Thursday, September 3, 2020

Republicans Switch Candidate for Wayne State University Board Candidates-What do they do?

The Republican Party of Michigan removed one of its candidates to Wayne State University Board of Governors and sought to make a decision quickly on the next candidate. Diana Dunaskiss was disqualified because of an unpaid 1K campaign finance penalty in 2018 (Mauger, September 3rd, 2020). She will be replaced in an emergency meeting with Michigan Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land. 

I don't tell my students they can use Wikipedia at the graduate level but honestly....they have some good stuff on their site. I quickly looked around and this seemed to have a fairly comprehensive profile. You can learn more about her HERE

The current Wayne State Board you can find HERE. I guess these would be some of the most influential positions in higher education in the state. Likely, why there is so much interest by multiple candidates to get a spot here. 

There are 8 members of the board and they are elected from the members of the state. Their terms are 8 years without pay except expenses. Vacancies that occur over the 8 years have the empty slot filled by the Governor. Its an important position because the board selects the President of the University, controls finance, compensation, etc... They manage the high level policy setting for the university. 

Those aren't the only reasons why they are important. The decisions board members make are not in isolation and impact other policies within the state and within other universities. Thus, they are 

Mauger, C. (September 3rd, 2020). Michigan GOP nominee for Wayne State board disqualified over unpaid fee. The Detroit News. Retrieved September 3rd, 2020

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