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Reviewing Life Changes and Goals

In life there are lots of twists and turns that lead to new paths and goals. At this point in my life I'm squarely into middle age and have watched how my goals and dreams have changed over the last 7 or 8 years. Friends are important, lifestyle is important, giving back to the community is important and my career is important. Some things that you once thought were sooo important sort of aren't anymore. When we are really young we desire to fit in and have people like us. We create these social networks and find a place in society. As we age our relationships with people change and we begin to pick our friends more wisely. Children come and get older and then we are left with ourselves. If we have great friends then we are doing well. If we have great health we are excellent! Throw some meaningful work into the mix and one doesn't have much to complain about at all! Age also brings wisdom and the awareness that we may never truly achieve all of the goals we want. Mos

Girls Soccer Club at Orphanage Needs Uniforms

The girls soccer team at the Ranchos De Ninos orphanage are in need of matching uniforms to replace their tattered t-shirts. Most of their competitors are well funded and have significant advantages not only in equipment but also in style. We would like to get them into presentable state by having matching jerseys. For a sense of pride the team can actually look like a formidable opponent. The price of obtaining these products in Mexico is much cheaper than other places (Give or take $160).  If you are interested in helping this orphanage you can donate through the following sites. If you are in the San Diego area and want to personally get involved let me know and I'll connect you to the right people.  Corazon de Vida:  You can donate to the general fund of a supporting organization called Corazon de Vida. I have met with some of the senior staff and set up a fundraising page to draw more more interest in helping the kids . PayPa

What Makes an Advertisement Worth Our Time?

Entertainment and information are the primary two reasons why consumers click on certain online advertisements. As we use online media with a voracious appetite we will be bombarded with advertisements from every corner of our screen. Most we block out and skip over as we browse. Every once in a while something will catch the corner of our eye. Slowly but surely we switch our conscious focus from the topic of the day to the advertisement. We forced our brains to detach from its current thinking, switch modes and pay attention to something else. Only advertisements that are seen as worthwhile will have the ability to do that! According to research on reference groups media sources that are both entertaining and informative are seen as having consumer value (Mahmud, Shareef, and Nripendra, 2017). Associative, Aspirational, and Market Generated reference groups were analyzed online to see what which were of highest value. Associative reference group: A non-referral reference group th

Sibling to Sibling Aggression is a Sign of Bigger Problems-A3

Creative Commons  Adult Bullying usually starts in early childhood and can continue throughout life without behavioral adjustments. You can see the earliest signs in adolescents with rude or aggressive behavior toward younger or weaker siblings. A unique mix of genetic background and environmental factors interplay to create a problem that may never have manifested. A single traumatic event can start the dysfunctional thinking pattern. In other words, a temporary frustration becomes a life long dysfunctional pattern. The end result is aggressive sibling behavior into adulthood that breaks apart families and causes unnecessary conflicts. The hitting and kicking may end but the ostracizing and name calling continue in its more sociably acceptable form. Professor Dirks from the McGill University's Department of Psychology found that hitting, calling names and leaving siblings out of games is a form of aggression in children and when it occurs regularly is a sign of more serio