President (s) Biden, Trump, Obama and Bush Discuss September 11th and Its Impact on the Nation

Today is a day of remembrance. You may want to watch the different speeches about this tragic day and where our focus may lay. Each of these presidents has insightful knowledge of the events (part of the job of being a president) and something to say. No doubt we will strive for greatness as a nation by setting our sights over the horizon (next 20 years) and we will navigate that path together as a single people! The time for civility and nation building has begun.  

Current President Joe Biden


Former President Donald Trump

Former President Obama reflects 20 Years after September 11th, 2021

Former President George Bush

Side note: As a hypothetical mental puzzle.... Could we turn what we learned over the last 20 years into something that solidifies our national image, universalized global values, and build the very first advance digital era/information age (next gen. manufacturing) nation before China? ok ok hold on before you judge....because this could be a useful method of looking at options and strategies to take where we are today and build back better for tomorrow in a way that enhances human capital and technological innovations (which we will need to overcome future challenges). If nothing else, this is just good fun to think about how innovation and development works on a nano, micro and macro level.....

Ideas are based on a theory on transactional change, human adaptation and development that can lead to the advancement of society (Hegel and Reason). Its possible to move to the next state of economic/social development (i.e. human spirit) but I suspect it would take an awful lot of coordinated focus from different sectors/circles of society to spark the synergy needed to launch an American Renaissance (People from different backgrounds and parties would want to engage in a nation building exercise through mutual self interest. That may require people to move out of their standard mode of thinking and into new ways of thinking. 😬 Bounded Rationality Stakeholder Theory )National leadership currently compromises in an amebic fashion but often catering to special interest where a more unified vision of general guidance would be helpful in matching human development with technology development for a more beneficial and prosperous future. (We say generalized because specifics are often situational and designed to put out fires but the overall process is on a pathway to somewhere...the destination/vision.)  

Italian Renaissance Painter Michelangelo's
 "Creation" of Knowledge example/illustration
of creativity and development of man.

If we look back in history we will see China, Europe, and the Islamic Society had at least one Renaissance in their development (that influenced how the world thought.). With environmental changes, matched with emerging technologies and developments in our scientific understanding of our species (macro such as big data or space flight and micro such as DNA mapping and psychological/AI/physical connections. i.e. Descartes Error. ) maybe its our turn? New technologies matched with paradigm shifts in a couple of scientific fields can sometimes create new lines of development across multiple industry sectors through spurts in rapid innovation (Maximizing Intellectual Capital and Intuition and ScienceScientific Breakthroughs, Export Info Diffuse and Firms Intellectual Capital).

(When innovative growth is sustained in a couple of societal sectors it fosters changes in human thought that can lead to the start of a Renaissance. The Renaissance shifts how we understand and live through new levels of awareness and fundamentally different methods of navigating our environmental challenges that leads to more discoveries. Not sure anyone would know where that level is set because it is often seen in historical hindsight when innovation was a much slower process and key indicators like documents were lost to physical depletion. i.e. printing press sharing knowledge that increases transactional changes. i.e.. the re-emergence of new thoughts from the ancient Greek and Islamic Empires led to whole new ways of thinking through an additive and synergistic process by changing the way in which society viewed itself. ).

 Renaissances are created when multiple lines of development (i.e. supply chain, energy sources, clean technology, space flight, better batteries, new education models, government moving online, etc...) converge at a single time in history where heightened interaction and changes in fundamental assumptions occur to overcome challenges in a way that creates more then the sum of their parts (i.e. synergy that amplifies change. For example companies sometimes innovate their environments together but do so on a small scale. Companies in Post Pandemic Digital Economy). Fundamental shifts in new ways of doing things often make elemental adjustments in the ways of functioning in other fields through new knowledge and insight (catalyzing into a Renaissance).

Racing to Innovate Countries
Post COVID Uncharted Territory
Critique of Pure Reason: Space-Time
*Picture is Delta County Sail Boat Races

I'm not an expert on societal shifts but Causes of the Renaissance is kind of cool to read and you can see some similarities with our modern times . This is just a mental exercise to highlight perspective that society is always changing and most of us don't see it until we look back and reflect (We are limited in our perceptual perspective because we don't understand info in real time and how it creates a sequence of events. I'm not trying to be deterministic by discounting randomness, leadership, and the unseen/unknown. ). History is being made now and today. ...perhaps its possible with focused innovation to hit an unseen/emerging developmental target/milestone. DC New Industry ModelDC Subfactors, Global "Connect" UP, Hub Interaction, Sustainable Economic Reinvest, and Cross Structure Synergy.  

As a hypothetical maybe a little more focus on positive change might do us some "home and hearth" good in drawing people to do something meaningful together; instead of focusing on our differences. 👌 Having a vision/goal for people to orient their thoughts and behaviors around can adjust developmental trajectories of not only people but also the products we make, use and sell to the world. What is the real difference between the printing press and the Internet anyway? Triangulation of data for social constructivism? Sorry...super philosophical here. I think I'm going to watch some tv or something now. I'm happy someone invented Hulu/Netflix and Amazon 🤓📚

"He who loves practice without theory is like the sailor who boards ship without a rudder and compass and never knows where he may cast." 
Leonardo da Vinci


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