Monday, March 26, 2018

Leadership Confidence Gets Things Done

Leadership inspires other. We could spend all day talking about how being reflective, quiet, nice sweet and gentle are signs of leadership. While these are tools that should be taken out of the box when needed with certain individuals. Leaders have a vision and push others to achieve it. That difference of confidence and self-doubt make the difference between can do and maybe can do.

The traits of leadership.

1. Confidence: Belief in the ability to get things done, belief in self and belief that people can be better than they are.

2. Draw from Strength: They draw from their strengths and know their weaknesses but don't dwell on others. They encourage others but are not afraid to give constructive feedback.

3. Purposeful Reflection: They are willing to reflect on themselves and what they can do better but only if that reflection serves the purpose of doing it better next time.

4. Resource Draw: They collect and draw the resources they need to accomplish their goals. Always on the lookout for people, things, and situations that provide the best opportunities.

5. Willing to Take Risks: Willing to jump into the fire with a lion heart when others shirk from responsibility.

6. Intellectual Learners: They are learners and intelligent. Good leadership comes from having above average but not genius level intelligence.

7. Persistent: They never give up even when the odds are against them.

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