Saturday, April 27, 2019

Reviewing Life Changes and Goals

In life there are lots of twists and turns that lead to new paths and goals. At this point in my life I'm squarely into middle age and have watched how my goals and dreams have changed over the last 7 or 8 years. Friends are important, lifestyle is important, giving back to the community is important and my career is important. Some things that you once thought were sooo important sort of aren't anymore.

When we are really young we desire to fit in and have people like us. We create these social networks and find a place in society. As we age our relationships with people change and we begin to pick our friends more wisely.

Children come and get older and then we are left with ourselves. If we have great friends then we are doing well. If we have great health we are excellent! Throw some meaningful work into the mix and one doesn't have much to complain about at all!

Age also brings wisdom and the awareness that we may never truly achieve all of the goals we want. Most of the goals I wanted to accomplish, the ones that were important enough to sustain effort, were accomplished in one form or another.

Wisdom also starts to leak in and we find that new meanings from life must be drawn. This provides us an opportunity to grow and develop as a person. Some never change their goals beyond their own daily interests. Others can balance simplicity with cognitive complexity and a sense of wonderment at the world.

What every your goals are take some time to think about what you really like and don't like. Look to your past and look to those things that bring you a sense of pride and happiness.

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