Saturday, April 30, 2022

Blades of Steel! Just about but not there yet.

This picture makes me think of
"Excellence". I'm probably going to use
in a gallery submission.
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Recently I went fencing to try my luck at the blades of steel. I had a little training prior and have at least the basics down of all three sword fighting techniques down (I have a little knowledge of the bo staff as well.). Yet I have been inconsistent in my play and practice but I hoped some skills don't fade quickly. I didn't have much to lose.

The three styles of fencing include epee, foil and sabre. I like sabre the most because there is more total movement (targets and possibilities) and its somewhat of a practical sport. That doesn't mean I'm necessarily good at all of them but that I'm not the worst player our there either! 

On this particular day I played four bouts of which (You can read the rules HERE and some pointers HERE) I was pushed around loosing embarrassingly the first three bouts. However, in the last bout I lost 4 to 5. Yippie!!!

That would normally stink but these were full members who come a few times a week. They live their lives fencing and around fencing. I'm just a guy who knows enough to play. However, the guy I lost two in the last bout was an instructor and a pro. 

So bragging rights! 😏I lost to a professional!!!! 🥳

The point is.....its for fun and how we define our own performance is relative to the others around us. Be happy to loose to better players! 

I should say that if you are looking for a serious cardio sport fencing is one of them. There is so much back and forth movement with equipment you will be doing HITT training in no time. 

Sometimes receiving a little help if you are new to fitness can go a long way. I have fitness trainer, yoga and self defense certifications and do training as a side gig. Training is done virtually and catered to your specific goals and needs. Affordable. Limited space and availability. Email Fitness Training

Q1-2022 US GDP Sinks $1.4%: What's Next?

BEA released their Q1 2022 GDP analysis and it was a -1.4% GDP. See HERE. If you want a pretty solid analysis of it take a look at U.S. GDP fell at a 1.4% pace to start the year as pandemic recovery takes a hit by Jeff Cox. (I like looking at people who have been doing this for a long time. They have lots of great knowledge. For me I'm just paying attention for theoretical reasons.

What I'm going to say about this is that we have a lot of things going on here (Increases risk and complexity.). That includes international conflict, supply chain issues, and inflation. We also find that consumers are still buying stuff (Who says were not a consumer culture?)

At the end of the day this is not expected to be a major downturn. Yet I don't think predictions are going to be perfect. It could be a little more of a downturn or it could be GDP growth going forward. Older metrics and ways of looking at the economy are changing. 

I think we are going to see real  boosts the later half of year and we are going to have a great 23-24 transition (Could come a little sooner as adaptation time. Lot of businesses are shifting around right now and moving their supply chains so that is part of the overall view in addition to COVID digital push. I could also be completely wrong. I'm somewhat indifferent as its not central to the main theory I'm working on.). Digital GDP will become increasingly a bigger part of economics and society (Things will change faster leading to cultural, institutional, and social adjustments.) 

Lets wait and find out.....

Values: What do they mean and why are they still important? (Business, Society, Life)

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Values are something that are important in society and I believe they will be even more important as we move through technological and socio-cultural  change that will likely adjust our institutions. Whether you are a business person, in government, or just a person living their daily lives I fell that values will differentiate those of quality from those who lack quality. 

Let me be a little clearer. We are not talking about the "judgy" values that shallow people use to put down others but the deeper values incorporating the "truths" woven into life. These are deeply rooted values that apply across different spectrums of society. It is these universal values that will be the marker of those who should lead and those who should follow. 

Let us say you are hiring a new CEO. One gets the job done regardless of the cost. He/she lies and manipulates but still performs to get their goals accomplished. Another CEO may also perform but does have limits on their behavior (i.e. they don't always take the short term gain.). It would be tempting to choose the "get it done at all costs" as the person most appealing for business but it carries uncalculated risks. 

Treading the line of immoral, unethical or illegal only lasts for so long. Of course you wouldn't be wise if you ran your business off of this mentality. You are asking for problems, a blow out of some type, and other issues that will likely get your company in hot water. Values are part of good governance and getting the job done while still considering the other stakeholders in society creates longevity in business (Tangible brand value and management strength). 

I've seen the opposite occur where poor values persisted that nearly/did cause the collapse of a business but also was indicative of the wider society (also leading to larger bankruptcy.) Likewise, I have seen how poor values warped aspects of local governance and that in turn created wider chaos (Not that people see themselves as responsible for anything.)

While values don't seem very important, when you take a wider perspective I have seen how values are important on an accumulative scale. A poor judgement call on a lower level often is indicative of thinking on a wider level. Add them up over time and you have a long-term problem brewing based in values and culture. Mistakes are mistakes and bad values are bad values.

My suggestion is to hold certain universal values as important to your business, governance, and society at large. While short term losses can sometimes happen because your willing to make choices based on those values, organizations often win over the long term. They become more stable, supported by wider networks, and create more value for customers/stakeholders. There is ROI to universal values.

Friday, April 29, 2022

The Atlanta Ship Discovered on Bottom of Lake Superior 130 Years After Being Lost

The Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society (GLSHS) announced the discovery of the Atlanta in 650 feet of water. According to the article Missing ship discovered after 130 years at bottom of Lake Superior the ship was under tow  and had no sails. Once the towline snapped the ship was abandoned. People died within the escape attempt when using their little row boat to find saftey. 

I do a little shipwreck diving from time-to-time. I'm looking for a ship Queen City in Delta County and turned in an unmarked ship to NOAA (Not sure what happened. I didn't discover it but it was unlisted and dived by locals that didn't know the name of the ship.) so its great to keep up-to-date about local shipwrecks. Its also nice to know some of these for future diving (This one is too deep to dive.)


Thursday, April 28, 2022

Sea Navigation Photo: Motivating to Performance

I'm looking through some pictures for a art gallery submission. I took a few photos while ago I liked but have sort of put them all over the place. I might create an online gallery to sell some of the works if people like them for their office or home. Stay tuned. For now I just try and share for readership pleasure and perhaps raise a few dollars for orphans. 

Some of my pictures are kind of business like and I think might look good on a wall. So if your interested in this one just let me know, post a comment or something. This one makes me think of navigating change and charting courses. If you know where your going you can inspire others to follow. 

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Integrity Is an Important Concept for Leaders and National Institutions

Every sailor knows that you can’t sail a ship
that isn’t moving forward,
strong leaders understand that to change direction,
you first have to create forward progress.”
John Maxwell
Integrity is an interesting word and is an important one for the transitions we face as a society. Older patterns of thinking and ways of looking at the world sometimes need to adjust to the newer challenges that face us. When we don't update our thinking we run into situations where the values of a wide swath of society ( defined by characteristics such as generational, racial, religious, etc...) are not in alignment with the values of some institutions (...meaning there is dissonance that will create conflict). Without reorienting the values of one or the other (or both) we will continue to see growing differences and rubs/conflicts that will play out in different avenues. Integrity can help...but only if we live by those values, manage by those values, and use those values as something we agree upon. 

First let us discuss integrity from a leadership standpoint. Here are a couple of quick studies......

 1. Integrity Raises Organizational Effectiveness. ".....effective leadership correlates with integrity and the presence of integrity will improve organizational effectiveness." (Storr, 2004, pg. 1)

2. Integrity = Trust = Organizational Performance: Integrity is one of the most important characteristics of leadership according to a Robert Half Management Services (as stated in Williams, n.d.)

Integrity influences perceptions of trust and that in turn leads to improve organizational influence. Trust that one will act with certain values (i.e. moral conscious) allows for better management as people are willingly to adjust their own behaviors to meet current challenges because they "trust" the vision and the leader. Reasonableness, the ability to think beyond oneself, compromise, hold oneself accountable, truthfulness, moral conscious, etc. are partial indicators of integrity.

Here are a few important concepts to ponder: 

1. How might political behaviors impact positively or negatively perceptions of trust among the general population?

2. Does the ability to solve problems influence perceptions of trust?

3. What happens to trust of institutions if integrity is not seen as important or rewarded from a cultural standpoint?

4. Where individuals, departments, entities are not acting with integrity (i.e. meaning adjusting, removing bad actors, honesty, forthrightness, wise use of resources, following a value system society believes in, correcting mistakes, etc.) will it create dissonance in society?

5. Is it necessary for leaders of organizations to have integrity in order effectively navigate change?

Williams, T. (as citation of original. n.d.) Why Integrity Remains One of the Top Leadership Attributes. Economist Education.

 Storr L. Leading with integrity: a qualitative research study. J Health Organ Manag. 2004;18(6):415-34. Abstract from doi: 10.1108/14777260410569984. PMID: 15588012.

(Side note: In the situation in which I am familiar, dishonest i.e. lack of integrity potentially led to different types of chaos and legal violations as they relate to civil rights  and others {We will later discuss the importance of civil rights in the development of a competitive and innovative nation. Its part of strong cluster management as well.} Where good judgement should have been forthcoming social connections warped the functionality and decisions/behaviors of important institution (s). When integrity isn't present the institution could be derailed from serving wider interests/needs of society.  Poor and/or misleading behaviors of individuals/groups can risk positive/negative perceptions of wider institutions. Such systems should be managed in alignment with American values under the definitions/rights of the Constitution and our founding fathers/mothers to maintain integrity through sense of purpose. Leaders and their networks can sometimes create positive and/or negative influence within organizations and derail and/or realign them from/to their missions. Picking the right leaders and having the proper checks and balances helps create institutional resilience. Where and how much influence individuals should have is a matter of debate when it comes to important national institutions. Too much leadership influence and they can become warped while with too little leadership influence and they struggle with needed change. So the more important the institution to society, the more checks and balances we may need. Integrity in society is still important to better ensure public perceptions of legitimate purpose and thus support. In other words, we must pick people with integrity to lead and maintain a level of checks and balance when/if systems fail.)

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

China Moves to "Beef up" Infrastructure: U.S. Needs a Double Patty!

 If you are following the China and U.S. national competitive initiatives you can gain a grasp of how infrastructure is becoming central to both nations and their approaches. China is a country that rose to power quickly in part because some U.S. executives found that the profits drawn from investing overseas was worth more than the total cost-benefit of investing in the U.S. (See how metrics can be misleading because they are finite and often fail to take in all the different factors. They used profit as one of the primary drivers without considering the longer term implications such as stolen technology, weakening of U.S. competitiveness, long term economic health, workforce development, etc.... That doesn't mean outsourcing to free up U.S. capacity to focus on higher value development is different than outsourcing entire manufacturing sectors to shave price. One keeps the highest value aspects of the line in the U.S. while the other moves the ultimate direction of value to another country.). The U.S. has amazing cultural and national resources that can be dusted off and put back to good use. Likewise, it has a shot at creating the first advanced Digital Era advanced manufacturing nations (That could happen if policy makers make the right decisions that lead to a series of open doors. Everything has risk and that includes doing nothing. China is also pushing to enhance its digital technology thereby understanding the wider significance is beneficial.)

I think you should read the article below to sort of gain a better understanding of what is going on. We have options to put our infrastructure initiatives into industry-government macro innovation systems whereby multiple sectors gain advantage (military, industry, micro companies, communities, etc...). Let us see what our policy makers come up with (Let just wait a few minutes while they finish up bickering about lesser important things. Just wait...they should finish anytime soon......waiting.....coming soon.....anytime now........💤💤😒🤷 Biggest Threats)

China’s Xi announces another infrastructure push to boost growth as Covid drags on

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Deutsche Bank Predicts 2023 Recession-Maybe but Not so Sure 🤔

There is a prediction by Deutsche Bank that in 2023 the Fed will cause a mild recession. According to JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon things could get worse if environmental factors get worse. There is potential for soft recession or deeper recession. There are also possibilities other interesting things can happen. (It should be noted that when we are talking about probabilities and possibilities each outcome is dependent on other factors.) So there is no crystal ball when it comes to predicting the future but one can project the future based on past performances (i.e. the same thing Fed Chair Jerome Powell is saying when he talks of soft landings. He is looking at past incidents to predict economic behaviors based on similar circumstance. There is a whole complex science to it. I failed my Harvard extension economics you know. 🤷). We look at past history to sort of understand what might happen in current situations. 

It should be noted that we are moving through a transformational shift where the very market fundamentals we experiences in a physical world system is changing so the calculations are likely need to change as well to make more accurate predictions. We don't have a full grasp of how much of the economy is online and how a changing distribution and payment system is going to change the fundamentals of commerce. Many things will still stay the same but predictions on older metrics are likely to be increasingly inaccurate leaving wider variability in outcomes (I looked around a little on growth in Digital GDP but didn't find what I was looking for. However, I suspected a while ago the trend line was going to shoot upwards with COVID and I think that is correct. 2023/24 might be pivotal year when short term adaptation strategies are refined and implemented in new long term approaches. Blah Blah Blah!)

Is Michigan the Next Space State? Innovation, Adaptation, and Feedback Loops

If your wondering what is exciting in the U.P. you have to read this The New Yorker article by David Rompf entitled 'The Plan to Make Michigan the Next Space State'. The race is on and the U.S. needs to be at the top of it. We aren't talking about just sending a global net into the air but the actual discovery of new things and space dominance (commercial shipping, mining, military, exploration, etc...). Space will be that new frontier in the same way that sailing around the globe and developing the first plane changed our lives (ok...for the younger age...the invention of the cell phone as an example!)

The U.P. is a perfect place for space development. It is rural, surrounded by water, and rugged. You can find some of the world's most noteworthy natural forests. It is the type of place where people gain a sense of what it was like before the advent of technology (I actually know people who trap as augmented income.). We are talking about taking something as outback as Siberia that allows for measurable cluster development (Its an unfinished theory based on the humanistic and natural way in which new ideas are created, spread, and developed for production to create innovative avenues for industries. It may not be a good idea but its seems to be fairly consistent in its orientation. I'm not 100% convinced I have seen much better out there in terms of national/industry macro innovation. Meaning, the cluster spearheads emerging technology where all the elements come together and the wider industry can adapt to the new developments through national/global export of new products/services. Maybe there is better theoretical stuff but I haven't yet seen a relatively holistic theory on the topic. Bits and pieces but not holistic. This theory is ugly and unfinished and needs to be rewritten to organize the majority of the content into an easier to understand/practical application (Using my DBA mindset.) However, I think you can see that each of the major points are justified and related into a semi cohesive concept. Maybe not....I shouldn't quit my day job! ). 

There are criticisms of new government development by some locals and I guess and we should be willing to pay attention to some of those criticisms. I find that while criticism are heartfelt, they also based on fears of the unknowns. If people feel that environmental factors are of concern or they are unsure of the impact on community they will have questions (We, as national institutions, should welcome and expect them.). 

Understanding those issues helps in developing better policies and potential community oriented outcomes that lead to greater support and coordination. Perhaps community members need more information, we might be able to make adjustments that allay fears, or we could hire as many locals possible to maximize impact to people they see on a daily basis (We meaning as a societal institution we all have stakes in its success. ).  Small changes can go a long way. (I'm a big supporter of our military and believe that it is one of those institutions that runs by a moral code. It can be mostly trusted because its essential values are based in honor and integrity; even when others don't want to hear it or want to see it. Yes, it also has room for improvement.)

That being said there will be from time-to-time unreasonable personalities and of course once you provide relevant information and engage to create positive prosocial outcomes the responsibilities begin to lay on such people to make the effort to understand and adjust. "Agendas" are different then feedback. Legitimate concerns should always be taking with a full ear yet those who say the same thing over and over without a resolution are going to be more challenging to work with.

As with everything we do in society, there will be benefits and costs. To me, our military is essential to our national development and sometimes we will need to look at the bigger picture to see why that is the case (That doesn't mean other institutions are also critically important. Bread and Butter arguments.). Our nation will soon be competing on a level we are not accustomed in modern times and younger generations (The Digital Era brings positive benefits and increased adaptation. Those nations that adapt quicker can also master this new era. The space race is part of that mental and technology transition. Of course we no one can say for sure but the data seem to indicate major societal and technological shifts that are likely to impact geopolitical structures. i.e. Russian last grasp for greatness, Arab Springs, Capitol Riot, and general shifts in national/international sentiment as information more easily passes across the globe. It is incumbent on all of us in society to work together to find solutions that not only put the U.S. in its best strategic position but also create greater international support. I have a perspective but of course that doesn't mean its perfect or without fault...but just that it is only maybe possible. A few related interesting pieces...   Economic Platforms, GDP Govt Mind,  Infrastructure BillInnovation Act, Advanced DemocracyChina 2033 ).

I two thumbs up Michigan as a Space State 👍👍 (It will likely come with other benefits. Time will tell.....)

Monday, April 25, 2022

Violence Against Police Rising: Its Not the Solution

Policing is a necessary part of societal life and rising violence is going to bring more problems. Just like ignoring blatant problems in policing isn't the solution it is also not a solution to attack officers (It heightens issues to a point people make even bigger mistakes due to fear, frustration, and impulsivity.). The problem we face is that major differences in perspective (different views in society) and the people who heighten those differences for personal/political gain are creating bigger societal schisms. Ponder an important number.....

According to the article 'FBI director says violence directed at police officers unlike anything he's seen before' violence against police rose 59% to 73 murdered officers in 2021 (Lives lost in the line of duty. While it doesn't seem like a huge number the trend and the ambush methods are concerning.)

There are recruiting problems and other issues rising within policing and we should be concerned about finding long term solutions (That includes recruitment, training, and effectiveness.). Some change is way overdo and our politicians (and others) are not doing us any favors by foot dragging on thorny and politically dicey issues (Notice that if you work from your universal values there is little need to prejudge situations or embarrassing flip flop on issues later when the "political winds" have changed. Learning people/organizations take in new information and continuously adjust understandings because it reflects back various levels of "truth". More genuine opinions create a shared "truth" that we as society believe and experience in tandem with each other. Blah blah blah philosophy stuff! 🤓) . At the same time, violence will cause more problems and in turn create additional need to "crack down" on people  and in turn potentially cause further rifts as different sides view the other as inherently dangerous (Political opinion, perception, intent and body language create "truths".). 

I believe WE can fix these problems as soon as WE develop the political maturity to start focusing on finding solutions (versus constant mud slinging and blind partisanship). Every problem has a solution. Management of organizations (countries, companies, people, etc..) is all about finding solutions to problems so as to adapt the organization to the challenges of our environment/time/space. I don't believe this situation will be going away soon and I feel the longer it lingers there is heightened risk of the wrong decisions being made at the wrong time (Causing a bigger issue and perhaps fundamental break).. 

We can only encourage our leaders to dig deep into their values, gain a wider perspective of our national purpose, and roll up their sleeves to get the sides working together on important legislation/resolutions. Our nation and its people are not a political game for personal enrichment and there are real consequences (to thnation, people, police, etc.) if we fail to anchor our perspective around shared American/"American" values (I say that because I have a Muslim sounding name so what I have to say isn't usually seen as beneficial/valid among some circles of society. Others probably believe I on occasion trip over my own tongue and make a good point here and there. It might be rare but you never know. 🤷). I support police 100% and I support peaceful protestors and practical/beneficial reforms 100%. We are all in this boat together and violence is going to bring more problems, pain, and chaos (That means constructive dialogue is my and should be everyone else's preferred path.). 

Unfortunately when we are reactive to looming issues versus proactive tackling problems we find ourselves increasing behind the curve ball when change heads our way (Without the mental, physical, financial or political tools to resolve through adaptation.). This is why we have freedom of speech and should always be open to the possibilities of new ideas, new ways of looking at things and new ways of solving problems. When we get stuck in our thinking we limit our capacities because we don't see all the possibilities. Selling proactivity is difficult if we are still dealing/fumbling with problems of the past. Living in the present and focusing on the future will strategically give us the best options going forward (i.e. lets stop talking about who is at fault and who is right/wrong and instead focus on the root of the problem to create fundamental shared values on policing. If our politicians dig deep enough they are likely to find that there are practical solutions that most people agree with and are willing to support. Unfortunately, our political networks that have carved up nation limit bi-partisan approaches for seen as being soft and weak. The ability to question and work together isn't "weakness" or lack of political resolve. It is the essence of a democratic system! Our entire system is designed around creating shared perspective through democracy. Think about freedom of speech, voting, electing, etc... and how those are designed to keep society focused on dialogue and potential solutions. When communication breaks down and hope of resolution dissipates is when hard lines are draw and the really big problems begin! I think as an American people we should be expect our politicians to put aside their petty grips and get to work solving this issue. In theory we are paying them and in turn they should be doing their jobs to the best of their abilities. I guess that depends on whether political opinion is reflective of society or society is reflective of political opinion. Chicken or egg concepts....sorry a little deep there. 😬 Hagel. I digress....)

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Why We are Still Struggling With Good Moral Conscious in Law

Today I had an interesting discussion with an acquaintance of mine on law enforcement and its general effectiveness. Sometimes it is beneficial to move into the use of different citations and studies and other times it is beneficial to talk (record sentiment.) without having to deal with "facts". We know that bigotry, discrimination and racism are big part of people's discussion and much of the nation is gripping with this issue and confused by it. From far right to far left people are lining up on one side or the other and sticking to a party line narrative. Yet linger questions still remain and solutions are not forthcoming (likely because people can't budge on their opinions.)

In this discussion we talked about the nature of law enforcement, its purpose in society and how it is perceived in various communities. Different peoples see different things and they view law enforcement in different ways. Some have positive images and some have negative images. Much of that is based in their experience, how the wider system functions, and the personal narratives of their community (any community. Its not race or religion specific.)

(Before you get all excited, pull your hair out, and start calling names {or worse} my beliefs are fairly simple and I believe for the most part practical. I'm always open to the idea that I don't understand something and new perspective are welcome so I may define my own. I have seen mostly great officers who care about their community and their people. They are like anyone. Some are ignorant, some are smart, some are wise, some are selfish, etc... their personalities are like the many different people we interact with every day. As a society we need police and we need them to be part of the solution. Needing police and supporting them also means supporting the legitimate right of people to share their opinion on policing and demand that there are improvements when obvious deficiencies are present. Good officers do good things and are cherished members of our society. Bad officers and corrupt practices sometimes persist because of social, racial, religious, political and personal perceptions and connections. Mistakes can be trained but willful destructiveness cannot and such officers need to removed/accountable for the integrity/good will of the whole system. The justice system is subject to the good will of the people and thus must have the appropriate feedback loops in place to improve and ensure that it maintains that trust by the "people" {defined by our Constitution and not by extremist members of society}. The Justice System must be a thinking, wise and guided by moral conscious to do the right things so that when mistakes happen they are mistakes in improvement and not mistakes that chip at the foundations of society {Its not really about the technicalities of the law or how it can be manipulated}. I support police and our judicial system 100% and I support reasonable/practical/positive change that ensures it if focuses on the essential truths of American societal living. We have philosophical beliefs as a nation and our institutions should be constantly pushing to move in alignment with those beliefs; not the other way around. When it doesn't change or move to improve where improvement is obvious {depending on which group you talk to} we start seeing societal rifts in part on truth and in part on false narratives. When it comes to schisms truth and falsehood are generally mixed up creating wide partial justifications that fail to grasp the essential similarities among the different sides/arguments.  Its not a political argument or even choosing a side but it is an observation that has likely been experienced in many places/countries that were not able to successful navigate change. In case your wondering what my political beliefs are I'm a light right conservative that believes we can push systems to become better, wiser, increasingly effective, more accurate and more effective. Without learning we have stagnation and with stagnation we lose homeostasis as antiquated systems fail to meet the general expectations of all of society; assuming we don't have two different societies forming. To me science, evidence based decision making and good values/conscious can improve most systems. We can write laws, policies & procedures, mission statements, etc... but we must ultimately believe them to enact those values. )  

What we sort of came to the conclusion of is that people see different things based on their backgrounds (and interactions and narratives.). Positive change will be increasingly necessary to sew the different perceptions together. Without some level of change and adjustment we will be creating two different societies, different applied laws, different values, and different opportunities with different philosophical outcomes (One where everyone can compete in a free society or one in which only some can compete in a caste-type society.). These societies are defined in part by both individual cases and on a macro level when we add those cases up to determine how such situations are treated throughout the system (Big data and the Digital Era will provide lots of information and lots of new insights into macro behaviors.). It is best to be fair and reasonable and encourage new ideas to help vet and explore potentially fruitful possibilities. We can build on what we currently have to make it better and that will come when/if we decide that the values that are essential to American life/identity are universalized for all our people.  What do you believe? Do we have a single conception of our society of Americans or a duel perception of Americans and "Americans"?

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Laws Should Reflect the Moral Values of Society

 As a people we should have certain laws and values (and symbols) that tie us together and sow the seeds that allow us to create shared roots of culture. Sometimes laws are designed to help and other times they are designed to distort (Yes its possible to have both). At the essence of all laws should be values and those values are where our money and laws should be focused. 

Values can be very subjective based on who you are talking with. Some feel that while individual cultural values are different that we as a people have shared values that bind us togethers. Others feel that values are all about what they can get out of any situation and laws are just meaningless tools (Some judges may even feel that way from time to time.). At the end of the day we must decide what the essential purpose of our laws are and whether or not they are going to reflect our shared values. 

I used to be an idealist who believed that most people are hoping to do the right thing and create a sense of community and fair play. Over the years I have learned that while this is an ideal we hold in society many people are not willing to sacrifice or give up anything important for those values.  Much of it is just lip service and we run the risk that our values decline (whatever those values are.). Putting our money and values there is difficult at best.

When we are not willing to stand by some shared principles we may find that laws are more of a game of manipulation than actual truth and moral conscious (Watch some court cases and you will see.). On technicalities some walk from major crimes and others blatantly play games with the law; much is dependent on social connection and deeper pockets as they relate to the quality of lawyer (Sometimes justice occurs but it is more likely on the 60-70% range and can be volatile. Feedback is something that seems to struggle finding receptive ear.). 

Here is where we have a problem and its one we just simmer in the background on a low boil. When we do not share certain values and principles and the law looks more like a game of checkers than an actual societal problem solving tool we have big problems brewing under the surface. This is where judges as a judicial branch must sole search and ensure that all laws are applied in a way that support underlining moral codes (They have a huge responsibility to judge based on the needs of all the people.). 

These unwritten and written values come to define us. Integrity in the law is important and people trust that the law is designed around certain shared values. Most judges are doing the right thing and of course they deal with fancy suit wearing attorneys (nothing wrong with a fashionable suit) that seeks to use the law like a chess game for self-enrichment (except civil rights lawyers that are like social workers.). We should think about returning to some of our founding principles that ensure that our laws have underlining values that support the development of a moral and just society (However, we define it.). 

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Stingray Picture-Trying out a Used Underwater Camera

Ok its not a great white shark nor is it a nearly extinct whale! It is just a stingray with thousands and thousands just like this one on just about every beach in CA. I bought this relatively cheap used outdoor underwater camera off of Ebay I was trying out. Likewise, I haven't touched my dive equipment for a while so I needed to ensure I had everything I needed. 

Filled up the dinghy and headed to shallow waters. Not much to see but these little stingrays.

Watch out because these little guys hurt if they get you! Last year I got stung coming in from surfing and I had to sit at the lifeguard for an hour with my water in a bucket. Just in case you ever have a stingray sting you will come close to bursting into tears. This is what you do HERE.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Tunnel Fire spreads to 6,000 acres Flagstaff AZ

Firefighters have a dangerous job. Their job isn't going to get easier if climate begins to change. Something like 6,000 acers are burning in Flagstaff AZ. I looked around to see if fires are increasing and in turn the demand for firefighters increasing as well (Will be a problem if we don't attract people to public service and volunteering.) Raymond Zhong from the New York Times put together a really nice article on increase of fires in Climate Scientists Warn of a ‘Global Wildfire Crisis’

You may also want to see some areas where you can help through donations (I know I'm big on supporting donations but its one way that many businesses and wealthy people can give back is by supporting these fundamental roles in society that don't pay much but are still central to a functioning society. In many cases firefighters are volunteer/part-time but the risks are extremely high. Delved in our day-to-day affairs most of us are removed a little from the importance of these first responder roles in society. There was once a time the whole community needed to come out and grab buckets to ensure the fire didn't spread. While in recent times we have trained individuals that fulfill those roles we still should be putting our share into the pot for our absence. Put away your bucket and pull out your wallet 😶 )

Arizona Fire Fighter Fund

United Flagstaff Fire Fighters Local 1505

Professional Flagstaff Firefighters PAC

Leading Military Architect Encourages DOD to Innovative

Preston Dunlap the leading architect official for US Space Force and Airforce is leaving his position but warns the U.S. must innovate to maintain technological advantages. He is responsible for $70 billion budget for research, development and acquisition. You can read more about it at 'Another Pentagon Official Exits, Saying U.S. Is at Risk of Losing Tech Edge'. 

I agree that staying on top of technology is important. Many times we lock knowledge up in higher education institutions without using them for national growth. The higher the institutional standing the more theoretical the research and increasingly exclusive the information (Gentrifying education and innovation can help speed industry adaptations. There are differences in emphasis between PhD and applied DBA). A little more focus on the application of research is helpful to speeding development. That takes commitment to increase competitive change (See GDP Govt. Mind, Start-up FirmsChina 2033 PhD China vs US, Dumb Idea!.).

Trying Out a Used Waterproof Camera (Pictures of Boats in the Bay)

 I was looking around for a cheap waterproof camera that can do shallow dives and be used when I don't have my larger Cannon available. This camera cost me about $25 and was of course used. The parts came and it was a little scratched up. For a 20MP camera that is waterproof it is worth a try. These are above water photos but I thought a few of them looked pretty good. I'm trying to get a collection together for submission to juried art show (I've done on a so so level different artforms. Sold a few pieces from time to time for pennies on the dollar. 😩). Thinking about submitting anyway. I have a couple of galleries I am familiar with that would take the submissions. If nothing else they are good pictures for readership and of course if someone donates a little to children that would be awesome!

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If you like the picture
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Monday, April 18, 2022

When "Inhumanness" and Hate Are Rewarded in Society (Update on Hate 04/18/22)

It doesn't take much to see the horrors of war that come through the destructive capacity of people. Take a way a few rules and throw a wet blanket on social inhibition and the sky is the limit for destructiveness. On a daily basis most of us are pretty good at living in a civilized society but when given an opportunity some of us delve into the darker side of inhumanness through the justification of hate. Behaviors that would be shunned in one context are rewarded in another and that is the risk we face when failing to think of how to tackle thorny race/religious issues in our society (When I listen to the different sides speak none of them seem to have the whole story but they do have the sliver which justifies their preexisting beliefs. They seem to live by self confirming focus and interpretation of events). When we view each other as part of different societies we also begin to raise the value of those within one society and lower the value of those in another. 

At present that debate is raging in the U.S. where race and religion become dividing lines for political values and action (Both major philosophical beliefs can incorporate different religious and ethnic points of view because they are universal in their approaches. It is we who cater the message to a particular people or background depending on our political needs. Thus both parties are guilty of not solving the bigger problems in society.) Those who have wisdom and something positive to say are often sidelined for the loudest and often most uninformed. If one were to take a wider birds eye view of the such situation we may find that it is the values of some (good or bad) that influence and define the lives of the vast majority of others. When those values are of low quality it drags the values of others down through observed behaviors, expectation, and distortion of values; much like an infectious disease of thinking (Studies show that primates and humans who witness certain behaviors also have a reciprocal neural firing that mimics what they are witnessing. Thus bad behaviors impact everyone that witnesses and sees them making such "approved behaviors" a social learning affair that can be emulated at other times and places. When normalized it can be repeated regularly and the social inhibitions appear to decline the people believe, talk, and act on hate.  The study is someone limited to specific neural firing but you get the point. HERE.)

It becomes vitally important that we think about the long term benefits of developing a sense of fair play and togetherness. It is equally important to think about the consequences of not working together to solve particular problems and widening the gaps between people (Of which most is created to give people a sense of power and control. Unfortunately, some exploit divisions for their personal benefit. The one's who draw people together do so because it seems like the right thing to do and certain values take precedence in their life.)

I find that hate is often rooted to other dysfunctions and doesn't have much staying power if not comingled with other psychological goals/directions. Many of these internal pressures are at the level of undiagnosed mental health disorders and learned distortions of value (Based on perception of self. Such characteristics are likely associated with demanding one's needs, manipulating others, misleading information and trying to "get the other".) When we normalize such distorted behaviors and surround that by unquestioning social networks focused on "being cool" we find that the normal limits of society are easily discarded. They are also self generating and reconfirming of looped logic that continues to reaffirm itself in a way that perpetuates the dysfunction of thinking (See confirmation bias). A type of justification of justifications that are no longer connected well to the actual events. Some call this the "hate narrative" where facts are discarded and emotional hyper rousing are present (i.e. intentional trouble makers.).

The discarding of centralized values seems to be replaced by subjective values that apply subjectively to groups differently (This is why people are upset over disparity. It inherently makes some people feel more entitled and willing to subjugate others in sometimes subtle and other times obvious ways. Any time we choose behaviors based on race and religion we are running against the spirit of the nation and our Constitution. The goal is universal freedom and our philosophies seem to support that utopian end). The authority and position in life make no difference subjective social network values take precedence over things like duty, good conscious, and societal contracts (i.e.  laws, norms, etc..)

Our society rests on trust in our institutions, trust in each other, trust in our leaders and general trust in the system. To maintain that trust we must ensure our institutions act with integrity, are provided breathing room from immediate political pressure, and owe their primary directive to the Constitution, moral conscious and general will of the people through democratic venues. Anything beyond creating a full and free society where all human life is valued based on our core American and democratic principals is suspect to scrutiny and likely comes from a darker place. Thus behaviors and policies can be judged by this universal metric (Other metrics for economics, civic, education, etc... Theoretically one could have a dashboard of different performance metrics from society. You would have to continue to adjust the types of metrics used, data drawn and how often information is updated but it would have a pretty big impact on evidence based decision making. The downside of such metric systems is that once the measurements are defined we risk being blinded to all the other new options outside of existing well worn metric paths/understandings. There is likely a sweet spot of standardized metrics and new metrics. The Digital Economy will likely use more science and metrics to make decisions but will be at risk for theoretical blindness. Kind of why creativity will be important so as to question root logic of ideas. I'm sorry I digressed from the main topic. blah blah blah 😬)

That darker place has become normalized for many people where different societal hierarchical values are applied in different ways to different people. The noise over race and religion, perpetuated by "leaders" on different fronts, often tries to creative divisions among people because it helps those individuals achieve their goals (i.e. political power, money, prestige, support, etc.). As we exploit these differences for personal gain we also sew seeds in society that may take root like a weed to ensure that a healthy plant (healthy American ideals) are choked off before breaking ground. As a nation we must decide if we are to have universal laws that apply fairly to everyone or we are to have subjective laws that carve up our nation into "in group" and "out group" members. Unfortunately logic, law and values are often pushed to the side for reconfirming of pre-existing distorted beliefs that fortunately decline through increased accuracy as each generation passes. I believe as a people we will come to realize the value of inclusion but not do so until we have experience true hardship (When we choose the wrong choice and it creates problems we sometimes learn and develop better choices.)

As far as it is concerned related to law enforcement. I think there are many people who seek to do the right thing and there are some people who seek to do the wrong thing. The biggest thing we would worry about is that we make every decision (individual and macro level) with good moral conscious. A tall order if the winds are blowing in the wrong direction and people feel that sailing against the wind is not worth the effort because of the pressure/resistance people feel when standing up for certain principles at the wrong time (This is also why freedom of speech, civil discourse, and shared common goals important long-term success. We want people to stand up to destructive beliefs/behaviors the right way so we should ensure we create the right environment where that is most likely to happen. As soon as we silence reasonableness we also silence new information for performance improvement opportunities with better outcomes from an organizational development perspective.🤓) . While I may have a Muslim sounding name don't let that fool you (Trust me it trumped a lot of people who were confused on how to treat an "American" that fit under the 'undefined' category. A true American or something much much worse! It delves into how we create mental frameworks for categorizing our world and when we can't categorize something correctly it can lead to all types of responses seeking to find a proper category. What I have found is that the issues isn't the "other" but how we "see" the other. More information leads to better assessment. Our choices, words, languages, political parties, groups, races, etc....create culturally embedded symbolism of others. That leads to heuristic and often false assessment of people who are different than us based on limited information. In other words, you haven't walked a mile in their shoes to create empathy and shared similarities. The "other" is often seen as the "enemy" based on our biologically created propensity to understand differences {our senses are designed in a way to perceive differences as subtle as fractions of light} but our socially constructed "narrative" of others is an ongoing conversation that draws social meaning from these senses to create "shared" experiences defined through our culture. i.e. culture as a programming of root understanding of how to see the world and what is important in it since childhood. This is why shared purpose leads to shared culture and shared experiences that are uniquely "American".).  Like it or not we are in this American/"American" boat together and that boat contains many different shipmates and without the universal sound of the coxswain that resonates as having shared meaning and value to each of them it is likely we will have lots of disjointed efforts (In other words, we will argue about definitions without finding solutions because we haven't agreed on what it means to be an "American" and the central-universal principles that apply to all of us!) To me ensuring that we are drawing as many people into the enlightened view of people who manage their own affairs (democracy) and who are pursuing to benefit their lives (entrepreneurs of many types) to a fruitful shared identity and end is likely to be of benefit (Don't listen to me....jump on the first tough hate mongering politician you see and vow your undying loyalty to inappropriate values and beliefs. I guess we all got to make choices about our collective future. 🤷 )

Sunday, April 17, 2022

2 Minors Killed and 8 Others Injured in Pittsburg Party: Guns aren't Toys

We seem to have a rash of people pulling out their guns to solve problems. The more we see young kids doing this, the more we must start to wonder if the way we doing things is the right way. I know it seems obvious but guns aren't toys. Real people get hurt, lives are destroyed, and everyone loses.

 Unfortunately, violence seems to be the preferred path for some people and the skills for other paths lacking among many. 

While these shooters did the wrong thing they did so in context of a wider society in which conflict is handled. Solving problems like this often means teaching people how to manage differences. 

I have seen the difficulties when people disagree and can't stop escalating. There is no limit in the way in which some people process anger and aggression. There are skills that help people diffuse tough situations and still "save face". It just sort of depends on which paths we emulate in society and which one's we don't. 

This is why we still need police. There are bad people in society (and yes there are some bad police officers) and we need mechanisms to hold "bad apples" accountable (counts for policing too.). That doesn't mean we can't make policing stronger and more focused on prosocial evidence based tactics but that the general function of policing is still needed in society. (Kind of why it would be difficult to defund policing. Someone/thing/group would have to fill that power void/vacuum; at least at this point in history. It is much better to have an official policing function than leave that to other entities less subject to oversite. If you study societal structures long enough you will see that different societies may have different cultural values but that there is always a policing function; i.e. religious, militias, military, police, etc... That doesn't take away from the ideas of exploring other alternative sentencing/punishment as well as a general review/update policing tactics/policies. Additional research in the law enforcement area supported by government/industry $$ might not only improve effectiveness but also explore other policing type systems, methods, and possibilities. If something isn't optimal it is often best to explore the possibilities, test, and evaluate to continuously improve the institution; the difference between  law enforcement as a learning organization or one stuck in old methodologies/tactics. Science is likely to change a lot of that going forward a little over the next few decades. Its just an opinion so please don't get upset!)

Does Water and Pineapple Juice Reduce Workout Soreness?

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We can spend the time in the gym ripping muscle fiber but its often the recovery that slows down growth. Recovery time is also part of the growth process as microtears in muscles heal creating strength and bulk. People often look for ways to improve and speed up that heeling process. Some opt for supplements thinking they are the best way to go.  Many of these supplements have limited benefits but there is a need to ensure the fundamentals are covered and that doesn't need to come in pill form. Some fitness trainers have argued that water and pineapple juice speed up recovery and allow athletes to get back into the gym faster (track, sport, etc.)

Does Water Improve Muscle Recovery? Dehydration not only limits current performance but also muscle recovery. See the study HERE. Thus not having enough water in your system is not only going to impact you at the gym it is also going to slow down your recovery. That is a great way of saying keep drinking water! (If you are a supplements I would drink a lot more water. I'm not a big fan of supplements but some have their uses. The same can be said for processing protein. Keep your liver in good shape!)

Does Pineapple Juice Improve Muscle Recovery?: Small study but indicates there was no apparent effect. You can read it HERE. A larger study might come up with different findings. What we might be able to say is that pineapple juice may have some benefits of recovery but the extent of whether that is factual and its extent isn't known without additional research. 

The conclusion is that water makes a big impact and pineapple juice seems to have much less of an impact. Its not going to hurt for you to take in some fruit so no harm in if you do it in moderation. It might make your water taste better!

Sometimes having a little help if you are new to fitness can go a long way. I have fitness trainer, yoga and self defense certifications and do training as a side hobby. Training is done virtually and catered to your specific goals and needs. Affordable. Limited space and availability. Email Fitness Training

Friday, April 15, 2022

April 7th 2022 Escanaba City Council Meeting: To Buy or NOT Buy your Tokes within the City Limits? That is the question!

Marijuana is becoming a heated topic among cities and dispensaries. There are financial benefits in terms of tax revenue to allowing dispensaries within the city limits and there are soft costs in terms of law enforcement, accidents, etc... Taxes are direct and costs are often indirect but they are all important. The soft costs are going to be much harder to pin point specifically. You have to watch for increases in costs in other areas. The same could also be for soft benefits such as requiring the dispensary to fix up and convert one of the nicer/cornerstone buildings to enhance the salability of other nearby businesses (Methods of revitalizing a downtown to increase tax revenue and increase the value of downtown. Add a hotel and some more investors for other buildings/business and you might have small demand growing. That is where the city/county would need a better plan on attracting and encouraging entrepreneurs to move into the area. I suggest small entrepreneurs be in tourist related micro manufacturing as well as retail and recreation. One could also think about attracting a few other SME manufacturers to the industrial areas of town.)

Looks like the city is looking to opt in on marijuana zoning. I'm relatively neutral to the topic. There are pros and cons either way. It just something people have to decide on. In general I'm going to say younger people are likely going to support it more and older people are against it. Its just the way it is! Nothing wrong with either argument.

You can read the April 7th 2022 Escanaba City Council Meeting Agenda. Lots of great information within it.

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Boats in the Bay (Picture)

 Putting a little color in the day. If you get stuck in a rut consider the other things you could be doing right now! Spending time on the water is always awesome! You can almost smell the ocean! 🛥

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Large Cap Technology Companies Good for Investment During High Inflation?

Investment is something everyone should consider as it is one of the primary ways to build wealth and capital. Inflation often eats at saved cash so one should consider the options of finding high return and relatively safe investments. Some industries are going to stay ahead of inflation and be able to adjust the price of their products accordingly. Some tech companies update frequently and regularly and that allows them to adjust prices and maintain profit margins. 

U.S. DOL has information on inflation and inflation calculators. HERE  April 12th, 2022 Consumer Price Index CPI HERE.

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Russian Exploiting US Elections: Ways to Avoid by Rejuvenating Our Central Values

Russia Appears to be focused on further exploiting our elections according to an article Russia Airs Its Ultimate ‘Revenge Plan’ for America that highlights some strategies that are believed to be from Russian officials. Interfering in elections and exploiting differences within the American population strikes at our central notions of what it means to be an American. The strategies follow along the same lines as the prior elections (Also perhaps some of the hyped crowd in Capital riots? I think officials are looking at the different groups and the outcomes of individual cases. Adding up the results of those cases and the details of those cases on a macro level can give a fairly insightful view of what people saw and heard during that time🤷). We can see within our divisive national political rhetoric and the difficulties some American's face in their hometown as indicators of how such false incepted beliefs spread to create chaos  (Russia and Race 2016). 

This is one of the reasons why I advocate for racial and religious universalization of our systems to help ensure transparency that leads to trust and diverse buy in on the fundamentals of democracy. We have to think beyond our socio-cultural past toward solutions that encourage sectors of society to engage in economic-socio-political development that leads to greater equalities and human capital development (Remember that America is about freedom "life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness" and the rights of people should always be protected.). 

I've seen these disparities in life where dishonesty and manipulative behaviors have become acceptable and normalized in certain groups as long as the beliefs reconfirm distorted group identity. Going forward we will need to ensure truth, integrity and moral conscious are at the forefront of our values in a way that leads to greater buy in of our institutions and way of life (We often think that racial and religious disparity is something we can't solve. I believe it can be solved in our lifetimes and contrary to Russian reports it can be solved in the next 10 years. Russia seems to believe it can hype up these differences to create major divisions in our society i.e. police vs. riots and while I recognize the risk, I also recognize its the chance to push the U.S. into the first enlightened large scale advanced digital era manufacturing and entrepreneurial nation where diverse national/international opportunities abound. We must just act on our central beliefs and ensure the system focuses on consistent improvements where weaknesses are apparent.)

We also cannot solve these divisionary problems if we have people on both side of the political spectrum all too willing to exploit our differences and raise violence on some members of society (The same is many dysfunctional 3rd World nations where racial, religious and clannish behaviors carve up the structure of society. They are also marked by weak or corrupted institutions.). We must be able to see ourselves as a single people and a single nation around central values. It has become vogue for some people to tear us apart and that is dangerous for everyone involved. Equally we should be disturbed by how easy it is to justify hate and follow it without knowledge (I've seen someone start a rumor for self gain and how quickly people come out to get involved and support those rumors based on racial, religious, and social networks. When individuals within our institutions act based on these distorted networks they move outside our central values and the purpose of those institutions. It hints that bigger problems are brewing as institutional trust and authority are delegitimized for self-gain, political cause, ethnic identity, etc.... Delegitimization is where the real danger lays and that is what we have seen among few members of various riots that turned violent quickly thereby provoking police reaction {or visa versa depending on what you believe. To me its the narrative and situation that are dangerous}. This is why I advocate for transparency, integrity and accountability of individuals in those institutions to ensure they fulfil their universal mandates.)

Its important to keep thinking about developing our human capital without regard to race and religion to maximize the benefits from diversity on a grand scale (We would have to put to rest old paradigms for everyone involved. We all as a community of people have some responsibility in create togetherness to give the next generation the best chance. That shared guilt and responsibility isn't race or religion specific as we all will own the outcomes of not pulling together.). It is also wise to ensure all of our institutions apply our laws universally and to ensure that preconceived notions and power dynamics do not skew/derail our democratic principles and sense of equality. We have a huge untapped source of potential across our population and when used properly it can be harnessed for maximum national growth (When exploited internally or externally it creates risks that are not necessary.) Yet these ideas are often discounted based not on the quality of the words but by the person saying them (meaning we discount that seen as the "other".). Each time we work together we choose one future over another. While no one can look into a crystal ball we can within reason say that choices open new opportunities and close other opportunities. Other interesting reading Post Afghan Threats, Why Concern? Russia Indict, Capitol Riots Data, FBI Testifies, Hate MI Social Media, Memorial Honoring, Patriotism

Monday, April 11, 2022

Steps to Organizational Innovation: Research Indicates How Corporate Innovation Works (Cluster Concept)

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Organizational innovation is as much a process as it is an outcome. The process of innovation is written into the depth of our organizational structure, culture, and human capital. If you hire smart people (human capital oriented experience, knowledgeable, creative, etc.) and they are empowered to discover (culture, interest and rewards) and given the proper tools (processes, procedures, structure) they are going to produce. The level and benefit of that production is based the ability to design an environment in which those things can happen. 

We can look at a study conducted by Delloite entitled, 'Innovation Study 2021: Beyond the buzzword' that surveyed 400 business, technology, and innovation leaders across six industries to better understand corporate innovation. What you might notice is the different factors that lead to innovation.
1.Ambition: People who want to win and create something new often in the form of improving financial return to the company but could be other reasons as well.

2.Starting Point: Companies can look for innovation through brainstorming, internal efficiencies and marketplace. 

3.Funding: Ensuring the funding is available and structured for research, development (and I would add prototyping for manufacturing consideration.) it can provide resources to develop good ideas. 

4. Ownership: Some projects may be oriented toward business-2-business partnerships, government-to-business, or other arrangement. Who are stakeholders in the process will help determine the outcomes and potential value of the products. 

5. Structure: The centralized and decentralized structures of an organization lead to different levels of innovation. Having a structured innovation structure allows one to focal point development on specific high value areas while decentralized innovative structures widen the innovative capacity of a company.

6.) Measurements: Metrics and milestones are important but the nature of innovation is a little different than production. There is some chaos in it all so don't expect metrics to determine all of the successes or failures of initiatives (If I was going to measure I might use standard metrics but would want something to include something along the lines of problem solving tree/matrix that shows movement towards a final goal and/or effective resource maximization.)

What I like about the report is that it moves into significant depth on what innovation looks like in many organizations and that creates a mental framework for understanding how such innovations can be repeated in other organizations. I suspect someone could also run a financial return on such innovations and the ROI for R&D initiatives. No matter, read the report and gain some understanding of corporate R&D behaviors. They will follow similar patterns even though the specific innovations are different. 

Buchtel, M, Kark, K and Henry, N. (Sept. 30th, 2021). Innovation Study 2021: Beyond the buzzword. Deloitte Insights. Retrieved 04-11-2022.

Side Note: Economic clusters help create the environment where the different aspects of innovation are present to speed and enhance its potential outcomes. In my Delta County Michigan model, you have entrepreneurial talent, engineering-design talent, govt. stakeholders, business investors, resources, and protype-custom creation for testing to lead to mass production is helpful.  In other words, you create a mini economic system focused around innovation of shared competencies/industries in a way that speeds up innovation (and ROI) for multiple stakeholders. Such areas are the best place to invest for groundbreaking products and profits. Furthermore, the potential for benefits to communities to develop other aspects of their economy that range from retail to tourism are possible based on the other benefits of the area. For example, tourism, manufacturing and Escanaba downtown.  Esky Micro, Delta Co Innovation, Firm R&D, Esky Start Up, and more. 

Saturday, April 9, 2022

Fencing Cardio and Coordination

Fencing is a sport I have played from time to time. I get into it and then start getting pretty good and then fall off the wagon so to speak. Being consistent in sports, fitness and life is important. While I am sometimes inconsistent with which activities I am still fairly consistent with activities in general and that makes a difference. Fencing is one of those sports that you will get in shape quickly due to its high cardio requirements (Combat sports are often like that!). At the same time you will master new hand eye coordination skills and learn how your body moves quickly to act and interact with the blade. 

1. Fencing as Cardio: You are constantly on the move and your opponent is trying to strike. You don't have the option of slowing down or you will get hit. The forward and backward movements of a match along with the gear will get you panting to your maximum range. Be careful with a sport like this. There is some conditioning involved if you want to maximize the game. Its not as easy as it looks. You are hitting each other with swords!

2.) Fencing as Coordination: The body must repeat and practice different movements to become well rounded and coordinated. If you only played one sport your whole life you are likely going to miss out on other areas of hand coordination. For example, polo isn't likely going to use exactly the same body movements but the general ability to move wrist and hand would apply to both. 

Sometimes having a little help if you are new to fitness can go a long way. I have fitness trainer, yoga and self defense certifications and do training as a side gig. Training is done virtually and catered to your specific goals and needs. Affordable. Limited space and availability. Email Fitness Training