Bank of America Bullish on Market? Forecasting the Fringe

Economists, business executives, and investors of all types like to see some of the projections that banks offer. These banks conducted their own analysis to help determine future investor strategies. Remember, that banks make money when people trust their advance and are willing to deposit, invest and earn a profit on capital. Watching banks, especially different banks, can give you a benchmark of what institutional investors are thinking as they navigate the fringe (Things that haven't happened yet). Assuming that the metrics they are using are not outdated or misrepresented each uses their own particular (but related) strategies to forecast. Bayesian Time Varying Models

Bank of America Securities offers some discussion on supply chain disruptions (That is also why I think the U.S. should update its infrastructure, shorten its supply chains, and engage in mutual development projects with Canada and Mexico to corner the different price bands of new products to price out products from countries that aren't as innovative and have been relying on low cost copy manufacturing to maintain profits; without calculating other costs to things like environment. Thinking of methods to limit market entry. See Data Monster, Environmental ScanningEssential Pricing Strategy, and Evolutional Game Theory Market Entry  FYI. not that first long sentence is grammatically correct. 😏)

S&P Global offers, an international business intelligence and analytics firm, offers insights offers a Mid Year Banking 2021 Outlook.

...and there is a great place to invest in the U.P. if anyone has any institutional dollars now that forecasts are somewhat higher (Intelligent Investor Optimism Jason Sweig). Delta County Chamber of Commerce


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