Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Girls Soccer Club at Orphanage Needs Uniforms

The girls soccer team at the Ranchos De Ninos orphanage are in need of matching uniforms to replace their tattered t-shirts. Most of their competitors are well funded and have significant advantages not only in equipment but also in style. We would like to get them into presentable state by having matching jerseys. For a sense of pride the team can actually look like a formidable opponent. The price of obtaining these products in Mexico is much cheaper than other places (Give or take $160). 

If you are interested in helping this orphanage you can donate through the following sites. If you are in the San Diego area and want to personally get involved let me know and I'll connect you to the right people. 

Corazon de Vida: You can donate to the general fund of a supporting organization called Corazon de Vida. I have met with some of the senior staff and set up a fundraising page to draw more more interest in helping the kids

PayPal:You can send me money directly to my PayPal and I will give to the director. Please don't donate a lot of money to me directly (uniforms only). I can help you connect with the right person for that. I'm just helping with a small project here so it is charity oriented. You can find me on PayPal via and 619-540-0501.

Direct to Orphanage: You may also contribute directly to the orphanage website. The Corazon de Vida site and the orphanage site are general funds. So where you donate will depend on your specific interests. If you desire to go only for uniforms you may want to send that to me...if you want it to go to the orphanage in general I would send to the fundraising sites. (The site doesn't appear to be working at the moment). 

I went down this past week to work with the kids and drop them some supplies for the holidays. Of course I brought my dog Chewy and the kids loved him! This orphanage has a few dogs and while they are very friendly they also are not trusting of outside dogs. Packs need to adjust and change to one another. The kids did a great job protecting him from overly curious potential pack mates! 😆

Some of the things that are going on at the orphanage include trying to utilize vacant land next door and sell grapes to wine making institutions. I suggested something similar and it seems they liked it. We will see how it turns out. Its not a bad idea considering they are in wine country and the land is fallow. Personally, I like the idea of just leasing it to an organic farmer if they aren't using it. 

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