points true north. People trust things that consistently tell the truth and try and do the right thing (They trust it because it values them. Watch when people argue about race and religion and you always see "better than though" insults being thrown. )

What I can tell the next victim is likely different then what others can tell that victim (If they dropped the ball when poor behaviors were obvious would any of them have any real moral authority to counsel anyone or make decisions over these issues? Think about it...from an integrity standpoint. Mistake can sometimes be corrected but an intentional mistakes does not go unnoticed by society.). I believe I can tell that person I understand their pain, have been there myself, and have used a good portion of my life fighting for things I believe in. If it upsets you, and you don't feel its fair, then don't let them gag you. There are likely others and you have a responsibility to society to brush off the dirt and get back in there! You have a responsibility to society to ensure they come into alignment with our professed American values and social contracts. Its risky to have values in some environments. Chances are that you will likely lose because the forces are often way more powerful than most victims can handle, you will lose many things for truth. From financial to reputation they are going to throw everything they can at you and anyone who supports you to further that culture of fear. Even with such a heavy burden your choice on which path to take (submit or challenge) will determine who you are and your contribution to the advancement of society (Because they are most likely to lose is one of the reasons why they were chosen to be the designated victims of hate in the first place. Some of it does come down to general access to influence decision making. That is also why ostracization, hate narratives, and misuse of official power are tools to maintain separations in society and thus access to decision making. Access to new ideas information leads to better informed decisions and that means those who manipulate the system will be exposed.). As target, you can put up a large red stop sign and speed bump to warn the drivers of hate speeding down the same road through self reflecting back to them a more accurate version of their behavior (versus parking in front of people's homes, following them home, pulling over kids, blocking opportunities or anything else design to establish alpha positions. Some of it does come from a primal desire to dominate people outside one's tribe/clan/hate network so as to maintain positions of dominance. This is where corruption becomes likely when the law becomes a kind of clan promoting enforcement tool with no conception of the wider purpose for it). It is a duty to challenge those things that are not functioning and blatantly wrong (and praise those who did it the right way). People can do that by solving problems, talking about it, creating shared perspectives, forgiving, accountability and improvement. It is how we improve the entire system through challenge and growth. I can tell that person that "doing the right thing" comes with lots of risks. Check in with yourself to be sure your ready to take the road less traveled as a truer measure of choice and character.

What is the right thing to do here? Not so easy to answer when its American and "American" so lets be sure we keep drawing people together and tackling outbursts of coordinated hate when they occur. Let's make decisions for the future (over the horizon) and in the best interest of society (the long term interests). However, I think finding a pathway through situations like this is important because they create new trends or contribute to the existence of poor trends.  I think people will need to figure out for themselves what they believe and why it is so important to create shared perspectives (So we are all rowing in the same direction with trust, integrity and honor). That is how you build great nations! Especially a nation on the cusp of adapting up to higher social, economic, and political platform that may offer opportunities never presented before (Maybe not. 🤷). turn........

Gillanders, R. & van der Werf, L. (January 26th, 2021). Corruption experiences and attitudes to political, interpersonal, and domestic violence.

*The articles are important because it not only helps people think but also try and find solutions where others have failed to think. It is just a piece of the social conversation of where we go from the here as we ponder the possibilities of a brighter future. If you disagree with something its ok because I might actually agree with you as well. Yet....hopefully it still got you to think. What is the answer?

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Things Still Moving Ahead Escanaba City Council Meeting (December 15th, 2022)

This was an important meeting even though one might not initially see that. While it isn't jam packed full of information, action nail biting suspense, or hip hip hoorays of financial triumph it was one that touched on some key topics. There are important activities buzzing in the area such as DDA changes, possible new city manager, body cams, city waterfront development projects moving forward (Anything to do with ship building in the area is cool.), marketing of local businesses and much more. In its own way its pretty exciting to watch!

A couple of thoughts on development..... 

Tourism is helpful to the area based on existing assets and that can be matched with other activities to draw in new wealth. Ship building is a solid anchor industry that we should support because it has many other possibilities for the future.  Wood development is a natural resource that also acts as an anchor industry that will likely have high future interest for specialty e-commerce product packaging and shipping. We want to add specific industries with future market potential because it is a method of updating a town's global competitiveness (i.e. adding a new innovative paper machine). 

Tourism, ship building, wood products, SME manufacturing, and perhaps entrepreneurs with exportable products (I was thinking outdoor/tourism products, design firms, and/or distribution but it could be anything related.) are potentially good cluster industries (We want them to share competencies and knowledge to encourage transactional subfactors whenever possible. i.e. "cluster community".). As one market declines it could potentially be hedged by other markets/industries helping ensure that jobs are retained during economic shifts. See Transactional Subfactors, Attracting MNC, DC MultiCluster, Tourism Micro.

Delta County MI is rural small locality that is ripe for investment and development and we are watching in near live time the changes. How it develops, whether it continues down the path of development or what industries it might attract are up to the many choices people make and the vision they can create for themselves. I'm feed back looping a theory based on changes in the market to see if they continue to explain events and activities as they occur. If your interested in Delta County you can check out a few of the websites Delta County, Escanaba, Gladstone, DC Chamber of Commerce, DDA, Build Back Better Esky

Escanaba Agenda December 15th, 2022 

The Next Generation of Conservative Will Look a Little Different (Quality Leather on New Boots)

Our nation is changing and the way we approach politics may change as well. The next generation of conservative will likely be more culturally open then the conservatives of the past (global manufacturing influence). In some ways I also believe the pendulum has moved for enough so that the new conservative looks more like an old Guard Republican but with a more modern flare with modern issues (quality leather on new boots). They will be more open to differences because we are in a world of differences and can't manage a country focused on limited demographics (The U.S. is a diverse society and those who don't embrace that will be rubbing increasingly against the general public will.)

The new conservative should be more focused on solving problems then fighting with opposing teams on relatively nonessential concerns. 

The new conservative should bring a renewed sense of professionalism to government and institutions (Not playing games with institutions of power, treating people fairly, looking at the bigger principles of democracy.). 

Socrates and politics. One of the first 
champions for democracy and first of victims.
Source: The Philosophy of Socrates.
A principled person a conservative should draw on the strengths of religion, ethics, and general societal values to make decisions (They see value in maximizing human capital from the lessons of history and our generational transcendental values. They don't just double down on their specific religion as the single cure for all of societies ills regardless of whether they actually understand the deeper values of that religion and or how to ensure those values can be practically applied in a universal way. Interestingly enough universalism has some of its roots in the universalism of values as taught be a number of global religious. i.e. Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, etc. sorry if I missed any. 🙏 ). 

A humanist that cares beyond cold hard numbers and instead manages for the long-term (Knowing which government activities are likely to create the greatest benefit to the nation and its principles. Let me be clear, the principles and the spirit of democracy are more important that the social structure of that democracy. This is why democracy must continue to change and rejuvenate. Institutions have a responsibility to update to ensure they are meeting the long term principles of democracy. Societies must become learning societies and be open to reasonable change or it will become a non-learning society and in turn be someday toppled by its inability to bend to waves of social movements. Palm Tree and Ocean Wave.)

Like the conservatives of the past, the new version will be concerned not only with debt but also with adding the components that raise national revenue (Reducing the deficit is important and raising long term value in a sustainable way is also important. i.e. returning manufacturing, updating infrastructure, strategically aligned treaties, etc.). 

The new conservative are likely those who can work across the isle because they know endless fighting solves nothing (This will be important for both sides to either solve problems or create them with a sense of purpose.). 

Differentiating between gun rights and human rights. Gun ownership by lawful citizens that know how to use, protect, and store such weapons is acceptable but giving easy access to everyone is very risky  (In other words, we don't want specials like buy "2 packs of cigs, a bottle of booze and a free box of bullets" to become a popular sales pitch at our neighborhood corner stores. I support gun ownership for hunting, sportsmanship, and self defense. We have to take a hard look objectively at who is misusing guns from a scientific perspective and design policies that restricts the more harmful elements while keeping it open to those who use them well. I don't understand why its so hard. Its people making it hard! Just look at all of the incidents, review the profiles of the shooters, and then design 5 or 10 year expiration policies with options for amending. Its evidence based management. This leads to the next....)

Supporting our constitution and pushing our institutions to reform (I have seen systems default in hate and violence spread like it was the latest fad. {I'm not sure which spread faster, hate or COVID? 🤔 One is disease of the respiratory system and the other is the disease mind.} Hate crimes in rural communities are not reported as often as they should and rights are sometimes discarded for racial/religious distortions, good old boy networks, and as a general purpose of harming some in support of one's clan members [i.e. a third world problem has now become in part our problem!}. I suspect less than half of hate crimes are reported likely leading to miscued information for policy makers. Likewise, some of our courts, judges, and systems have lost focus on their duties and oaths. To me its always dangerous when institutions 1.) don't focus on the Constitution and its rights and 2.) have become politicized and easily misused. For example, I support police 100% and want them to get really good at catching bad guys and protecting our Constitutional rights 110% because the police should always be working for the American people {We should not be confused about the agreement! I don't agree with defund police as a viable option but I agree with the sentiment of social contract and funding. It was an argument of principle and not in actual application. That doesn't mean it couldn't be practical but its not really developed as a theory in how one might manage a large population that way. That is why it wasn't really sold to politicians and stakeholders. Best use of resources is a fairly normal debate. Right now that is to me to train and improve the system. If someone else has a better idea, I think they should share it. Sorry, I digress....}. The lower values are a sign of institutional disease and create serious long term risks in institutional trust and in some ways the longevity of our nation. For the most part, I believe the simple majority of people within those institutions want to do the right thing, but there is a growing willingness to misuse institutions for disparity and gain. There are not enough checks to correct when aspects of the systems derail or default. We are dealing with people's lives so the institution should seek to ensure our laws are trying to emulate "moral conscious". If moral conscious begins to be defined by the twisted logical of legal orators then as conservatives we should raise an eyebrow. Its a value thing!)

The next generation of conservative leaders should have the skills to accept differences of opinions without moving into political bullying or political violence (this applies to both parties and their maturity level). If you can't understand differences, find common ground between them, then you really shouldn't be in politics. People who can't negotiate or compromise are not politicians they are political extremists (Making a distinction between holding to one's essential values based on principle and not specific form.) One must have the art of influence and good character to be an exceptional leader. Simply yelling and screaming, bashing, and purposely being ignorant is harmful to our democracy (It makes you wonder who supported and voted for these toxic souls. Did they ever expect anything to get done beyond heighten political conflict? Applies to both parties.

New conservatives might focus on things like strong military, international business, appropriate government size/influence/scope, global presence and international influence, and so many other things. Most of the traditional values, beliefs, and stuff doesn't change. Let us continue.....

(I dislike politics but also am a little fascinated by how we vote, change each other's behaviors, act on a social level. There are some serious long-term concerns for our nation that I can see from a sociological perspective. I've met great local candidates but I'm not seeing the same strength in some of our long-term national prospects {It could be a sign of a disconnect}. Perhaps we know it on one level and have started an internal debate on what the future of conservativism looks like.)

A conservative should be forward thinking, hedging the diverse strengths of this nation to create competitive advantages, focused on the essential principles of democracy, willing to make changes when systems are not functioning properly and/or defaulted and able to look back at the religious, ethical, and moral sentiments of  society that leads to choices that resonate within the hearts and minds of the American populace. 

That is what I believe as a digital era universal democracy supporting conservative that we must think about building a great nation of a diverse people with a single shared sense of purpose. That purpose moves beyond individual leaders and the flavor of the day politics and into long-term prospects through professional management of government and its systems (By professional I don't necessarily mean always life-long politicians. Democracy needs fresh ideas and new ways of doing things to stay relevant. Some old for balance and some new for change.) As a nation we suffer from some social class (include racial and religious preferences as construct cojoining of social class in this conversation) issues, over concentration of wealth (Its becoming difficult for small business and the common man/woman to get ahead), violating social contracts when its politically convenient (managing for the day versus the decade or century), and blocking beneficial voices of change (...suppressing wisdom in support of ignorance. i.e. intentionally pulling the wool over one's own eyes.).

Where my fellow conservatives go is up to them but I'm walking in this direction (Independence of thought is not much wanted or rewarded in society. That doesn't mean it isn't needed! Pretty much in history we sort of just hemlock poisoned most of the free thinkers {Socrates as an ancient wrong in the fight for the health of democracy!) that were actually capable of making change. i.e.  I guess that is something some fear and perhaps why its also why change should be constant. ) The path is small today but with more feet on the ground it could someday turn into a major throughway. While I may be a conservative light R, I have no problem with Democrats that want to hike those paths for a while as well just to get a feel for how two parties can find common ground to help politicians find meaningful focus and work so as to maximize our tax payer dollars. We hired and paid them so we should expect professional management of our larger systems (I'm only lightly into politics now but the last few years sort of had me step back and make sure my personal principles and professed conservative principles resonate; its an attempt at integrity of words and action {Politicians should believe in what they say. Some things I didn't believe in and didn't know if it was going to put me at odds/conflict or not. Those issues and initial misdirection appear to be in the process of being resolved.}. The political landscape has changed and I suspect it was likely unsustainable in its most recent prior form.)

All I know is that I know nothingwhile others think they know what they do not know.” - Socrates

(These articles are help you to think through the different choices, options and view points that may or may not be a herd approach.)

Monday, December 26, 2022

Three Improvements to Catalytic Specialization in Economic Clusters (Delta County Cluster Model)

Clusters are going to become increasing important as our nation seeks to create competitive advantages. We will need new ways to think about things and researchers will have to share information to connect the dots of development. Approximately 13 years ago I started researching clusters based on something I found in Detroit just prior to the collapse. Since then I started to work on first understanding fishing, technology, and pharmaceutical companies. Once I got to a certain point I started to think of isolated rural towns like Delta County where you can watch cluster form in live time. Here is where I am now in my Delta County Model (It may not be where everyone else is. Some may be further and some less however each is going to be a little unique.)

As with all science you have to keep finding new information to better understand the model and the activities and the different components that lead to local and perhaps even at some point national innovation. This comes through the collective of knowledge on economic clusters and watching how they form.

 According the report Transform Economies, Promote Specialization we find that there are possibly three ways to start a catalytic specialization area (CSA) to speed innovation (Dhar, et. al. 2022). 

1. Identifying the Cluster. In my example I used Delta County and Escanaba, MI. 
2. Prioritization of high-potential CSAs. This means government, industry and business stakeholders make it important. 
3. Building models. Aha! I been working on this one using Delta County. See Theory of Transactional Clusters (Ok. There are about 4 people who are working on this in any depth from what I can sort of see. Most others are sort of drawing off of those primary theories. Mine is nearing a point where I can weave it into a bow so that it justifies itself in a way that better ensures higher levels of validity. Each of the components is justified in the literature and applied real time review but put together in this way may be new. Its not finished yet so avoid hitting it with a purist meat cleaver.)

Now the report pushes for specialization and I agree in part that this is true but its not absolute. Specialization is necessary in order to have the higher refined technical and scientific knowledge. Yet over specialization of a team leads to poor results when trying to connect scientific holes. Cognitive diversity is as important in research as it is in business and civic life. 

Thus I would throw a finger to the wind and throw a ratio out 1 creative generalist to every 5 specialist on a team. This is how one calibrates a team will determine whether they will go wider to cross pollinate other industries or deeper to discover new pins of needle knowledge (In cluster management and shared research it will be important to determine the amount of forces on the cluster pushing it down some lines of development versus others. That will be dependent on stakeholders.) 

One of the advantages in the Delta County/Escanaba Model is you can start formulating a way to sort of see where the gaps in knowledge lay, which industries might enhance a cluster, and move down into the granular movement of information and resources. It isn't perfect but there are some justifications at various levels of sand to beach conception. 

Dhar, et. al. (December 7th, 2022). To Transform Economies, Promote Specialization. BCG.

Expect Little but Receive Much from People: New Year's Wisdom

As we move into the New Years I have learned some lessons over the decades and feel it is beneficial share much of what I learned throughout my life with others. I'm not always right, but I think they do provide some level of valuable insight into at lease one perspective. While I like to give advice to my kids, and with age they have come to appreciate that advice, that doesn't mean everyone will. It also doesn't mean that my advice is always valid. What it does mean is that I'm experienced enough to provide some general advice and hopefully take some of it myself. 😏

Expect Little but Receive Much from People 

People can disappointing and because of that a great many conflicts in life are based on false expectations. While as a society we should have certain expectations and maintain certain standards for the benefit and safety of everyone most of our day-to-day interactions are are series of social interplays. Sometimes they are positive and sometimes they are negative.

The expectations we have of others are ours alone! We create them in our social world and they are highly dependent on the person and their focus on certain social exchange behaviors. Some people will focus on some things and some will focus on others.

In many cases, the wiser the person is, the less they expect, and the more humble they become. The less humble, and in many ways more emotionally demanding a person is, the more they expect people to meet their high expectations. Only from a place of wisdom can you truly guide others. Mostly you are immersed in the mix of life, pushed like a leaf in the wind, unaware until one reaches a level of metacognition.

Often the lower we are in that journey, the more we expect from others while the higher we are in that journey the lower those expectations (different than cynicism alone). Beware of those with impossible expectations because they will likely stay impossible! (They are often also incorrect expectations.)

People just sort of live their lives and get into their routines along the robopath without critical examination. Some think about things deeper and some only scratch the surface. If you lower your expectations you can come to accept people for who they are and where they are in their life's journey. Expect more beyond what someone can provide and you will be disappointed.

When you allow each person to unravel themselves and be themselves without expectation they begin to tell you a story. They may not know they are telling you a story but you are allowing them to be themselves and in turn express themselves freely. You receive insight into the person, their interest, values and lives (Sometimes that is important). 

This year instead of expecting people to meet your expectations instead take the time to let them set their own standard. Let them tell you a story about who they are and what they believe. Listen to what they talk about, how they want to be treated, how they treat others, their values, and their behavioral mannerisms. With time they may tell you a story of their inner motivations and their life's logic. 

If your trying to select a candidate to manage your money, take on a political career, move into an important role you may want to expect less and receive more. The story candidates create through their interactions with others helps you to make important decisions. While we may have fancy systems, exquisite portfolios, complex supply chains, and spectacular balance sheets at the end of the day success comes down to people and knowing who has the skills for what. 

As you come to practice the half zen wisdom of expecting less and gaining more there will come a point where you realize people want to be appreciated for who they are and not what you want them to be (A good point for those who want to inspire others to greater heights.). Clearing the smudge of expectation from your glasses often leads to greater insight. Did you expect me to say something different? 🤷

Sunday, December 25, 2022

Christmas in Escanaba: Generations of Loggers and "Mill" Workers

On this Christmas Day it is time to spend time with family and friends. For those in Escanaba, it is time to remember the many generations of people that worked in lumber in one form or another and its influence on our holidays (Think about it....for many families histories going back since early 1900's or even before.). 

Source: DDA and History of Escanaba
Even my family goes back generations in this field in the U.P. ensuring logs made their way down the river. The "Mill" as it is locally known has helped this town throughout its generations maintain a way of life that is unique among those in this country and perhaps even the world. 

I know that Christmas is sort of a religious day for some and it is sort of a secular holiday for others. For me, it is a little of both. Today, I'm thinking a few minutes about the many blessings that have been shared among people I know and among people in the community. 

Source: Escanaba Post Card Museum
I'm reading this article Proposal to transform Escanaba Mill, retain 1,200+ jobs gets first green light and thinking, "Wouldn't it be nice if we do land the investment and the town is secure for another few generations?"

I guess we should be thankful for what we have today and perhaps with a little Christmas miracle be even more thankful for tomorrow. There is always hope. 💓 Happy Holidays and great tidings! 

"Ibland kan man inte se skogen på grund av alla träd." translated "Sometimes you cannot see the forest because of all the trees."

Saturday, December 24, 2022

Surfing in MI During a Blizzard, I Kept Hearing About It! Video

People complain in California during the wee hours of the morning that it is cold but I doubt they never thought of surfing during a blizzard! I would not suggest you try it at home.

The closest thing I can think of are ice divers. Basically they chop a hole in the ice and jump in. They keep asking if I will be topside for emergencies ensuring the ice wont freeze, helping, etc. While I have summer dived with the group many times I respond, "Don't ask me! I'm not jumping into the hole!" Basically, depending on tank time and decompression time based on depth it would be unlikely emergency services would be close enough help. (You may want to read about gases in cold water decompression many divers don't often think about. Pollock, 2003)

The coldness is not the issue here, it is the cold, wind, waves, and violent nature of a blizzard on the Great Lakes that would make this activity and perhaps even rescue difficult. However, with the outdoors the goal is often to push the limits and for many people it works out just fine but preparation and precaution are important.

Pollock, N. (2003). Cold Stress Complicates Decompression Risks. Education, Conservation, Exploration.

Top Four Things I Learned About Fitness Over the Past Year (Rowing Example 2023)

I'm an active type person and do lots of things for recreation, sport and even sometimes compete in various activities. Reflecting back over the past year and some of the fitness mini experiments on myself to see what works and what doesn't work to improve fitness (In this context, it just means trying new things and taking notice of changesColloquial language). Four things I found interesting over the past year are listed below.

Earned a fitness trainers license and have some experience in general fitness activities (I have been on different teams throughout my life from sailing to chess). While that is perfectly good knowledge for me, it may not be precisely the right knowledge for you! The only way to know with reasonable assurances is to talk to your doctor and make sure you are ready for physical stress. Because I regularly try and push the limits and in turn I must monitor my general health and have regular check ups. 

Four Things I Learned

1. Consistency. Keeping at it with a schedule and not allowing others to derail.

2. Food Quality. Higher protein, complex carbs, and good fats. 

3. Loading Properly. Ensuring you are burning yourself into fatigue.

4. Imagery. Know what your trying to accomplish and have an image of it.

(Over the past year+ I have been getting into rowing. About 5 years ago I started rowing and then sort of dropped out as other interests took precedence. Anyway, over the past year I have found out that it is a great sport for fitness and when you get into it there are other life benefits. My goal over 2023 is to move from being sort of on the cusp of lower level of a rowing team/group to somewhere in the middle. Then I will have to decide what goals to add after that {Its about options in most things.}. 

If you don't know me very well you will come to find that my life is a series of goals and efforts to accomplish those goals. I can barely see where I started anymore. For the most part the important ones have been accomplished and those that started out with hopes but lost precedence sort of fizzled in the practicalities of life (i.e Everest)

In order for me to achieve my goals I will need to condition more on the muscles and activities that specifically apply to rowing {or any other activity). Each sport has their own fitness requirements and the process of engaging in multiple sports until I get pretty good before exploring new sports has some general fitness advantages. Yet each sport requires a period of adaptation to proficiency that leads to multiskills which further create complex fitness {i.e. I'm not saying its all that! I'm just saying variety, especially variety to proficiency, leads to new self mastery paths. Skills and abilities are additive.}  

I like to set and work with concrete goals so mine is to drop 30+ seconds for the 500 meter this year. I'm good enough to row in a fairly seasoned group/team, but am on the lower end of the pack. {Yaaa sad I know. 😢} I don't blame myself because as my sport specific body mechanics become more finely tuned, pace becomes consistent, muscle memory grows, and specific fitness requirements adjust, those 30 seconds will drop quickly. It must be the way I, we, us learn or something. Beyond that, it would be slow time shaving. Its kind of like dropping 10 lbs when you first start dieting and then find out the rest of the pounds are much harder.)

You may be interested in this motivating video....

(Your probably thinking I'm going to add more videos on rowing and yes that among many other videos from other stuff I'm interested in because I find them motivating. However, I think you might sort of see a general blog demographic forming based on shared interests, likes, knowledge sets and lifestyle. If your going to write about something you might want to make sure it does general good for society and that it is stuff that interests you!)

Friday, December 23, 2022

January 6th Committee Report Released House Report 117-000

This report is important and in relation to a security report in a previous post a few days ago (Capitol Security Report). Why is it important in general and/or for business? Well, the short answer is that the way in which we handle these conflicts, issues, and arguments helps to show our ability to navigate some of the most tricky situations. If I were a foreign company I might take notice that even during the worst of times where a Capitol has been sacked we as a nation, as a people, as self-rule spirit eventually adjust and overcome in a relatively peaceful way (I'm optimistic! 🤞)

There is research that helps to show that countries that can handle conflict and civil strife by focusing on the best will of the people become more stable places to invest and in turn reduce risks for international investments. When we add innovation, infrastructure changes, etc., civil rights protections, we might find the U.S. to be overall one of the best places to invest with a stable government system that can overcome violent dissent and overcome hate to develop itself and its human capital (That doesn't mean we still don't have work to do.).

Let us see if our choices get us there or if we allow further splits. It looks as though people are starting to see the bigger purpose of their roles and how that can be a huge part of becoming the first digital era economy through large scale advanced manufacturing universal democracy that marks the next stage of societal development. Or we go backwards. 🤷

Most countries are not ready to grow on this level because the groundwork hasn't been laid. Conflict may have a longer term historical advantage when it occurs if we adapt to higher values and shared futures appropriately. That happens ONLY if we overcome our challenges and keep our eyes over the horizon. Many are walking like ducks behind the other and have not looked up to get their own bearings.

For now, just read the various reports and see where they are similar or different. This report is going to be fairly important because of the sheer scope of people involved, witnesses, and other documents that lead to credibility of the assessment. It is now up to the DOJ to review. I didn't actually read it process...I'm curious what it says. 

Final Report January 6th, House Report 117-00

Billerud Needs Escanaba and Escanaba Needs Billerud!

The mill needs new life and the life of that mill is limited by the current market. Billerud has an opportunity to not only connect with the community but be part of history in the making. This town has lots of potential and the town is attracting increasing interest. Billerud is taking a historical landmark mill and bringing it into a modern digital era that supplies boxes for packaging and shipping (This is a growing market). So Billerud will make some choices....

Below you will find a very nice article by the Daily Press (Our local paper). If Billerud selects Escanaba as the place for investment I believe based on the way the market is changing, political adjustments, and economic shifts in manufacturing the company may end up returning more than they initially projected and in turn set themselves up for future emerging options and opportunities (Maybe. There is some support for that comment.). 

I'm not going to go into depth on hedging and corporate investment strategies that consider factors such as locality, emerging markets, current investment profiles, etc. There are people out there way smarter than me on that topic. The only thing I'm going to say on it in the moment that Escanaba may work as a midterm and long term investment hedge for a number of different types of companies. The current revenue projections would likely be maintained except during certain periods of construction until new systems come on board (It just depends on the mechanics and strategy of the plan). 

That may specifically apply to Billerud as this mill and this town have unique characteristics (geographic, infrastructure, skilled training school, etc.) that would be hard to find in other towns. In other words, while some investment metrics might find similarities in some towns they may not see the specific benefits of this town (I think they see it but sometimes people get lost in in some numbers and not other numbers which would justify unseen value.)

Companies want to put themselves in the best place for success and future options and opportunities as they can. Future options, with local/state support, and with other developments in the area can raise the long term value of the initial investment projection and return rate. Environment is a difficult thing for many traditional metrics to count accurately (there will always be error rates). Add to that what our market looked like preCovid, preSupply Chain chaos, preChina-US trade issues, PreRussian war, etc. a few years ago to today and we would be shocked at how radically different they are now. Forecasting the Fringe. Billerud and the Red Buck 'Skonawby'.

Think about it. If you can invest in a town that may have other opportunities coming its way that raises the value of the mills property and land holdings, having one of the few deep ports, shipping infrastructure, lifestyle for attracting and retaining employees (executives), and a downtown that is drawing interest I think you can see the other difficult to calculate benefits (One could calculate these out but it isn't always included in every strategy so sometimes its beneficial to mention so designers can go back and consider.)

We can only really wait and see what happens but we those that can make the opportunity go through should be. It will be good for the community and it will be good for the company and for the owners/investors. This could be the start to something much bigger and much greater as markets reorient themselves to new supply chains and political realities.

Small Business Filings Up Nationally: Escanaba as an Example of Growth Opportunity

U.S. Small business filings are up significantly and that could have an impact on the overall success of communities as well as the long ter...