Sunday, October 21, 2018

A Couple of Conceptual Quick Paintings In Preparation for Larger Work

Lately I have been fortunate in finding places to display work. Two different restaurants are willing to host my paintings to their patrons. I have two works (not these two) completed but need at least three of them. What I seek to do is create larger paintings from concepts that work on smaller canvas. The use of conceptual quick paintings saves me time and money because you can just try out the idea before moving onto a larger painting where you may struggle with an idea and then the whole painting suffers.

For example, out of the two here I choose the black and white one and redo it on larger canvas and take time to put in the detail. This one just took about 10 minutes because I'm going fast and don't really care much what the end result is as long as it is spatially functional. I'm not sure if I will put colored leaves in or not. The other one is simple scrap because I discarded it. Was trying to make almost a neon tree.

If you are interested in these just email me at Something like $30 for both seems ok. Otherwise at some point they will be pitched.

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