Thursday, September 3, 2020

Governor Whitmer Opens Gyms, Pools and Organized Sports

Gyms, Pools and organized sports can now reopen. That will likely make some people happy who feel they were missing out this year. I also know a lot of people that have been waiting to go back to the gym. So far I'm unaware if gyms have been a primary source of disease spreading. So with that being said, they are now able to open as long as they follow strict rules. 

The order says, "Gyms must require wearing of masks at all times, including times of exercise, configure workout stations or implement protocols to enable six feet of distance between individuals during exercise sessions, reduce class sizes to enable at least six feet of separation between individuals, provide equipment-cleaning products throughout the gym, and more (EO. 2020-176 , 2020).

Some of the language, as it relates to organized sports, provides for a "recommendation". That means they are not saying no but indicating it is not a preferred approach to have organized sports. There are also some limitations on how may people are to attend these sporting events (i.e. 2 per athlete). 

"The document recommends against contact sports at this time, defined to mean those sports involving more than occasional and fleeting contact, including football, basketball, and soccer."

This year will likely be more subdued in terms of sports, maybe not when Covid first hit, but not everything will be open as "normal".  I haven't been to the gym as much as I like because its spotty open doors during COVID. It opens and closes and when people are in a routine they keep on going every day. When the routine gets messed up you have to find other ways to deal with it. So I been working on home workouts. I understand the need for precaution.

Gov. Whitmer reopens Michigan gyms and pools, allows organized sports to resume. (Steptember 3rd, 2020). Click on Detroit. {You Tube}

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