Capitol Police Arrest Man Near DNC Headquarters-Opportunities to Understand

U.S. Capitol Police arrest White supremist with bayonet and machete hovering around a Democratic National Committee. The guy says that he is "on patrol" but one would wonder if part of a patrol group or on his own. (I suspect if it was truly in sequence it wouldn't be a single person out there doing these things.). This is where mental health and understanding the deeper motives of the person might be of benefit. While these situations are striking they do offer an opportunity to better understanding the underlining mechanics of behavior.

Inside truck.
Deer horns on front of truck indicates
another issue.
Of course we might look at groups the person was involved with, websites, close associates, coworkers and any other historical info that might be relevant. Because this is happening in real time we can also say it can be solid place to double check on intent of associated group members (If not a mental health issue). Once you sort of grab weapons you become dangerous and if associated with others acting in a similar/coordinated fashion you have a potential network of extremists.

Interviewing techniques will be important here. One must not lead but draw the answer by asking relevant and associated questions that can prompt memories and emotional reactions. That in turn can be used to gauge other unexplored avenues and even hidden motivations (Don't be quick to judge emotional reactions...but just take note. Some are not what you think they mean but you do need to look toward association of reactions and biometric responses.)  Biometric Behavior Detection.

When approaching situations you might want to look to understand before judging. Judging can lead to bias in understanding thus its beneficial to just listen and learn to gain a better understanding and foot hold. People tell you all types of things about themselves without actually knowing it. You just need to know what to look for and how that fits within the context of other information. Once the information (evidence) is gathered one can start to make conclusions. We just need to make sure we aren't pre-organizing the information without the ability to reorganize for other theories (rigidity of thought

If your interested in learning about Capitol Police you may checkout their site. They are looking for people who want to serve their country in the careers section. If you ever had interest now might be the time to apply. These are the people who protected us from the risk of a first way of extremism sacking our capitol. 

"The United States Capitol Police (USCP) is a CALEA nationally-accredited, federal law enforcement agency. The USCP safeguards the Congress, its legislative process, Members of Congress, employees, visitors, and facilities from crime, disruption, and terrorism. We protect and secure Congress so it can fulfill its constitutional and legislative responsibilities in a safe, secure, and open environment."

Side note: As a conservative I'm all for healthy debate and encourage that as a method of learning from each other. Silencing and intimidating others through the use of force is not acceptable in any of its forms.


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