Friday, September 4, 2020

SME Look Toward Gamification-Its Potential Impact on Business Education

 Gamification is one way in which to train employees using an online environment. Traditional training can get a little boring and the use of games to help solidify concepts can be very helpful for people who need to find practical use for the information they have. It would be difficult to learn some of the concepts by games alone but games can be used at different points within the learning process to solidify knowledge into a practical solution. 

Let's say you have a group of employees and they are studying concepts but are having a difficult time understanding how to use those tools practically. Using games can help them see the application of certain ideas by forcing them to use it to move onto the next stage. It can be pretty difficult fake your way if you must display them in the game. 

According to a study of the managers from 58 SMEs the biggest motivators for the use of Game Based Learning (GBL) were teaching participative management and decision making (Sugahara, 2018). That makes sense since GBL seems to help people make decisions to pass different tests and levels. If they are designed well they may also be implicit type learning going on. 

Gamification is something I think will continue to be explored and will likely be of bigger interest in the future. One could use the classroom to teach the fundamentals and then the game to fuse them into a useful framework and apply them to a problem. These systems might work at the end of classes or modules. You can seem how this can move beyond training and into business schools. 

Sugahara, S. (2018). Motivation to Adopt Game-Based Learning (Gbl) for Employee Training and Development: A Case Study. Journal of Entrepreneurship Education21(4).

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