Escanaba Harbor as a Conduit to Tourism and Business Development

 Escanaba hosts an excellent harbor as ideal place to dock your boat and enjoy some downtown time within a short walking/biking distance (Marina has bikes you can rent for free.). Great park, beach, walkways and nearby dining/events turns a boating trip into a total fun experience. Escanaba is one of those places that it is already awesome but certainly could attract new firms and businesses downtown. I've traveled some around the country and this is a forest blanketed small city/town right on the coast that could offer both fun and investment opportunities for business/government stakeholders. 

When investors look at locations like Escanaba they may analyze characteristics like infrastructure (shipping, water, electric, roads, ports, etc...), buildings, skilled labor, government support, crime rates/policing, housing recreation and fun (etc...) to get a big picture of how their business and investment dollars may fit. Availability of information will make a difference in attracting and retaining interest. Availability of Financial Info and  Virtual Capital Communities

You might want to check out the Delta County Chamber of Commerce

Escanaba Harbor


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