Monday, May 31, 2021

Watch Joe Biden's full 2021 Memorial Day address

 A pretty good speech. America really is only an idea that we live out in our daily activities. It is one of those countries were we have an opportunity to create a truly open advanced society that moves beyond the paradigms of the past. Republican or difference......we should all have the same end goal even though we may need to compromise on the methodology. 

Memorial Day-Honoring the Warriors of the Past While Keeping an Eye on the Future (Budgets and Battleships)

We as a society have a lot of choices to make over things that range from domestic affairs to military budgets. Our soldiers and warriors of the past gave us an opportunity to make more choices today. They made sacrifices so that the rest of us could continue to have maximum options to create new opportunities. We should keep an eye on the future of our nation and how cyber warriors matched with advanced military tactics and equipment can blaze the trails need to give the next generation their chance to carry the nation's torch of freedom. 

Let us remember that freedom is not free! Its responsibility lay at all of our doorsteps and no one gets a skip over responsibility pass. There are some who recognize the work of freedom and there are others who desire to stifle it for their own self interest (Self-oriented behavior can get in the way of collective goals).  

The assumptions of the past no longer serves the realities of the future. We are in a transition stage where the work of freedom is complex and difficult to define. We must compete not only with our military but also with how we function as a society (Freedom is multifaceted. Without a free society based on equality we can't compete economically and scientifically to ensure military or economic readiness for our next stage.)

Every time we step up to meet the risks to our essential truths we become stronger as a society. When institutions and people don't step up to meet those challenges the wings of freedom are clipped. 

There are people all throughout our country who make the many thousands of small choices everyday to advance toward or away from freedom. Chances are they don't even know they are doing it but their choices add up to have big outcomes (Are you serving your country in small ways that range from volunteering to community building? Have you welcomed a new family in the community? It all ads up to create a national environment and culture for success.)

Most Americans are far removed from the horrors of war. It is all too easy to send people overseas without having to do the mental work at home first to ensure defined successes (The military needs clear purpose and sufficient support before tackling complex problems overseas). There is costs to war and should always use evidence based decision making before committing souls to our national causes (The bigger purpose should guide those decisions.).

We must keep an eye on the future and what we want this country to look like a few decades from now. This isn't up to our politicians, military, or "connected" but up to each of us to take those small positive steps to do what is right in honor of the past and in diligent effort toward a brighter future. When the dream of freedom is swallowed up by poor decisions and/or ineptitude the fault and consequences lies on all of us (We are a democracy.). 

There are a couple of positive articles our national leadership should consider before jumping to quick conclusions and costly mistakes. The very nature of our military and its leadership abilities are changing before our eyes. It is up to them to think strategically about creating maximum options and opportunities for the military in an emerging era before voting along political lines (i.e. not thinking for themselves).

A Commander and Chief at West Point stated, "We need your Honor — that inner compass that guides you, not when the path is easy and obvious, but when it's hard and uncertain; that tells you the difference between that which is right and that which is wrong." Honor has shifted toward the idea of an inner compass that allows one to draw from their own strengths and value systems even when there is no social kudos for one’s actions (See Changing Military Honor).

You may also consider how advanced leadership can be used in our civilian world to create beneficial change that helps generations succeed. That often requires our current political structure and institutions to be willing to adjust and adapt to develop a stronger more competitive society and military. Sometimes we have to partner industries and cross breed competencies to maximize efficiency and alignment (See Civilian-Military Leadership). 

"All Americans Are Free" by Geoff Livingston 
While I'm a Muslim-Catholic and to many people who sacked our capital don't believe people like me (or anything different than themselves) have a place in our society I don't recall seeing them in the trenches; or even their ability to discover and see those trenches. (See FBI Capital Riots Insurrectionist Search) I would like to continue serving my country in small ways in the second half of my life through generating new opportunities (We can't expect the spotlight and sound bite/byte seeking politicians to know all the answers. We must hedge all of our societal knowledge to come out on top of the challenges coming our way.). 

Freedom doesn't come from crushing a beer can on your forehead and waving a comes from people trying to help their country and doing meaningful things that lead to open doors and future opportunities. As we ponder the $715 Billion Budget the Pentagon (summary and official) we may want to ask, "What can you do to maximize the outcome of that budget through military-industry mutual development?" See Start-Up Firms for Space and Military.

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Attracting Multinational Headquarters to Innovative Locations (Delta County Model)

Continue to work on the concept of allowing for greater intellectual draw to the U.S. along by finding a tax system that draws corporate headquarters (HQ) and its associated intellectual capital to the United States to better calibrate its tax system to the future of digital economics. You can read more about the overall piece of HQ and Infrastructure Invest (Which will be adjusted when new info arises) and the overall theory in which it will be placed Transactional Clusters. Its important explore modern and emerging tax structures to keep the nation competitive and moving into higher performing economic platforms. The problem of our growth and failure often is in the political realm and not in the ability to find new methods ( Why we should support R&D and allow science/evidence based to guide our decision making). 

There is a difference between a full functioning HQ and one that has been hallowed out to a shell. Unfortunately companies like to play legal games and keep their legal status in one place but have most of their functioning operations overseas. 

According to the study entitled Why Do Multinational Corporations Relocate Core Parts of Their Corporate Headquarters Abroad? companies analyzed 58 of 100 largest Dutch firms to find that the factors as to why a company hallows out their HQ is influenced by (1) an increase in the degree to which the HQ is internationalized; and (2) a decrease in the perceived attractiveness of the home country (Baaij, et. al 2015).

One of the reasons why companies keep a small HQ in their home country and but then gut it for other locations is because of strategy. Strategic considerations found in the study include the following:

(a) better quality communication and knowledge exchange with overseas strategic stakeholders (i.e. information spillover and diverse talent);
(b) access to higher quality international strategic resources, including capital, talent and services clusters (bettered mastered in a cluster where such environments can be created); and
(c) access to a lower-cost fiscal regime and a higher quality legal and regulatory regime (i.e. strong patent protection, legal structure, and law systems).

How that fits within my strategic cluster model includes 1. better clustered communications and knowledge exchange, 2.) focused capital, resources, talent spill over, and shared services, and 3.) lower costs and higher legal and regulatory environment. Putting the right resources within the right area raises value for firms in a way that moves beyond simple lower tax options.

The study seems to confirm the idea that headquarters can be attracted by a competitive HQ tax rate that also encourages greater access to the resources that create the highest value proposition. That also means we don't necessarily need to be the lowest taxable location but should provide tax flexibility (a calibrated option) as long as firms move/keep their HQ and percentage of operations (avoiding shell HQ) to the area (i.e. Delta County) in order to maximize industry related development. 

R2-1 HQ  can be attracted and retained through 1. better clustered communications and knowledge exchange, 2.) focused capital, resources, talent spill over, and shared services, and 3.) lower costs and higher legal and regulatory environment (Baaij, et. al 2015).

Here are a few things we might want to keep in mind. I'm trying to apply the ideas to a theoretical model for Delta County Michigan (See Start Up Firms Delta County) to see if it can attract diverse investments from the international community. Specifically focused on engineering/design firms that need access to advanced small batch beta and custom manufacturing. It is hoped that it will result in greater innovative growth in advanced technology (i.e. aerospace, military, outdoor, etc...) through new theoretical models (See Multi Clusters Delta County and Congressional 1st District News) and provide a framework for a national model (specially designed clusters to innovate key industries and in turn the national manufacturing chain). 

-A side note here. We are often limited by existing theoretical and philosophical works that led to current tax systems. Some politicians (I only say some) have more fun throwing food across the table then actually solving problems (Its their job to solve problems!). We have to break out of that mode in the next state of national development if we want to attract investment to the U.S.. What is written here isn't intended to disprove other tax systems but develop an option to consider further exploration. It might provide a middle route (top down and bottom up) where attracting HQ through a tax structure that maximizes intellectual capital draw (clustered industry innovation and tax rate) while at the same time maximizing tax revenue when innovative products butterfly supply chains throughout the country (mass production and bottom up skilled labor).

Baaij, M., Mom, T. Van den Bosch, F. and Volberda, H. (2015). Why Do Multinational Corporations Relocate Core Parts of Their Corporate Headquarters Abroad? Long Range Planning, 48 (1). Pages 46-58

Florida Shooting-We Should be Getting Tired of This!

What is it with people who pick up guns to solve problems. In this case, it wasn't a single disgruntled person but a van carrying multiple people. Almost looks like it could be gang related or initiation related. A thorough investigation will likely uncover more information. They will look at things like ballistics, training, who was hit, who in the crowd had problems, videos/photos, car registration, type of equipment build a total "file". 

We have this weird concept of manhood in this country. We think then men pick up guns to handle issues; instead of actually addressing root issues. It would be great if guns were used only for self defense and hunting. They are increasingly being used to "get back" and that is dangerous. So many possibilities and not enough solutions. 

I'm not sure what the solution is. The research Mental Illness, Mass Shootings, and the Politics of American Firearms makes sense for lone wolfs but not for a group effort. It would likely apply more to the California incident. 

Some people are stepping up to the plate and taking a swing. Marcus Lemonis, CEO of Camping World and host of The Profit on CNBC is offering $100K reward for information (See TV personality Marcus Lemonis offers reward of $100K following latest Miami-Dade mass shooting). This is what good corporate citizens do...they take send a signal that the business community should get involved and do what our political structure is having a hard time navigating effective solutions. 

In Michigan we have an opportunity to step up to hate (Not saying this is or isn't hate related. We have to see what the investigation finds) and violence through better tagging and intervention legislation. See Coding and Thwarting Michigan Strategy.

Targeting Children for Manipulation and Damaging Them for Ethnic/Religious Concerns

Money and prestige are important things for people. In this case, the money is so important that they were willing to target, manipulate, damage and finally discard a child when they don't have a use for him anymore. While this wouldn't be acceptable in most civilized nations it was acceptable in this situation. There are a few things that can happen here and I hope as a society we can overcome this challenge.

There has been a problem brewing for some time. An embezzlement and fraud issue that was in the back of my head but I never truly grasped that people would do such things so I bypassed it. When I saw my child being targeted for manipulation to spread rumors I became more aware of the wider purpose and intention. 

Its hard to protect your children in an environment where a larger social group views you as an outsider. Even worse, when members of the group refer to your children as "nigga babies" and have indicated on multiple cases they don't want Muslims near them or in their community it takes on a new form. 

In most reasonable situations people who don't know much about the targets and don't know the situation would stay out of the issue. However, in this situation they were more than willing to engage in intentional rumor spreading and intimidation tactics.

What really set them off was when I began to inquire as to why they were acting this way and why my child is involved. The answer I received was because you and family are "Muslim". I then demanded that my child be taken out of harms way and that is a non-negotiable line. 

Did they do that? No....they got their group together and as I frequented activities in the town their friends and associates began to harass, snub their nose, and do other coordinated intimidation tactics that resulted in a number of other dangerous situations. 

There are a couple of problems with this. 1.) My family is Muslim and I am more of a Muslim-Catholic so they know nothing of me or them. 2.) Their behavior appeared to create ethnic cleansing activities bent on encouraging violence and intimidation. 

Now I could be silent and say nothing. However, I'm just not built that way and bad behavior needs to be held to account. We can't just pretend it didn't happen or that they somehow are given preferential treatment under the law. We are not talking about a mistake but a coordinated effort to harass, intimidate, and exploit children for the financial an ethnic needs of the group. 

I'm the type who will face those who hate me simply because I refuse to bend to criminal intent. Yet, I'm also the type who knows there is a bigger purpose in it all and I will be very active in the community (I'm not easy to intimidate). They will know my presence and my presence will be peaceful and but forceful (I doubt such hate groups will stay silent if they see me and my children acting freely in what they deem as "their" community".)

My goal is to be as honest and open about this to see if we can find a better policy in Michigan that protects communities from extremism and criminal behaviors. The earlier we addressed the mental health issues in our communities the better we will be able to tag and derail certain extremist behaviors.  Crime Reform and Coding

Saturday, May 29, 2021

White House Investigating COVID Origin Theories (Labs, Markets and Make Believe?)

The Intelligence Community is tasked with determining the origin of the COVID-19 virus. First, we don't want to make snap judgements or rule out alternatives until the data is collected. That will help researchers find other places to review for additional information. Leading theories should be provided with a "theory bucket" to further explore possible outcomes.

I would start with hypothetical bucket for each theory and then as new data comes arises it is placed buckets in which it applies (Its not mutually exclusive). Go through all of the data and continue to put them into the buckets. Eventually, you will move through all of the data and determine which theories capture the most data points. Extra information will likely be scrubbed to ensure its accurate and to see how the leading theories can be adjusted to explain the misc. data.

We talk a lot about conspiracy theories. The data either fits and provides the best explanation or it doesn't. There are just theories without enough data to support or reject it. Nothing should be ruled out until the data makes it highly unlikely.  

The following press release was taken directly from the White House


Statement by President Joe Biden on the Investigation into the Origins of COVID-19

Back in early 2020, when COVID-19 emerged, I called for the CDC to get access to China to learn about the virus so we could fight it more effectively. The failure to get our inspectors on the ground in those early months will always hamper any investigation into the origin of COVID-19.
Nevertheless, shortly after I became President, in March, I had my National Security Advisor task the Intelligence Community to prepare a report on their most up-to-date analysis of the origins of COVID-19, including whether it emerged from human contact with an infected animal or from a laboratory accident. I received that report earlier this month, and asked for additional follow-up. As of today, the U.S. Intelligence Community has “coalesced around two likely scenarios” but has not reached a definitive conclusion on this question. Here is their current position: “while two elements in the IC leans toward the former scenario and one leans more toward the latter – each with low or moderate confidence – the majority of elements do not believe there is sufficient information to assess one to be more likely than the other.”
I have now asked the Intelligence Community to redouble their efforts to collect and analyze information that could bring us closer to a definitive conclusion, and to report back to me in 90 days. As part of that report, I have asked for areas of further inquiry that may be required, including specific questions for China. I have also asked that this effort include work by our National Labs and other agencies of our government to augment the Intelligence Community’s efforts. And I have asked the Intelligence Community to keep Congress fully apprised of its work.
The United States will also keep working with like-minded partners around the world to press China to participate in a full, transparent, evidence-based international investigation and to provide access to all relevant data and evidence.


Pretty good video. 

Thursday May 27, 2021 Downtown Development Authority Meeting

 I couldn't hear anything so the audio might be off or maybe its my computer. Hopefully, you have better luck. 

Friday, May 28, 2021

Hate Groups and Access to Social Media

Social media is a popular tool for hate groups and helps keep them intact as a social entity. People have become smarter with social media and how to spread hate like lightning. As a person who had to defend himself and family against coordinated hate behaviors I have a few things to say about it.

First hate can spread verbally, social media and text. The medium is less important  than the actual message. We have become much more sophisticated at using Artificial  Intelligence  to scan for key words and flag for review. When this occurs in a blatant manner authorities should take notice.

Aggressive people use social media to rally their supporters to do their dirty work through an extension of misaligned values. That constitutes an online crime by most standard of virtue. I say most because  laws are not always applied fairly across different  groups and people (If they were we wouldn't be experiencing social upheaval). 

The Capitol Riots taught us that just because someone "looks" American doesn't mean they hold central American values. It should also teach us that just because  someone seems a little different doesn't  mean they are not apple pie American. 

To many in the hate community American  is a certain look, color, race, brand of clothing, and image versus a deeper symbolic connection of the past to present (Notice surface versus deeper values. It's an important distinction to remember for later).

My initial dissertation taught me looks can be deceiving with people often see what they want to through their subjective lens.  Its exclusive thinking that knows no grey or alternative (You can observe this exclusive thinking in other areas of life.). There is a process to this thinking that leads to the same conclusion  through incorrect logical analysis that spirals past competing info.

When groups use the Internet to spread hate it moves beyond freedom of speech and into violating core values codified in the Bill of Rights of others. Just like we dont give someone who committed murder their weapon back we shouldn't  give full access to social media to perpetrators until they have shown they are reformed and healthy (Why mental health and hate legislation  need to work together to tag and intervene. I got some ideas on that but I'm not a politician and my focus is different  and for a greater purpose.)

As we ponder the options on how we deal with hate in this country one thing we can think about is restricting social media of convicted hate group leaders and perpetrators. We dont want them supercharging their base through additional misleading  information  and  coordinated activities among friends, group members and supporters when they feel they have a yellow light of opportunity.

I do need to utter a word of caution. Freedom of opinion is important for developing a free and innovative society. There are differences in sentence structure, verb usages, tone, word choice, tempo, etc... between someone who disagrees and someone who wants to cause harm. Add conscious and subconscious para language to a certain context and motive and you have a pattern recognition that leads to concern.)

The new America and Americans will likely  be more enlightened  than the ones of the past as science (pace of science and innovation  defusion) versus superstition illuminates the minds of our leaders and social influencers. We either get over the hate hump through teamwork or trip and fall on ourselves as other countries learn how to unleash the human potentials to the widest possible margins of their people (Its a shame because if we walked the talk of our national purpose it would have already been a problem of the past.)

Live Cyber Attack Map?

This is really interesting to have something that shows liver cyber attacks. I would like to know how they pull this data and how often is it refreshed. If this is a legitimate system then it would need to be able to update in near real time and that would seem very difficult to me. As a science guy I want to know how this process operates and works from a data standpoint. 

However, I can also say that we do in the U.S. need to update our infrastructure for competitive and protective reasons. We just haven't been able to muster the political influence to take a big step in to the next era so we will limp alone and lose market position until we do. 

Its like this...if what we have been doing....with the same policies isn't working we might want to try something new? At least test it out in a single place to see if it work for the rest of the nation? I guess I will leave to the experts....they seem to have a pretty good understanding of the types of trees in the forest in 1for1 but it may be helpful to step back and look at the forest (on a global scale) 🤷

You can kind of see who doesn't like whom by the cyber game.

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Biden's Discussion on the Economy (05-27-2021). Bottom Up Economy?

 President Biden's budget isn't up yet HERE. but you can get some idea of what he wants to put into his budget. He mentions building the economy bottom up.  As a Republican I don't fundamentally disagree with building an economy from the bottom up (nothing in my personal ideology disagrees with that concept). There are different ways to build the economy and often there are different strategies that play out in the political field but I would imagine that everyone could agree that whatever strategy is likely to work is one that we should explore (bottom up, top down, a little of both, none, etc...) I think its important to find a way to attract manufacturing and resources to improve high paying jobs. That will also require changes in our tax structure and changes in higher education to meet those demands. I'm thinking about Headquarter Taxes and how to draw in additional resources and their suppliers to help increase return on infrastructure investments. You can read about it Exploring the Idea Of Lower HQ Taxes and Its Potential Impact on Supplier Networks   Also I'm sort of playing with an idea of an innovation system for foreign direct investment in the aerospace, military, outdoor gear fields through economic transactional clusters

Jobless Claims Ending May 22nd 2021 Decreased by 38K

Some good new on the job side indicating a labor market that is recovering. There will continue to be a shift in the types of jobs available based upon shifts to a more virtual Information/Digital Age. As pressure mounts on labor we should see wages rise. We we will also see is companies again thinking about outsourcing overseas. 

This is my suggestion. If you are a company that needs low cost production invest and partner in Mexican companies. I'm sure they would love the investments. (I have to put this plug in for the orphans of Mexico. If you do well you should give some back to the people who really need it through corporate sponsorships and grooming young bring minds in the area to produce greater good will.).

I would like to see companies innovate. Pressure on wages requires productivity to rise to maintain cost parity. When we invest in innovation we improve the productivity of of workers through new labor enhancing developments (i.e. suits, robotics, learning, etc...). Its the only real way of bringing people and the companies together. 

Having a low cost and a high tech option makes a difference. Hopefully, we don't continue to simply send everything in a race to national insolvency. 

May 22nd Job Report by Dr. Murad Abel on Scribd

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

UFO Report to Congress-Electric Solar Propulsion?

SciFi people are probably loving the new UFO news. I believe someday we may find out we are not alone in the universe but we should always rule out the most plausible answers before jumping to extraterrestrial explanations. I'm curious what the official reports are going to indicate. I'm not a UFO guy but sometimes unique things spark my interest and because I don't have a solid explanation I want to know more. More likely either top secret technology or something that was adapted from the old Tesla notes that hasn't been commercialized.  Government created the Establishment of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force to understand what is going on with tese UAP's.

First we have to stop thinking about things in fossil fuel conceptions. There are lots of other options that people don't think of for flight. For example, Nicolli Tesla, a Serbian engineer/scientist, invented supersonic electric spacecraft without fuel (See Tesla Inventions. As a side note Tesla had lots of unpublished notes and manuscripts that were collected at the time of his death). Likewise, current scientists have been working on super sonic electric propulsion for some time and its an emerging field with classified technologies (See Electric Propulsion for Spacecraft). 

I'm curious what will be told to Congress next month (I looked to see if it will be an open meeting. I looked around for info but got bored and quite😴). Personally, a few random thoughts on how a ship like this might actually function. The triangle shape equalizes pressures on all sides, allows for movement in nearly 360 degrees, constructed of solar-battery combinations, and in turn uses electric propulsion by powering panels that either attract/repulse particles. The vessel looks about big enough to hold one person (or humanoid lol) comfortably. I think we could make such a thing if someone (nano nano) hasn't already done so.

There are a lot of things in our universal we do not yet understand and our brains aren't developed enough to comprehend (We are still evolving and little steps found in gifted development is still lacking in the U.S....not to mention neglecting the rights of this special needs population. We also fail to maximize them for innovation and science purposes. Sometimes they are minorities within minorities that compounds the problem. Basically, even our education system is old world). There are times we can't see the things right in front of our face because sensing (using 5 senses/6 sense) and understanding (mental understanding of what is seen) are different. 👽 🤷 We have to make cognitive bridges from old technology to emerging technology without understanding the innovative steps (cognitive leaps) that would get us there sequentially. Its extremely difficult to get people to agree on the color of an apple (which by the way is actually very subjective depending on the light in which one see it and the cultural coding by which they sense it) let alone switch from oil barrels to supersonic electromagnetic field cruisers! 😳 

I was going to make a joke it was done by mirrors on the ground but people get really really serious about this stuff so I better just let it alone. 

San Jose Railyard Shooting Highlights The Need for Better Mental Health Intervention

The recent shooting in a San Jose railyard is tragic and may have been prevented with better legislation. We have a problem with violence and extremism in this country. When people get upset they pick up a gun and that isn't the way to handle these issues. In this case the investigation will determine the motives (....likely mental health related depending on who the perpetrator targeted.).  

There is entirely too much anger and rage in this country. We glorify violence for some reason. Real men (meaning mankind) say what needs to be said but they don't pick up a gun and take out innocents!  Pressure form the pandemic and global displacement (the inability of the U.S. to find a strategy to compete globally) likely has some level of indirect influence on the uptick in violence (...stress impacts mental health coping mechanisms). 

Coping in the Aftermath of Community Violence: Self-care Strategies

I think they could be preventable. If we have better mental health screening and intervention we may be able to help people before it becomes an issue. That has always been the problem, the inability to help those who need it and not intervening when necessary. Its a mess for law enforcement and direction from law makers is spotty at best. I've seen this in real life where problems that would have been small grow because we don't take action when it first becomes apparent. 

Twitter Sheriff Santa Clara

What Does Queen City Shipwreck in Delta County Michigan Look Like?

Someone sent me a book on the name of the person the Queen City ship was named after. Some of you know that I'm on a little ad hoc team to find the Queen City sunken ship; partial hobby and partial serious. It was named after Queen Marinette. I'm looking into that association but it seems to make some sense considering the area and location. I will be spending a little time reading through this book just to see if there is anything worthwhile. If nothing else it provides some contextual information of the era and possible associations with local peoples and tribes.

Hopefully this summer, slips were all taken in Escanaba boat size so we have to check on Gladstone. I should be heading back to the area for a few weeks to get some housework done.

Queen Marinette by History

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

The Benefits of Boxing! Beyond Fitness and into Social Benefits

Boxing, the sport of quick feet and even quicker hands. Not everyone who boxes will go into the ring, some are hopeful of winning a title, and others only hit the amateur circuit. No matter what your goals are you will find that boxing has benefits far beyond self-defense and into developing character and spirit. 

Fitness is an important part of why I do it, while the other side is more psychological. Boxing is real. Its not theory, mathematics, or complex. Its where we came from as a biological entity (i.e. mammals and mammal behavior. We may have become complex but we are pushed by the same bio-psychological urges.) similar to what we find in nature. It is padded version of two rams smacking their heads together. 

That might not make a lot of sense to people who had everything provided to them in life. It might make more sense to people who had to step up to a bad hand in the cards of life. That is probably why martial arts, MMA, and boxing seem to attract certain crowds. 

A couple of benefits of boxing....

1.) Fitness: Serious cardio

2.) Community: Tight community of members.

3.) Coordination: New connections and muscle memory. 

4.) Self Defense: New skills and abilities.

Its interesting that boxing teaches kids self control. The better the boxer, the more self control they have (Zhang, et. al. 2019). This is great for those who want to find a place they can tear into a bag. Its where one has to sort of earn their spot regardless of where they came from. Its more primal and in many ways truthful. You either have the skills and train for it or you don't. 

I was raised in part within a Catholic Seminary and I will have to say they used a whole different old world method of raising kids than what we see in modern schools. Some of the kids were really rich and some of the kids very poor. They were all exposed to things that range from dancing to boxing, wood working to art, and poetry to science. We should have more places like that because they can truly enrich people's lives. Spots where we create the right environments...but alas boarding schools have been nearly snuffed out of modern society. a martial arts enthusiasts I would like to see more gyms and places for kids (teens and adults) to gain new skills and experiences as a pseudo environment that moves beyond the physical and into a socially mentored locality. 

Zhang, G., Chen, X., Xiao, L., Li, Y., Li, B., Yan, Z., Guo, L., & Rost, D. H. (2019). The Relationship Between Big Five and Self-Control in Boxers: A Mediating Model. Frontiers in psychology, 10, 1690.

Golfing for Orphans and Charity (Virtual)

I know some golfers so maybe they would be interested. If you have no other reasons to find an excuse to golf you might want to bring this up to your friends. While golfing needs no excuse to be played you may need an excuse to get together with your friends. I've been supporting these kids from time to time and I hope to be a little more involved at some point. 

Banner Virtual Golf Tourney 2021.png


You can be the winner of a perfect weeklong Baja getaway for you and 3 of your favorite couple friends in a 4 bed-5 bath beautiful ocean view home! Casa Corazon is located in the upscale gated marina community of La Salina, just 45 minutes south of San Diego between Rosarito and Ensenada, and has 24-hour guard service.

With some of the most beautiful coastal vistas of Baja California, this Villa is ideally set up with 2 masters and 2 additional rooms all with ensuite. Enjoy panoramic ocean views from the expansive rooftop terrace, perfect for dining and entertaining or quietly enjoying a majestic sunset.

For more info and pictures of the property: Casa Corazon



UNTIL MAY 28th at 7pm!

If you are not a golfer and still would like to support Corazon de Vida you can make a donation HERE or join the silent auction. It is filled with really cool items!




Our golf tournament this year is VIRTUAL! It means that you can play a round of golf any day, at any time at your favorite course, and then log in your score to compete until May 30th in 18Birdies. Prizes will be given to the top 15 scores. Have fun playing your favorite sport - or play for the first time - while supporting the children of Corazon de Vida.

Facebook  Instagram  LinkedIn
Corazon de Vida Foundation | Mailing Address:14252 Culver DriveSuite A-800,
Irvine, CA 92604

Productivity is Up. (05-25-2021) Digital Economic Boom

Its really great that productivity is up and it has something to do with new digital advancements. I wrote a little something about 2021 Digital GDP growth. I had hoped it would be a benefit to someone but seems to not make much of a difference. That is really awesome we have used hardship to create new ways of dealing with problems and pushing us into a more competitive positions. Maybe we could do a better job of drawing back manufacturing and raising the value of our labor. Seems like we already have some plans in place.  

GDP Contracts 1st Q of 2020-Is It a Short Lived Shock and Digital GDP Recovery? (April 30, 2020).

How the Economy Might Change After COVID-19? (March 19th, 2020). 

Economic Recovery-Are My Projections Still on Track? (September 13th, 2020)

I have come to realize there are different stratifications in society and there are definite barriers to some people. It doesn't mean that its intentional it just the social circles, educational opportunities and lifestyle differences that allow some more access to opportunities and some less. We can all talk about how to fix it but at the end of the day it isn't likely to happen. We have to push small business among the blue color classes to generate new products, services, and companies. That would require more than talking about it and playing politics with American's future.  

That was fun little puzzle. I will go back to doing really important stuff like painting, working out, and paying bills....the stuff rewarded in society. Its great to see we found an advantage in adaptation. I'm thinking of leaving future projections for the experts. People who didn't get an elite education might have hard time understanding such complex concepts. I failed a Harvard economics class so that probably puts everything in perspective. 🤷 Either with me. :)

Pictures of the Beach at Sunset-Two Different Impressions

I'm thinking about these two pictures. I think both of them are really good. Worthy of touching up and submitting somewhere. Picture 1 is more romantic and captures the essence of sunset and fun. Picture 2 is more peaceful, a perfect quite beach. Pic 2 is better than Pic 1 I think.

When the Laws Don't Apply-Damaging Children for Self Gain

Children were once seen as an important population to protect but as I get older I find that their needs are often swept under the carpet because the adults have something they want. When the intent to damage a child for religious reasons is clear and stated publicly, we have a different kind of bad behavior going on. The failure step up to hate is a pretty good indication that others have come to accept that children are practical tools in adult games.

If one were to dig deep enough they would also find that there are other places and times other children have been used as tools in what appears to be a narcissists need to "win at all costs". When this group has a history of using children (not to mention other intimidation tactics employed against people in the community at various times, places, and points in history) to win arguments.....we have more than poor judgement going on.

The struggle to find accountability for alleged crimes has been a long road and it was a path I avoided for a some time (I just kept hoping for a different outcome). The problem I think is one of association. No one wants to hold their friends accountable. Yet addressing these issues through the legal structure earlier might have prevented a number of other problems from morphing into something that could have been avoided. 

Part of me is in shock that psychopathology type behavior can be acceptable in our society if its turned into Us vs. Them mentality. Its as though most people have no inner compass and almost no ability to step outside their social circles for a bigger principle or cause. We so desperately want to be liked by others that we will do anything for crumbs of approval (Does it really change no matter what your social position?).

There are choices and options when dealing with issues of race, identity, and alleged criminal behavior. Each time we let such behavior pass we are making a statement about our values and prompt others to accept that statement as true (of course most don't put the time or effort into becoming knowledgeable on the topic.). At this moment in history we are dealing with a crisis of confidence; it could be restored with the application of universal justice.

Michigan has an opportunity to stand up against hate and against poor behaviors before they become bigger issues that impact society. This isn't only about devaluing human life, it isn't about who looks the best in the social mirror (Looking Glass Self Theory), its also about a basic core value system that all Americans can agree upon. Laws should adjust to ensure people get mental health help when they take a more destructive turn.  

Its one of those things that as a parent, you have to create protective boundaries for your kids. Failing to value all life and failing to ensure laws align with basic moral conscious has real consequences. We see the consequences of these poor choices playing out all over the country. Universalizing justice around core shared values and virtues can go a long way in restoring trust in the system through proper legal applications. 

I'm a believer that most police do what is right and in some cases stepped up to the plate in a meaningful way that further defines their integrity and commitment to justice. There are others however who took the opposite route and anchored back to inappropriate preconceptions. That becomes increasingly more likely if there are close associations and one can "spin" a story to create misinterpretations for self gain (That target will likely be there for a long time.). 

Assuming that everyone in society wants a strong justice system with the best and brightest minds (police, prosecutors, judges, etc..) in the country working in public service then we must maintain the integrity of the profession at all times. Promote those who do the right thing, train those who make mistakes, and remove those who embrace intentional injustices. Seems simple to me but I'm not always right and am open to the possibilities I'm wrong. Let's see what our politicians come up with?

Monday, May 24, 2021

Escanaba DDA Plans Marketplace Kitchen Grand Opening. Opportunities to Revitalize Downtown

Fun downtowns can people to the area and encourage other businesses to move "where the action is". Older downtowns have been successfully vitalized in other areas and it is possible to do the same thing in Escanaba as well. Hosting fun events and other activities downtown on a regular basis not only creates "press" but also increases positive affectively and in turn repeat visitors (i.e. increased tourism and investment.)

Jack Hall, a Reporter at Radio Results Network put together a nice little piece Escanaba DDA Plans Marketplace Kitchen Grand Opening that discusses the new Marketplace Kitchen. While these changes seem small they do add up to an overall impression on vacationers and local residents. 

Executive Director Scott Czasak of the Escanaba Downtown Development Authority (DDA) states, "The Escanaba DDA is proud to announce the completion of the Shared Kitchen project at the Escanaba Marketplace located in Downtown Escanaba. This project is another step in making the Escanaba Marketplace the centerpiece of Downtown which will have a multitude of uses....." (Hall, 2021, para 2.).

You can always read a little on how cultural evens can attract visitors in Assessing the Viability of Repeat Visitors to Cultural Events: Evidence from the Zora! Festival . I wonder if it is possible to have a "camp cooking" seasonal show or event to raise awareness of the area through online marketing and interest draw. 

It is also possible to further the development of downtown through partnering with real estate companies and public authorities to attract new downtown capital in a way that enhances its appeal but also provides a level of revitalization.  See Rebuilding Escanaba's/Gladstone's Downtown by Marketing Commercial Real Estate to Entrepreneurs

Amir Shani, Manuel Antonio Rivera & Tadayuki Hara (2009) Assessing the Viability of Repeat Visitors to Cultural Events: Evidence from the Zora! Festival, Journal of Convention & Event Tourism, 10:2, 89-104, DOI: 10.1080/15470140902946378

Hall, J. (May 21, 2021). Escanaba DDA Plans Marketplace Kitchen Grand Opening. Radio Results Network. Retrieved May 24th, 2021